Multi Network eSim M2M and IOT Cards

Multi-Network M2M and IOT eSim cards are available for UK and International business customers. Ordinarily when you buy a sim card from a mobile operator you are tied to one network. Some multi network sim cards use a Home Network and will still hold a preference to one network and will hold onto that network no matter how weak the signal is. Business Telco can offer M2M and IOT data eSim cards that roam un-steered and will automatically choose the strongest signal from all the 4 main UK mobile networks and 450 networks in 190 countries. This means your M2M or IOT device can work work anywhere in the world with the optimum performance.

Multi Network eSim that picks the best signal

A common misconception is that eSims are just embedded into devices such as trackers or mobile phones, but eSims can be physical sim cards too. eSim cards allow multiple network profiles, so that you can use data on EE, O2, Vodafone and Three and 450 International networks all packaged into 1 eSim card.

M2M eSIM Multi Network Card
Multi Network M2M eSIM Card from Business Telco

The Multi Network eSims are ideal and cost effective for low data IOT applications and devices such as trackers from 3MB – 5GB a month. The M2M and IOT eSim cards are triple-cut, industrial strength in either Mini SIM – 2FF, Micro SIM – 3FF, Nano SIM – 4FF formats or as MFF2 embeddable industrial eSims and are GSMA compliant for security.

The ultimate International M2M Data eSim

Multi Network eSIMs are configurable over the air, mobile profiles and rules can be edited so that the M2M estate owner can create the right balance between cost and redundancy. It is possible to add any network to improve coverage and reliability or remove a network to reduce costs. Multi Network eSims are designed to be future proof and should never need to be physically swapped out. The customer has full control over their estate of M2M and IOT sims with a portal called Mobile Manager, which is a simple interface for monitoring and managing your eSim profiles.

If you wish to talk to an expert regarding M2M and IOT Multi Network eSim cards for your enterprise, please contact us for more information. Please take a look at our comprehensive M2M SIM options.