Mobile Phones for Business

Business Mobile Phones – should i buy the latest?
Significant value can be derived by using mobile phones that are towards end of line. The sacrifice is generally battery capacity, especially on older iPhones. Buying a newer model of mobile phone can offer long term benefits in that they are built to last longer with innovations like gorilla glass and waterproofing. More RAM means the modern business mobile phone should respond quicker and memory storage is much higher. The camera will be capable of higher resolution photography and video.

How much memory storage should i have for a business phone?
This largely depends on what you are using the device for. If your business shoots a lot of video and hi-res photographs like perhaps an estate agent, then 128, 256 and even 512GB might be what you need. If however your business uses the device for communication then 32 – 64GB should be ample.

How big should the screen be?
Big screen size doesn’t have to mean spending more money, in fact the best value mobile phone for business the Samsung Galaxy A21s is a chunky 6.5 inch screen. Compared to the cut price iPhone SE2 which is more standard at 4.7 inch. Big screen sizes are perhaps better for older generation users where eye sight could be an issue. Big screen sizes are also better for avoiding fat finger typo errors in texts and messages.

Mobiles Phones for Business
Business Mobile Phones

How much Ram does my business mobile phone need?
This is again dependent on what you are using the phone for. If you are working big files like excel spreadsheets then a bit of extra Ram is beneficial. More Ram should mean faster response times when using your apps. If your business uses mobile phones exclusively for communication then anything above 4GB of Ram is perhaps a wasted resource.

How many megapixels?
All smartphones now are a world away from where they were a few years ago. The latest devices boast 64 MP cameras and perhaps if you use the device for a lot of quality photography and 4k video then camera specifications are important to your business.

How strong is the battery?
There is no doubt that each new generation of mobile device improves on battery capacity. Most smartphones now have 3000 – 5000 mAh battery packs which allows most mobile devices to run 11-13 hours when fully in use. It is worth bearing in mind that a larger screen size requires a greater battery capacity, although it is also worth noting that the biggest drain on mobile phone batteries comes from wireless, GPRS and 4G connections, especially when the signal is less than perfect.

What Are The Financial Benefits of Business Mobile Phones?
If you are a business owner then it makes very good sense for your business to outright purchase or lease mobile phones. In the same way that business plant and machinery depreciates so do mobile phones, business tablets and computers. The depreciation can be offset against corporation tax liability. Any business that is considering bulk purchases of mobile phones for their staff should consider a leasing option as your business can derive tax benefits and spread the cost of purchase over 2 or 3 years. Leasing is a far better solution than purchasing a mobile phone that is bundled with a voice and data package. Business Telco can lead you to the most cost effective mobile phone solution for your business and keep your mobile phone usage costs separate from your assets. Business Telco offers the lowest cost mobile phone leasing deals in the UK.

Business Telco recommends you compare reviews of the best mobile phones before committing on a device you have limited knowledge of. Here is a selection of sim-free business mobile phone deals. All prices are exclusive of vat.

Business Sim Free Phones

iPhone SE264GB4.7"3GB12MP1821mah£360
iPhone 13128GB6.1"4GB12MP3240mah£650
iPhone 13512GB6.1"4GB12MP3240mah£875
iPhone 14128GB6.1"6GB12MP3279mah£699
Galaxy A22 5G64GB6.6"4GB48MP5000mah£170
Galaxy A33 5G128GB6.4"4GB48MP5000mah£225
Galaxy A53128GB6.5"4GB48MP5000mah£290
Galaxy S20 FE128GB6.5"6GB12MP4500mah£330
Galaxy S22 5G128GB6.1"8GB50MP3700mah£559
Galaxy S21 FE128GB6.4"6GB12MP4500mah£415
Galaxy S22 Plus128GB6.6"8GB50MP4500mah£669
Galaxy S22 Ultra128GB6.8"8GB108MP5000mah£785

This is not all the business sim-free mobile phones available, we can supply any device for your company and the phones come with minimum guarantee of 12 months and in many cases 2 years guarantee is available at no extra charge. In most cases devices are shipped to your business address next working day with a reputable carrier.

What about network branded devices?
In most cases network branded mobile phones are a little higher in price than sim free. The other down side is perhaps extra unwanted software but there is the benefit of using highly advanced technologies like Voice over LTE. A network branded device using VOLTE means you can talk and use the internet at the same time. This is ideal if you use a mobile hot spot, then calls do not interfere with your internet connectivity.

Working with the leading brands and network providers such as EE, O2 and Vodafone, Business Telco can deliver the most cost-effective business mobile phone deal tailored to meet your needs. We are business mobile specialists with a wealth of experience who can help save you money through detailed analysis of your current usage and understanding of your specific needs, such as choosing the correct network, tariff and handset that is right for your company. Talk to us regarding your business mobile phone requirements.

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