IOT Sim Card Starter Kit

BT offer an IOT Sim Card Starter Kit for any UK based enterprise that wants to test their IOT solution before committing to a contract.

The IOT Sim starter pack consists of up to :

3 Rugged IOT Sims operating on the EE 4G/LTE network.
Each IOT Sim card can use up to 30 MB per month for 3 months.
Each IOT Sim card can send 50 SMS per month for 3 months.

IOT Sim Cards are becoming an integral part of modern business and features prominently in these industries and sectors:

Agriculture with M2M Sim tracking and IOT diagnostics of farm machinery.

Asset Management including M2M tracking of Construction Equipment and IOT Industrial Monitoring.

IOT used in Computing devices and multi purpose tablets.

Consumer Electronics including digital picture frames, eReaders, gaming and media players, personal navigation, personal tracking and pet tracking use IOT sims.

Finance Companies use IOT sims in ATM and for payments.

Logistics uses IOT sims and M2M sim cards for Fleet Tracking.

Manufacturing companies use IOT sim cards for machine diagnostics.

Medical devices use IOT Sims for industrial and personal healthcare.

Security Industry with M2M Asset tracking and commercial/home alarms.

Telematic devices use IOT Sims and M2M for commercial and passenger vehicles.

Utilities use IOT and M2M energy monitoring devices.

There are 4 IOT sim types to choose from:

2FF-mini 4G/LTE
3FF-micro 4G/LTE
4FF-nano 4G/LTE
VQFN8 solderable 4G/LTE

The IOT Sim Starter Kit offers a real time testing tool that allows you to see device and network behaviour and diagnose any problems. The IOT Sim Starter Kit comes with Full Access to the BT Control Centre with a suite of developer tools. You have 3 months to trial your IOT sims, your IOT applications and devices and learn how to use the BT Control Centre and Jasper from Cisco.

The IOT Sim Starter Kit is the perfect way to explore the world of IOT and M2M as a testing ground for your business. If you wish to talk to an expert regarding the IOT Starter Kit for your enterprise, please contact us for more information.