M2M and IOT Sim Cards

The major physical difference between Machine2Machine and InternetOfThings Sim Cards compared to regular retail sim cards is the ability to operate in harsh environments with higher reliability and greater longevity.

EE now offer a rugged M2M sim card that meets Joint Electron Device Engineering Council standards. It is designed to last at least 50 times as long as a standard sim. They have been tested at 85C in 85% humidity for 1000 hours and baked at over 150C and then frozen at -65C and the M2M sims still work perfectly after 500 cycles. EE rugged M2M sim cards are manufactured with a superior grade of silicon and a higher quality contact plate. It is also anti corrosive and can cope with huge temperature swings because of tougher plastics and resins.

Where are M2M and IOT Sim cards being used?
M2M sims are mostly used for streaming data transmission and are found in vehicle tracking devices, ATM’s, remote sensors, boats and smart meters. M2M sim cards are also widely used in the security industry with body cams, asset tracking and High Definition CCTV. The number of new applications for M2M and IOT sim cards is constantly growing and expanding into ever more industries.

Flexible M2M Models for Cost Effective Data Usage.
Aggregated Pools – Are for M2M customers with a consistent level of data usage. It is similar to Mobile Shared Plans in respect that all the M2M sims use a similar and manageable level of data every month.

Rate Plan Optimisation – is for customers who have an estate of M2M sims that use vastly different levels of data. With RPO you can have high data usage sims that are on more cost effective tariffs and therefore make data cost savings of up to 35%.

Shared Bundles can also be added when M2M data usage is temporarily high for a period of up to 3 months. For example, if an estate of sims required a major update then a shared bundle of data would be more cost effective.

What is the most reliable and cost effective M2M solution?
If your business is looking for the most rock solid M2M connectivity then it is difficult to argue against EE as they offer a Rugged M2M sim card that is widely accepted to have the best coverage potential. EE are building 500 exclusive masts a year in the UK for rural areas and signal black spots. EE are also concentrating on targeting UK roads and railways to give an advantage with mobile asset tracking. EE also has an excellent range of permanent global roaming agreements for international data transfer.

EE also has an arrangement with BT which allows customers to monitor and control their own M2M sims in Realtime with a M2M platform from Cisco called Jaspar. M2M customers also benefit from 24/7 support from the UK based BT Control Centre. Each customer has a dedicated M2M and IOT Manager and is provided with a 24 hour SLA for email and phone support queries. The BT Control Centre currently looks after more than 17000 enterprises in more the 40 different industries operating in over 120 countries.

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Is it possible to have Pre Paid M2M sim card?

Yes, check out our Pre Paid M2M Sim Cards that pick the strongest signal from multiple networks in the UK and Europe from as little as £16 per year.

Why not try out an IOT Starter Kit

If you wish to talk to an expert regarding M2M and IOT sim cards for your enterprise, please contact us for more information. Check out our Multi Network eSim cards for M2M and IOT devices on EE, O2, Vodafone and Three plus 450 international network providers.