Business Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband for business and individuals has advanced substantially with the roll out of 4G LTE across the UK. In many cases 4G mobile broadband speeds can now match and even exceed the performance of fibre broadband in many areas.

Business Mobile Broadband Speed.
If you are considering business mobile broadband, it is worth getting your mobile phone out and downloading a free speed app, for example Opensignal. Try a few speed tests in a building with 4G LTE on a phone. This will give you some idea if your current network provider is a good pick for your mobile broadband.

Here are a couple of screenshots from Opensignal speed tests i did in 2 rural areas on a mobile phone.

O2 mobile broadband speed in Bawtry
In a bungalow in a village in South Yorkshire.
O2 mobile broadband speed in Builth Wells
In an old hotel with thick walls in a village in the middle of Wales.

Those 4G LTE Mobile broadband speed numbers on O2 are impressive anywhere but to find it so good in rural Britain was surprising.

Business Mobile Broadband Data.
Business Telco recommends Unlimited Mobile Broadband Data. This does come with a fair usage policy of 650GB in no more than 2 months out of 6. That is however a huge allowance and it is very unlikely that any normal small business would consume so much data on one connection.

Business Mobile Broadband Router.
You can share the connection with multiple users of course and we recommend a solid router such as this TP Link 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Router with sim slot and requires no configuration. It is truly plug n play, simply put your sim in the slot and switch it on. It is superior to a dongle in performance and from my own experience you get 30% higher download speeds than tethering from a mobile phone. It is light and very compact and takes up very little space in a laptop bag so is ideal for a travelling professional.

TP Link 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Router
TP Link 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Router

Business Mobile Broadband Sim Cards.
We can provide Unlimited mobile broadband data on O2, Vodafone and EE from £30 a month. Of course we can offer cheaper packages such as 30GB for £18 per month if you know your are not going to consume a lot of data. If you are uncertain of your local mobile broadband speed, we can offer 30 day trials with Vodafone Mobile Broadband so you can test the service without a big commitment.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband Sim Card
Vodafone Mobile Broadband Sim Card

Business Telco can also offer multi network data cards, that pick the strongest signal by default on any network in the UK and even Globally. You can find out more about M2M eSIMs and multi network sim cards.

The benefits of Business Mobile Broadband.
Business Mobile Broadband is very flexible, it can go where ever you need to be. You can also be up and running in your location next day, which compares well with a 2 week wait for a new fixed line broadband. Another benefit of business mobile broadband is that you do not need a phone line which can save you £15-£20 a month. Another great benefit is extensibility, if your business suddenly takes on a lot of new staff, then it is very quick and cost effective to double or treble up on unlimited mobile broadband sim plans and routers to cater for your business expansion.

If you wish to talk to an expert regarding Mobile Broadband for your business please contact us for more information.