Telecom company trends

The purpose of this study was to discover the state of the UK telecoms market and enquire whether it is in recesssion or enjoying consistent growth.

The data is from companies house and illustrates how competitive the UK telecoms market is with a large churn rate of companies being formed and dissolved. The years affected by Covid do not appear to have had a great impact on the UK telecoms industry as a whole.

This graph represents the total of telecom companies dissolved in the UK between 2018 to 2022.

This data spanned 3 SIC codes 61100, 61200 and 61900.

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These 2 graphs concentrate on the most popular SIC code 61900 for its data. It shows 8429 new telecom companies were formed. 7906 companies were dissolved over the same period. This represents an annual growth rate of about 1.3% of UK telecom companies between 2018-2022. We are showing a forecast for 2023 based on the latest monthly companies house data.

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I have included full sortable lists of Private Limited Company Telecoms dissolved from 2018-2022. We are also compiling latest dissolved telecoms with 2023 – SIC 61100, 2023 – SIC 61200 and 2023 – SIC 61900.

Full details of UK Telecom Dissolved companies are listed below:

2018 Dissolved Telecoms
2019 Dissolved Telecoms
2020 Dissolved Telecoms
2021 Dissolved Telecoms
2022 Dissolved Telecoms

2023 Dissolved SIC 61100
2023 Dissolved SIC 61200
2023 Dissolved SIC 61900

Covid created a reduction in 2020 of dissolved companies, whilst new incorporations were normal.

2021 saw dissolved companies return to normal but new incorporations fell. This maybe due to the difficulty with getting new company bank accounts in early 2021.

2022 shows a recovery towards normal volumes of new incorporations and dissolved companies.