Wireless Telecoms Companies that have gone bankrupt, dissolved or in liquidation so far in the UK in 2023

This list of wireless telecom companies that have gone bankrupt in the UK in the year 2023, it is not for us to gloat. Telecoms is extremely competitive and as a result most telecoms providers go out of business. We specialise in picking up the pieces when your provider leaves you high and dry with no customer support.

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BLOOMD LTD12473584DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212020-02-2061200 63120 6399022 Queen's Gate Terrace London SW7 5PH
GALAXY ITECHNOLOGIES LTD13590497DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212021-08-276120027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
UK DATA SOLUTIONS LIMITED12829878DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212020-08-2146510 61100 61200 62020Flat 24 Regent Court Norn Hill Basingstoke RG21 4HP
KONTAKT KOMMUNIKATSIYA LIMITED13586747DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212021-08-26612002 Imperial Road Birmingham B9 5HD
XG MOBILE LTD13086580DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212020-12-1761200Penhallow House St. Newlyn East Newquay TR8 5NH
PRECOG INT LIMITEDSC680676DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212020-11-1261200Abercorn House 79 Renfrew Road Paisley PA3 4DA
VENUS CAM SYSTEMS LIMITED10728311DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172017-04-1861100 61200 62020 6209026 Browning Road London E12 6ES
SIMPLE SOLUTIONS SENSORS LIMITEDSC613019DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-072018-11-0761200Alton House Ballifeary Road Inverness IV3 5PJ
ALZEENA LIMITED9025962DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-012014-05-0661100 61200Lawrence House Derby Street Manchester M8 8AT
THE FOURTH UTILITY LTD8805328DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172013-12-0661100 61200Bank House The Paddock Wilmslow Road Handforth SK9 3HQ
SOL MÓVIL LTD11089053DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242017-11-3061200Second Floor, Jordan House Hall Court Hall Park Way Telford TF3 4NF
ICOSOF LTD12146303DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242019-08-086120018 Wood Road Pontypridd CF37 1RQ
QUINDAR LTD11653902DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242018-11-0161100 61200 61900 62020134 London Road Southborough Tunbridge Wells TN4 0PL
HAYAI LIMITED12950448DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242020-10-1461100 61200 6190071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
RELMATECH SOLUTIONS LIMITED11100133DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242017-12-066120013 The Maples Chandler's Ford Eastleigh SO53 1DZ
SIMBIOT LIMITED12496052DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242020-03-03612007th Floor, Wellington House 125 - 130 Strand London WC2R 0AP
SEVENEVES LTD13523638DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242021-07-2161100 61200 62020 62090128 City Road London EC1V 2NX
IDEALSIM LIMITED9619927DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172015-06-0261200198 High Street Tonbridge TN9 1BE
N NETWORKS LTD8780284DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172013-11-1861200 61900 6203040 Red Lion Court 40 Red Lion Court Bishop's Stortford CM23 3YL
CARIMAN CONSULTANCY LTD13611804DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072021-09-0961200 61900 6202066 Brooklyn Avenue Loughton IG10 1BN
MISSING AUTISM UK LIMITED10524169DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072016-12-1461200 8690025 Carlingford Gardens Mitcham CR4 2AT
NEDIT LTDSC662697DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072020-06-0161100 61200 61900 6202070 70 Kirk Street Peterhead AB42 1RY
CELL WAVE LTD13557082DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282021-08-096120061 Ravenswood Road Bristol BS6 6BS
GHOSTTEXT LTD13725455DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282021-11-05612006 Glenfield Altrincham WA14 4QH
SMITH TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES LIMITED11751199DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282019-01-076120035 Western Way Northwich CW8 4YJ
TELETEL COMMUNICATIONS LTD11708696DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282018-12-036120018 Dickson Avenue Preston PR1 5SE
J H SMALL CONSULTING LTD9505222DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282015-03-246120025 Oakwood Drive Leeds LS8 2JB
WAN NETWORKS LTD11572067DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-062018-09-17612004th Floor Fountain Precinct Leopold Street Sheffield S1 2JA
ARDOR XCES LTD13509992DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172021-07-1461100 61200 61900 6201185 Irthing Avenue Newcastle Upon Tyne NE6 2TQ
EV NETWORK LTD13516712DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172021-07-1961200 62012 63110Unit B1 Belcon Industrial Estate Geddings Road Hoddesdon EN11 0NT
GB FIBRE LIMITED13431002DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-032021-06-016120090 Swithland Lane Rothley Leicester LE7 7SE
EMPOWER WITH IT LIMITED8699740DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-132013-09-2061100 61200 61900 70229C/O JOHNSTON CARMICHAEL 20 Birchin Lane London EC3V 9DU
FEISTY COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED5958979DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112006-10-0661200Tenby Place, 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
ALLSOPP WIRELESS LTD13683826DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-10-166120030 Hall Close Ropsley Grantham NG33 4BS
EDUCATION RADIOS LTD13340530DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-04-1661200International House 61 Mosley Street Manchester M2 3HZ
DAPD MANAGEMENT LTD10871981DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112017-07-1842220 61100 61200 6130036 Tremadoc Road Ground Floor Flat London SW4 7LL
IMPACT LOGISTICS & CONSULT UK LIMITED13698185DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-10-2261100 61200 61300 62020128 City Road London EC1V 2NX
CONSTANTLY MOVING LTD13182977DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-02-0561100 61200 7311016 New Forest Road Manchester M23 9JU
SIGNA TECHNOLOGIES LTD10075611DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112016-03-2161200 62020The Grange 100 High Street Southgate London N14 6PW
SATELLITE AERIAL SOLUTIONS LTD13373358DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-05-0460200 61100 61200 6130032 Vernon Street Bury BL9 5AR
DIGITEC MARKETING LTD13642219DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-212021-09-2461200 61300 63120 6391071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
BIZ TALK TELECOME LTD13641834DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-212021-09-2461200 6190012 Tyber Drive Handsworth Birmingham B20 2BA
MALI WIRELESS TELECOM LTD13781427DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-252021-12-0361200Flat 98, Rogate House 8 Muir Road London E5 8QT
TECTEL LTD10740905DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-252017-04-25612005 Fenwick Drive Colchester CO1 2TN
NICOMMS LTD7895397DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-252012-01-03612001 Bredon Road Wokingham RG41 1HW
SELECT MARKETING SERVICES LTD13707338DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-252021-10-2761100 61200 61900 6202046 Dorset Street Bradford BD5 9QP
ICARO MEDIA GROUP LTD13707429DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-252021-10-2760200 61200 62090 7312020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
HOWIE COMMS LTD14081844DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-182022-05-036120017 Kestrel Wilnecote Tamworth B77 5NY
MCCORMICK DESIGN LTD11531459DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-182018-08-2261100 6120033 St. Anns Crescent Gosport PO12 3JJ
ESM SYSTEMS LIMITEDSC723579DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-182022-02-18612003 Sunnybrae Terrace Maddiston Falkirk FK2 0LP
OTHO GROUP LTD13663913DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-042021-10-0661100 61200 62012 62020Unit 3, 1st Floor 6/7 St. Mary At Hill, London EC3R 8EE
RAN SOLUTIONS LIMITED13042205DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-042020-11-2561200 619009 Cedar Road Reading RG2 7ER
SECURE M2M LTD13288381DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-042021-03-2461200Sea View Coronation Avenue Dawlish EX7 9EF
VISION MARKETING LRA LTD13653497DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-042021-09-306120020 Hereford Rd Leicester LE2 8HG
IOTSCOT LTDSC706572DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-042021-08-126120053 Blackhill Drive Glasgow G23 5NH
FAZALS NETWORKS LTD9509237DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-282015-03-2561100 61200 61300 6190031a Woodmere Avenue Croydon CR0 7PG
REMUS CONSULTING LIMITED5032869DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-282004-02-0361200 61900 62020 62090Old Farm Roddy Lane Kingsley WA6 8HQ
NET365 LTD13580968DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-282021-08-2361100 61200 61300 619006 Lime Tree Paddock Scothern Lincoln LN2 2XD
SHAPACK TELECOM LTD13741314DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-092021-11-1261200 61300 6190037 Grove Road London E4 9SU
LJMNETWORKS LIMITED13727401DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-092021-11-076120054 Valley Road Hyde SK14 3PP
DNS EUROPE LTD.3872503DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-091999-11-0561200Flat 2 21 The Park London W5 5NL
TECHNOSUP LTD13573031DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162021-08-1861200 62020 62090128 City Road London EC1V 2NX
CASELY LTD.SC598297DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162018-05-2661200Clairholm Hillside Road Stromness KW16 3HR
YAHWEH YIREH LIMITED11729943DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-022018-12-1761200Unit 8, Dock Offices Surrey Quays Road London SE16 2XU
B.C.COMUNICATION LTD13724009DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-022021-11-0447429 61100 61200 619001 Fairway Wilnecote Tamworth B77 5HA
GLOBE NETWORK SOLUTIONS LTD13762119DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162021-11-2461200 62020 62090 6311018 Flat 18 Charlton Court, Bank Street Teignmouth TQ14 8FN
5GENERATION LIMITED12544213DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162020-04-0261200 643033rd Floor 3-5 Charlotte Street Manchester M1 4HB
BLACKTREE COMMUNICATIONS LTD13757193DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162021-11-2247429 61100 61200105 Whateley Crescent Birmingham B36 0DR
HYPHABIT LTD12980031DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-302020-10-2861200Maes-Y-Berllan Mill Lane Govilon Abergavenny NP7 9SD
RF CLOUD LTD13774771DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-302021-11-3061200159 Parkside Avenue Bexleyheath DA7 6NP
SCA TELECOM LTD14196666DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062022-06-2741202 43999 61200 6190059a Liverpool Road South Liverpool L31 7BN
OCS LIVE LTD13796426DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062021-12-1361200 61900 62020 6209033 Lyle Close Leicester LE4 7SA
FIRESALE UK LTD13804571DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132021-12-1661200 61900 62090128 City Road London EC1V 2NX
CONNECT BROADBAND LTD11366859DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132018-05-176120070 Barley Lane Exeter EX4 1NP
HEALTHIMO LTD7424947DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132010-11-01612001st Floor 264 Manchester Road Warrington WA1 3RB
WILLIAM TELECOM LTD13436291DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132021-06-0361100 61200 61900 62090483 Green Lanes London N13 4BS
YALLA SOLUTIONS LTD13800048DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132021-12-1446120 61200None, The Shop The Common Bristol BS34 6AL
TRUESYNC IOT SYSTEMS LTD14097807DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132022-05-1061100 61200 62011 62090C/O Taxassist Accountants 35 Bartholomew Street Newbury RG14 5LL
UNIFIED COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS (UCS) LIMITED12245645DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132019-10-0747429 61100 61200 62012C/O City, Chartered Accountants Suite 540, 5th Floor Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent Street London W1B 5TF
FELLAH COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED5777496DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132006-04-1161200C/O Clarke Bell Limited 3rd Floor The Pinnacle 73 King Street Manchester M2 4NG
ALB IT IMACD SERVICES LTD11860158DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-262019-03-0561100 61200 61900 620201 Kings Avenue Winchmore Hill London N21 3NA
KDW ELECTRICAL SERVICES LTDSC707425DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-072021-08-2361100 61200 619006 The Rosie East Wemyss East Wemyss KY1 4PU
BUGATI CONSULTING LIMITED9079714DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172014-06-1061200 7022962 Bicester Road Long Crendon Aylesbury HP18 9EF
FONU LTD13999767DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172022-03-2461200 6202020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
DRMWORLD LTD12741397DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172020-07-1461200 62090 63990 9609039 Greenfinches Hempstead Gillingham ME7 3PW
PUKKA PARTS LIMITED11510979DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172018-08-1061200 61900 951206 Old Road Whaley Bridge SK23 7HR
ICOM SERVICES LTD12917459DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172020-10-0161100 61200 6190030 Holmes Crescent Wokingham RG41 2SD
PILGRIM TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12915355DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172020-09-3061200 620202 Friday Close Bidford-On-Avon Alcester B50 4EQ
TELEWARE MOBILE LIMITED5590943DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-142005-10-1261200Unit 5, The Hawk Creative Business Park The Hawkhills Estate Easingwold York YO61 3FE
365 TELECOMS LIMITED13519384DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-142021-07-1961100 61200 619006 Lime Tree Paddock Scothern Lincoln LN2 2XD
DRISHTI ENTERPRISES LIMITED13622266DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-142021-09-1558290 59120 61200 6203071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
EASYTEL CONNECTION LTD13106665DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072020-12-3143210 61100 61200 6130019 Grosvenor Close Great Sankey Warrington WA5 1XQ
NETMOTION WIRELESS (UK) LIMITED8799018DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072013-12-0261200 61900 62020Highlands House Basingstoke Road Spencers Wood Reading RG7 1NT
HAWKINS TECH LTD13046196DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072020-11-2661100 61200 62020Si One Parsons Green St. Ives PE27 4AA
ONETOUCH WIRELESS INTERNATIONAL LTD12554219DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072020-04-1446510 61100 61200 6190044 Woodbridge Close Woodbridge Close Romford RM3 9UR
EMTECH COMMUNICATIONS LTD13133920DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-212021-01-1461100 61200 61900 6203071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
ARTILIUM UK LTDSC264950DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-042004-03-1661200 6201236 Craiglockhart Drive South Edinburgh EH14 1HZ
ONE MISSION LTD12413774DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-042020-01-2033140 61100 61200 95110Orwell House 16-18 Berners Street London W1T 3LN
IGNIVA TRADING LIMITED10809559DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-042017-06-0846350 6120035 Moorham Road Winscombe BS25 1HS
APEX RADIO COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED3690857DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-041998-12-3161200102a Tantobie Road Newcastle Upon Tyne NE15 7DQ
UNITY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LTD13783925DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-042021-12-0661100 61200 62012 6202067 Valley View Road Whitehaven CA28 9RD
SEM CALL LTD13682149DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-10-1561100 61200 61900 6202027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
ANGELA TRADERS LIMITED13430428DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-06-016120021 Linden Crescent Kingston Upon Thames KT1 3DZ
MEDICAL MONITORING CENTRE LTD12527274DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112020-03-1926400 46520 61200 63110Bromyard House, 369 Bromyard Avenue London W3 7BU
JACQUI'S CALL CENTRE LTD13670865DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-10-1161100 61200128 City Road London EC1V 2NX
DPRESS LTD13689114DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-10-1961200 6190027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
ARERA LTD9225000DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112014-09-1861200Flat 1 104 Gloucester Terrace London W2 6HP
DUTCH EAST INDIA COMPANY LTD12820094DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212020-08-1846900 51210 61200 7022942a Belle Vue Road Old Basing Basingstoke RG24 7JU
CAPTUE LTD13577929DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212021-08-2361200 6190033 Lyle Close Leicester LE4 7SA
MSI ENTERPRISES LTD11361263DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212018-05-1561200 62020 7022957 Pitcroft Avenue Reading RG6 1NN
DAHILLS CONSULTING LTD14060894DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212022-04-2161100 61200 61900 620129 Brook Gardens Devizes SN10 2FX
PW&H HOLDINGS LTD12975353DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212020-10-2647429 61200120a Lily Lane Bamfurlong Wigan WN2 5JT
ARC INTERNATIONAL LTD10759742DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282017-05-0861200 63990 990003rd Floor 86 - 90 Paul Street London EC2A 4NE
SHOWRUNNER, LTD9970652DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282016-01-266120090-96 Brewery Road London N7 9NT
JR INSTALLATIONS LTD12194191DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282019-09-066120028 Hawthorn Close Burton Latimer Kettering NN15 5QF
DOMAL TRADING LIMITED10948425DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-242017-09-0646342 47710 59120 61200Astute House Wilmslow Road Handforth SK9 3HP
WECONNECTTHEWORLD LIMITEDNI606204DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282011-02-176120029 Rathfriland Road Newry BT34 1JZ
ESSEXWIRELESS LTD13345969DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242021-04-2061200128 City Road London EC1V 2NX
INTO THE WEST LIMITED3018646DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-241995-02-0661200 61300 61900Ency Associates Printware Court Cumberland Business Centre Northumberland Road PO5 1DS
URBAN RESOURCES LIMITED13654118DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242021-09-3042220 43210 61100 6120022 King William Street Swindon SN1 3LB
KODUS SOLUTIONS LTD9945854DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242016-01-116120017 Rothes Road Dorking RH4 1LG
NETGUARD CONSULTANCY LTD13523071DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242021-07-2161100 61200 61900 6202020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
MOBI OPERANDI LIMITED11834981DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242019-02-1961100 61200Fourth Floor 167 Fleet Street London EC4A 2EA
ZEUS TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12213194DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242019-09-18612001 Curtis Croft Shenley Brook End Milton Keynes MK5 7ET
RYTEL LTD13621045DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242021-09-1461100 61200 61900 6209071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
GRTELECONSULT LTDSC488349DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242014-10-076120016 Tibbermore Gardens Tibbermore Gardens Perth PH1 2BX
SKYMAX NETWORK EAST PROCESS LIMITED13037165DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-252020-11-2342220 6120048-49 Chancery Lane London WC2A 1JF
PENHALE RADIO LIMITED11973950DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-252019-05-0133130 33140 61200 61300White Gate Blundeston Road Lowestoft NR32 5DD
WRAGA TELECOMMS LTD13710637DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-252021-10-2861100 61200 61900 9511012 Grosvenor Street Derby DE24 8AU
FA TECH SOLUTIONS LTD13706535DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-252021-10-2758290 61200 61900 620122 Frederick Street Kings Cross London WC1X 0ND
BAK2 GROUP LIMITED6541590DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-252008-03-2061200Orbital House 20 Eastern Road Romford RM1 3PJ
MINBODSPIRIT LIMITED11145145DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-182018-01-1161200 72190Building 2 Lorton Close Bristol BS10 6BN
LESCOM LIMITED4341603DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-202001-12-176120010 St Helens Road Swansea SA1 4AW
RIDDOCH CONSULTING LIMITED4426337DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-182002-04-29612009 Reeve Gardens Kesgrave Ipswich IP5 2FG
MARINE IT & WIRELESS SERVICES (UK) LTD14585387DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-182023-01-1149410 61200 61300 6202020 Witham Street Newport NP19 0DX
ATLAS TELECOMS LIMITED6805856DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-182009-01-3061200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
CROWD INNOVATIONS LTDSC661079DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-182020-05-1261200John Dick And Son Ltd, Carmunnock Bypass Busby Glasgow G76 9HN
ZIPWIRE SOLUTIONS LTD9135185DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-062014-07-1761200The Pinnacle 3rd Floor 73 King Street Manchester M2 4NG
AJ IT INSTALLATION LTD13742645DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162021-11-1561100 61200 62030 6209018 Toll Gate Close Manchester M13 0LG
WOW BROADBAND LTD14508413DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-232022-11-276120011 Anika House 113 High Street South London E6 3PA
RUSH RADIO LTD7203181DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-232010-03-2526400 59112 59120 6120015 Chestnut Drive Claverham BS49 4LN
HANDL EDUCATION LTD13305821DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-232021-03-3158290 61200 62012 8560012b Woodlands Park Road Haringey Tottenham N15 3RT
DATA INFOTECH LIMITED12118794DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-232019-07-2461100 61200 6190041 Chilcombe Way Lower Earley Reading RG6 3DA
SUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISES LTD13777855DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-232021-12-0261200Suite G04 1 Quality Court, Chancery Lane London WC2A 1HR
NET@ LTD8490800DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-232013-04-16612003 Lamplighters Fleckney Leicester LE8 8LL
WIFI CAPITAL LTD12542224ActivePrivate limited company2020-04-016120071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
DIGITRAP LTD13593161DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-232021-08-3161200140c Greenwood Walters Ash High Wycombe HP14 4XD
AS SIYU LTD13755083DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162021-11-1947990 59112 61200 6312034 Chadwick Mews Easthampstead Bracknell Berkshire RG12 7FZ
EAT RIGHT SOLUTIONS LTD12948131DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162020-10-1356290 61200 62012 62020Newhall Farm Budlake Exeter EX5 3LW
QUIXOTICITY LTD7885974DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162011-12-19612009 Pine Grove Penenden Heath Maidstone ME14 2AJ
5 CONNECT LTD11729423DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162018-12-176120014 Queen Square Bath BA1 2HN
INTREPID EMF PROTECTION LIMITED12604880DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162020-05-1561200Ground Floor 19 New Road Brighton BN1 1UF
PMR PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL SALES LTD8199058DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-022012-09-0361200 62012Evets House Station Road Chepstow NP16 5PB
NB MASTS & TOWERS LTD13218449DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-022021-02-236120091 White Farm Barry CF62 9EW
TELERON NETWORKS LTD12261430DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-022019-10-146120071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
JALA GROUP GLOBAL DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS UK LTD.13039656DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-022020-11-2461200 61900 62012 631105 Piccadilly Place Manchester M1 3BR
COMMS 1 LIMITED11463122DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-302018-07-1361200Unit 4g Baltimore Road Great Barr Birmingham B42 1DY
TELEHEAD LTD13788951DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-302021-12-0861200 61900 6201220 Parklands Bramhope Leeds LS16 9AJ
WHAM GROUP LIMITED13776323DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-302021-12-016120024 Smile Telecom Group Enterprise Road Waterlooville PO8 0BT
ZETA TEL LTD13772240DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-302021-11-2946520 61200 61300 6190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
BENBECULA LIMITEDSC604516DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-022018-08-0661200 61900 63990Benbecula Technology Centre Balivanich Isle Of Benbecula HS7 5LA
MC SECURITY LIMITEDNI645962DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-022017-05-2261200 6202081 Tamnamore Road Tyrone Dungannon BT71 6HP
COWE GROUP LIMITED13226506DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-092021-02-2561200Cowe 86-90 Paul Street London EC2A 4NE
COELUM LIMITED11137486DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-092018-01-0861200140 Warwick Avenue Broughton Milton Keynes MK10 7AZ
ECP TELECOM SERVICES LTD14106993DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-092022-05-1343210 61200 61900Top Deck Industrial Estate, Unit 8 Smethurst Lane Farnworth Bolton BL4 0AN
FSS SERVICES LTD10756467DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-092017-05-056120045 Openshaw Road London SE2 0TD
BIOLINK.TECH LTD10984334DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062017-09-2761200 62012 62020 63110Amelia House Crescent Road Worthing BN11 1QR
BUKA TELECOM LTD14100723DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062022-05-1161200 61900 62020 82200Apartment 1804 55 Upper Ground London SE1 9EY
GHEWIRE LTD13790694DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062021-12-086120076 Raby Street Sheffield S9 1SR
D&T TELECOM LTD9083471DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062014-06-1261200Unit 8, Dock Offices Surrey Quays Road London SE16 2XU
IPEL TECHNOLOGIES LTD13795834DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062021-12-1361200 62012 71129 8020064 Nile Street London N1 7SR
FULL FIBRE NETWORX LTD13783411DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062021-12-066120020 A The Lynchets Lewis Lewis BN7 2BL
KNIGHT TELECOM SOLUTIONS LTD12352232DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062019-12-0661200165 Roderick Avenue Peacehaven BN10 8BX
CONFERO SOLUTIONS LIMITEDSC717787DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062021-12-1661200 61900 82200 829902 Dock Street Carronshore Falkirk FK2 8HG
FAAZ SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES LTD13798957DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132021-12-1458290 61200 61900 620902 Frederick Street Kings Cross London WC1X 0ND
INGINSYS LTD12027527DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132019-05-3161200 61900 62020 6209023a South Avenue Egham TW20 8HG
GWN LTD13590928DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132021-08-2808990 6120037 Station Road Bexhill-On-Sea TN40 1RG
REMOTELAB TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED13658573DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172021-10-0461200 62012 62020 6209071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
R B INVESTMENTS AND TELECOMS LIMITED9011540DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172014-04-2561200 68100 68209 7022919a Upton Lane London E7 9PA
PTARMIGAN COMMUNICATIONS UK LTD13127093DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-172021-01-1261200 61900 62020 639902 Knebley Crescent Nuneaton CV10 7AT
IGUAZU CONSULTING LIMITED5402318DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-122005-03-2361200C/O CLARKE BELL LIMITED 3rd Floor The Pinnacle 73 King Street Manchester M2 4NG
CON.DEP.TRA. LTD.10953865DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242017-09-0861200 62020Akshnee 120 Boleyns Avenue Braintree CM7 5TX
GAETANO CONSULTING LIMITED7828988DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242011-10-3161200Unit 8, Dock Offices Surrey Quays Road London SE16 2XU
HAN PEG LIMITED13652303DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242021-09-306120043 Bishops Rd Abbeymead Gloucester GL4 5FP
LETSJOIN EDINBURGH LIMITED9362902DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242014-12-1961200249 Cranbrook Road Ilford IG1 4TG
STAR TELECOMS (SHREWSBURY) LTD13528382DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242021-07-2347421 61200Unit 8 Flexspace Stafford Drive Shrewsbury SY1 3FE
DIVANDIXON UK LTD11563289DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242018-09-1161200 62030 62090 6311014 Avonmouth Road Dartford DA1 2TQ
KINETIC IOT LTD12835640DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242020-08-2561200Phantom House 214 Holme Lacy Road Hereford HR2 6BQ
TSR CONSULTING LIMITED8358135DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242013-01-1461200 683208 Lovaine Terrace Lovaine Terrace Alnmouth Alnwick NE66 2RQ
OZWI LIMITED11077866DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242017-11-226120029 Perpetual House Station Road Henley-On-Thames RG9 1AF
ZOE SPARKS LIMITED12086930DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-242019-07-056120057 Portland Place Greenhithe DA9 9FE
BTW NETWORKS COMMUNICATIONS LTD13499564DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-032021-07-07612002 Pilot Walk Flat 10 Greenwich SE10 0UD
FAVHAR LTD13857507DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-032022-01-1946190 47990 61200 620902 Loynells Road Rednal Birmingham B45 9NP
COOL BLUE MONKEY LIMITED7797438DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-01-032011-10-046120013 Parkfield Road Cheadle Hulme Cheadle SK8 6EX
SERVADALE LIMITED6473689DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-252008-01-1546900 6120042-44 Adelaide Street Bradford BD5 0EA
DEVILS PRODUCTIONS LTD13611827DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072021-09-0961200 82990 90020Flat 3 33a Clapham High Street London SW4 7TP
CROATIA REDIVIVA LIMITED13606511DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072021-09-076120013606511 - COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
AJS ELECTROTECHNICAL SERVICES LTD11271804DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072018-03-2343210 61100 6120061 Brook Road Merstham Redhill RH1 3EH
KSG CORP LTD12866313DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072020-09-0858190 61200 62020 63120Walford House Basingstoke Road Spencers Wood Reading RG7 1AA
NOLIMIT COMMUNICATIONS LTD13105707DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072020-12-3061100 61200 61300 6190023 New Drum Street London E1 7AY
SUNHILL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED7096619DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072009-12-056120041 Great Portland Street London W1W 7LA
ONE TWO THREE HIRE LIMITED4332502DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072001-11-306120010 Lower Grosvenor Place London SW1W 0EN
SECURTECH IT LTDSC710181DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-072021-09-2261100 61200 62020 63990272 Bath Street Glasgow G2 4JR
ORNATIA LTD8071308DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-052012-05-1647640 61100 61200C/O Clarke Bell Limited 3rd Floor, The Pinnacle 73 King Street Manchester M2 4NG
ZIPCOMMS LIMITED11681418DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-072018-11-166120020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
ROTHELIUM LIMITED13504868DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-142021-07-106120086 Muirfield Avenue Swinton Mexborough S64 8TR
MANI ELECTRONICS LTD13627358DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-142021-09-16612008-10 Brushfield Street London E1 6AN
J&M TELECOMS LTD13626527DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-142021-09-1642220 46520 61100 612004 Rembrandt Walk Oldham Manchester OL1 4PH
EFFORTLESS NETWORKS LTD10783085DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-212017-05-226120032 Cosgrove Avenue Sutton-In-Ashfield NG17 3JX
SYCOM (DCS) LIMITED10779405DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-212017-05-1961100 6120019 Fenwick Park Longframlington NE65 8ES
J6 CONSULTANCY LTD10983081DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-182017-09-2761100 612009 Ensign House Admirals Way Marsh Wall E14 9XQ
OTO TRADERS LIMITED13581230DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212021-08-246120049 Chatsworth Road Luton LU4 8AS
INTIME CONSULTANTS LTD7332032DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212010-08-0261100 61200 62020 95110Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
WIRELESS SURVEYS LIMITED13238813DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212021-03-0261200 8299043 Bishops Road Abbeymead Gloucester GL4 5FP
NET2EDGE LIMITED2438435DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-211989-11-0161100 612004 High Street C/O Sheen Stickland 4 High Street Alton GU34 1BU
ESSEX INTERNET SAFETY C.I.C.12930401DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212020-10-05612001 Great Wheatley Road Rayleigh SS6 7AL
GVD IT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD13583436DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212021-08-2461200 62030 62090 6312027 Light Buildings Lumen Court Preston PR1 2RA
M-TEC SURVEY & TECHNOLOGY LTD.SC708422DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-212021-09-0246140 61200 71122 95110Summit House 4 - 5 Mitchell Street Edinburgh EH6 7BD
PHONE FIX BALHAM LIMITED9985671DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282016-02-036120025 Balham High Road London SW12 9AL
A R CCTV LTD13603876DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282021-09-0661100 61200 8020018 Manor House Lane Birmingham B26 1PG
THEBUTTON LTD13727017DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282021-11-05612006 Glenfield Altrincham WA14 4QH
Z.B SODI LTD13603784DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282021-09-0661100 61200 63120 63910128 City Road London EC1V 2NX
SNUP LTD14061041DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282022-04-2161200 620306 Glenfield Altrincham WA14 4QH
OPIDO LTD13599478DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-02-282021-09-0261200 62012 6209027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
ABC CABLES LTD13659712DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-282021-10-0461100 612009 Raby Square Hartlepool TS24 8HH
GRID COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED4386647DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-042002-03-046120018 Cedric Road Bath BA1 3PA
SBD TECH SOLUTIONS LIMITED10808539DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-042017-06-0761100 61200 62090Anchor Business Centre Frankland Road Blagrove Swindon SN5 8YZ
LAMBDATEL TELECOM SERVICES LTD13658251DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-042021-10-0461100 61200 61900 7120013658251 - COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
NORTHERN TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONS LTD13659938DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-03-282021-10-0461200 62020College House Howard Street Barrow-In-Furness LA14 1NB
ABBOTAIRTEL LTD13329116DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-182021-04-1261100 61200 63110 6399033 Stanley Street Nelson BB9 7EL
HAM TRADERS LTD13844049DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-252022-01-1261200193b Auckland Hill London SE27 9PD
SUNSHINE XU TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD13715287DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-252021-11-0161100 61200 6130020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
DSD COMMS LIMITED12439154DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-252020-02-03612001a South Parkway Seacroft Leeds LS14 6ZD
ARI CARTER LTD13682224DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-10-1561200 62020 74909 773307 Lothian Avenue Hayes UB4 0EG
QLINK WIRELESS LIMITED13691122DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-10-2061200Kemp House 152-160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
RADIO CONNECT LIMITED4639782DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112003-01-176120029 Bader Road Poole BH17 8PN
LIMITLESS CONNECT LTD13701427DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-10-2542220 61200Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
DNA NETWORKS LTD13172298DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-02-02612004 William Moss Buildings 57 Nightingale Road Hitchin SG5 1RQ
HAPPY COIN TRADE COMPANY LIMITED13698696DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-04-112021-10-2246190 61200 62012 62090Apartment 1804 55 Upper Ground London SE1 9EY
ACARO LTD8330793DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-022012-12-1361200 61900The Pinnacle 3rd Floor 73 King Street Manchester M2 4NG
IBUY365 LIMITED11062599DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-022017-11-1461200C/O CURRIE YOUNG LIMITED 10 King Street Newcastle Under Lyme ST5 1EL
FINANCE MINING TRADE LTD13759467DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162021-11-2361200 62020 63120 711224 Millstone Close South Darenth Dartford DA4 9BJ
PERFORM ENGINEERING SERVICES LTD13092492DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162020-12-2161200 61300 61900141b North Hyde Road Hayes UB3 4NS
CRYPTOFISH LIMITED13750827DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162021-11-1846190 61200 62012 62090Apartment 1804 55 Upper Ground London SE1 9EY
VEHICLETRACKING.CO.UK LIMITED6381398DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162007-09-2561100 61200 61900Alston Dumbah Lane Prestbury Macclesfield SK10 4EW
SKYFALL HNT LTD13750439DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162021-11-176120020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
META FIBRE COMMUNICATIONS - MFC LTD13747122DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162021-11-1661100 61200 62020 80200Unit 28 City Business Centre Lower Road London SE16 2XB
KRISCO CONNECT LTD13748292DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162021-11-1761100 61200 62012 6203071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
TECH CONNEX LTD13750371DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162021-11-17612006 Lindhill Close Enfield EN3 5DA
THE VEHICLE SPECIALISTS LIMITED13763415DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-162021-11-2461200139 Parc Nant Celyn Efail Isaf Pontypridd CF38 1AA
MAMTEK UK LTD13727855DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-092021-11-0826120 46520 47910 6120071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
WIRELESS NETWORK DEVELOPMENTS (UK) LIMITED10435999DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-032016-10-1961200C/O Cork Gully Llp 6 Snow Hill London EC1A 2AY
NICOL TECHSPOT LTD13295940DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-092021-03-266120035 Borderside Slough SL2 5QU
SEE-IOT UK LTD10763111DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-092017-05-1061200Lps Livingstone, Wenzel House Olds Approach Watford WD18 9AB
RUPRO LTD13705528DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-092021-10-2647910 47990 61200 62090128 City Road London EC1V 2NX
UNIVERSAL EXPORTS A DIVISION OF WORKMANN ENTERPRISES LIMITED11743558DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-232018-12-2860200 61200 61900 62020C/O Clever Accounts Selby Road Garforth Leeds LS25 1NB
S.P. PROJECT SOLUTIONS LIMITED13350799DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-232021-04-226120014 Alexander Drive Timperley Altrincham WA15 6NH
LOWES COMMS & SECURITY LTD8573265DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-232013-06-18612002 Merus Court Meridian Business Park Leicester LE19 1RJ
BEANVALLEY UK LIMITED8561783DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-232013-06-1061200Greetwell Place 2 Lime Kiln Way Lincoln LN2 4US
PAUL BROWN ELECTRICAL LIMITED4890417DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-182003-09-0743210 61200 96090Hermes House Fire Fly Avenue Swindon SN2 2GA
GLOBAL TRACKING SOLUTION GROUP LTD13221257DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-022021-02-2461200 61300 61900 62020128 City Road London EC1V 2NX
RAJBHOJ CONSULTANCY LTD8217184DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-022012-09-1761100 61200 62020 620907 Bell Yard London WC2A 2JR
BANDESHA CONSULTANCY LTD12090707DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-022019-07-0841202 61200 9800049 The Greenway Slough SL1 5LP
QUANTCOMM LTD12307083DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-302019-11-11612001 Sexton Avenue Bedford MK42 9RJ
LALÚ LTD13781429DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-05-302021-12-0361200 9602012 Archer Gardens Cradley Heath B64 5EW
RKHAN COMMUNICATION SERVICES LTD8364759DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062013-01-1761200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
HIATSU LIMITED9511160DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062015-03-266120080 Mount Hill Avenue Old Stratford Milton Keynes MK19 6AJ
MARINE INTERNET EUROPE LTD13573975DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062021-08-196120027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
YAKUSUGI CAPITAL LIMITED9870932DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062015-11-1361200 61900 6202072 High Street Haslemere Surrey GU27 2LA
TELETECH CONSULTING LIMITED13050693DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062020-11-3061100 61200 61900117 Grantham Avenue Great Notley Braintree CM77 7FP
CAPITAL P SERVICES LIMITED9689365DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062015-07-1661100 61200 61300 62090Old Market House 72 High Street Steyning BN44 3RD
HEYLA LIMITED13925877DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-062022-02-1861200Connections House 11a Kings Road Fleet GU51 3AA
GREEN LANE TECHNOLOGIES LTD13322809DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132021-04-0861200360 Green Lane Ilford IG3 9JS
NETRON LTD13308077DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132021-04-0161200 61900Apartment 2 The Webberley 13 Percy Street Stoke On Trent ST1 1NA
RBTELECOMMS LTD11757273DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-132019-01-0961100 61200 619001 Hill Top Sutton SM3 9JH
MOBILE DISTRIBUTION LTD10768386DissolvedPrivate limited company2023-06-082017-05-1261200C/O BEGBIES TRAYNOR 1 Old Hall Street Liverpool L3 9HF