Cloud Voice Features and Options

If your Business requires a flexible solution for modern office telephony then BT Cloud Voice is the perfect solution for any business that has five or more users in an office environment.

Cloud Voice uses the internet for calls and has a low setup cost with free software updates.

It allows you to move your entire office from one location to another and also allows for all users to work remotely.

Many businesses will be left realising they could have done better business in 2020 if they had the flexibility of Cloud Voice within the confines of social distancing.


Cloud Voice comes in 3 flavours, depending on how complex your office environment is.


Cloud Voice Basic:

Online Portal – administrators can set up user profiles, and individual users can control their own call management features.

Automatic Call Routing – Users can set up a redirect so that incoming calls are automatically routed to another phone.

Call Forward – Lets users set up rules that forward incoming calls to another phone. They can set it up so calls are always forwarded, or only when their extension is busy or the call has gone unanswered.

Call Transfer – Allows calls to be transferred internally and externally. It means calls can be transferred to a users mobile phone.

3-Way Calling – This feature allows users to set up a 3-way conference call or allowa a 3rd person to join in on an existing conversation.

Hunt Group – Allows multiple phones to ring when a single number is called. A numbers of phones can ring at the same time or you can use sequencing If a call comes in to one phone, which isn’t answered, it will go to the next phone in the sequence.

There is one option that can be added to Cloud Voice Basic and also can be added to Cloud Voice Connect,

Call Centre ACD – Allows you to distribute incoming calls to multiple users from a single central phone number. Call Centre works similarly to Hunt Groups but with some differences, for example calls are queued and it is possible to give occasional comfort greetings to the caller. When a user isn’t available the call will not ring their phone.

Cloud Voice Connect has everything that basic does and has two extra features included as standard:

Call Director – Allows a user to set up one or more virtual extensions to their profile. Using the Call Director portal, users can dial into the service from outside and make calls to internal and external destinations.

Voicemail to Email – Using the Online Portal, users can set up their voicemail so that their messages are sent to their email folder as a WAV file audio attachment.

Cloud Voice Connect also offers this array of advanced options:

UC Business – Includes the UC Office client application for desktops and smartphones. It enables users to display their own presence status, Users can get in touch with their contacts with instant messaging, a phone or video call. Users can create and manage their contact lists and contacts and call handling settings. It is most useful for mobile workers who can see who is available in the office to talk to.

Hot Desking – Allows users to temporarily move their account, telephone number and settings to a Host device for a certain length of time. The user owns that hot desk phone for that time period and their phone assumes the user’s normal identity so outbound calls still appear as coming from them.

CRM Integrator – When a customer calls, their details are displayed on a PC screen at the same time. It means users can greet their customers by their name.

Receptionist Console – This helps receptionists manage incoming calls. A receptionist can use directory look-up and line monitoring, so they can instantly see who is available to take a call. Instead of dialling an extension, the receptionist can use the drag and drop function. They drag the callers number and drop it onto the name of the person they are transferring to.

Toolbar – Gives users fast, convenient access to BT Cloud Voice from their desktop. Users can set up a toolbar in a Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer or Firefox application. The toolbar allows users to dial a number just by clicking on it, they can control their calls and edit their phone service settings.

Busy Lamp Field – IP phones will show if the phone line is free, engaged or if the phone is ringing before transferring calls.

Call Recording – You can record a particular call, all calls or just activate call recording on demand. Calls can be monitored in real-time and used for employee training. There is a storage facility to meet the regulatory requirements for storing data. A dashboard allows users to manage and archive their library of recorded calls.

Fax Messaging – Lets users receive a fax and email it to the message store along with their other messages.

Cloud Voice Collaborate can have any of the options on Connect, but also has two powerful additional features for the complete package as standard.

UC Business is included.

UC Team – UC Team gives the same functionality of UC Business and allows up to 8 participants to take part in an audio or web conference. UC team uses a feature called ‘My Room’. This virtual meeting room service makes it easier for users in group or team meetings no matter where they are.

No doubt that Cloud Voice in its 3 variants is a feature rich and flexible product that supersedes all traditional office phone systems. If your current office is archaic it is very likely to be useless in situations where your business is in lock down from pandemics or blighted by other external forces. Cloud Voice circumvents these major headaches as you can operate an effective office without the building. Talk to us today to find out more about which options of Cloud Voice are most appropriate for your business.