Telecoms Companies that have dissolved in the UK in 2021

This list of telecom companies that have dissolved in the UK in the year 2021, it is something we do not relish. Telecoms is very competitive and as a result many telecom providers will dissolve. In the UK 2021 the number of dissolved private limited telecom companies was 2627. Business Telco specialise in picking up the pieces when your telecom provider leaves you with no customer support.

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1 X VOIP SIPINK LTD12314830DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-11-1461900 62090Unit 6 Queens Yard White Post Lane London E9 5EN
10 LAYERS LIMITED11533458DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-08-2361900 62020 6209076 Summerfields Way Ilkeston DE7 9HF
11863778 LTD11863778DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-066190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
118777 LIMITED6434523DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-052007-11-22619002 Hardman Street Manchester M3 3HF
118CONNECT LTD11807098DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282019-02-05619005 Stockport Road Ambassador Place Altrincham WA15 8DB
12658005 LIMITED12658005DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-06-09619008-9 Old Steine Brighton BN1 1EJ
1516 TELECOMS LTD12776524DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-2961900Sapphire House Knightsdale Road Ipswich IP1 4JJ
1ST CALL TELECOM LTD12728168DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-07-086110065 Tamworth Road York YO30 5GJ
1ST IT SUPPORT LIMITED10158737DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202016-05-0343210 61100 620208 Silverdale Crescent Alderholt Fordingbridge SP6 3JZ
1STANSWER LIMITED4167666DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202001-02-26619007 Duncombe Street Kempston Bedford MK42 8ED
3 LANCE SERVICES LTD12406807DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272020-01-1661900 62020 62090 6399036 Valnay Street Tooting London SW17 8PT
360 SOLUTIONS (UK) LIMITED4629543DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262003-01-0761900The Wharf Abbey Mill Business Park Lower Eashing Godalming GU7 2QN
360CRM LIMITEDSC261952DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-232004-01-15619004 South Wardpark Court Cumbernauld Glasgow G67 3EH
365 COMMUNICATIONS LTD.11728236DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302018-12-146190011728236: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
365 TELECOMS LIMITED10383537DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152016-09-1961100 61200 61300 619007 Eastoft House Carrington Drive Lincoln LN6 0BZ
365CENT LTD12580402DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-3061100 62090 63110 6312012580402: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
3R TECH SYNERGY LIMITED12081613DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-07-0361900 62090Charter House 8-10 Station Road Manor Park London E12 5BT
4 VOICE AND DATA LIMITED6759337DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152008-11-266120034 Kelbra Crescent Frampton Cotterell Bristol BS36 2TS
4 YOU ELECTRONIC COMPANY LTD12708321DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-06-3043210 6120074 Tavistock Gardens Ilford IG3 9BD
4GGLOBENET TELECOM LTD12221860DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-236120020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
5 AXIS SOLUTIONS LIMITED11919023DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-04-0161900 7112998 Causeway Banbury OX16 4SQ
5 LTE LTD.12514956DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252020-03-1246520 6120026 Aberdale Road Leicester LE2 6GA
555555 TELECOMMUNICATION LTD5705703DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192006-02-10619006 King John Court London EC2A 3EZ
5G BROADBAND LTD12184381DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-0246520 47429 61200 6190033 Medcalf Road Enfield EN3 6HJ
5G INTERNATIONAL SOLUTION LTD11291634DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162018-04-0461200164 New Cavendish Street London W1W 6YT
5G LTE LTD.12517223DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252020-03-136120026 Aberdale Road Leicester LE2 6GA
5G NSS LTDSC541236DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-232016-07-2761900Wylie & Bisset Llp 168 Bath Street Glasgow G2 4TP
5TELECOM OFFSHORE LTD12225811DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-09-2561100International House 64 Nile Street London N1 7SR
610 CONSULTING LTD10569538DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-222017-01-1861100 61200 61900Clarke Bell Limited 3rd Floor The Pinnacle 73 King Street Manchester M2 4NG
7ZEROS NETWORKS LTD11006907DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162017-10-1161100 6120032 Oxford Gardens Denham Uxbridge UB9 4ED
8TRANET LTD12106689DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-07-1661900 62020 62090 63110Meadow Park Woodford Bude EX23 9HT
962 TECH SERVICES LTD12508730DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142020-03-1061100 61200 61900 6202020 Cornlands Road York YO24 3DU
A MCGUIRE LIMITEDSC593518DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-04-0561900East Office Suite, East End Park Halbeath Road Dunfermline KY12 7RB
A R TELECOMS LIMITED5117405DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072004-05-046110014 Hillhead Drive West Denton Newcastle Upon Tyne NE5 5AT
A T J TRAINING LIMITED11677338DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302018-11-146190039 Normanton Rise Anlaby Common Hull HU4 7SX
A TO Z MOBILE SERVICES LTD12046823DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242019-06-1247421 6190030a Basement Unit The Broadway London SW19 1RE
A.ALEXANDER LTDNI633071DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012015-08-1861900104 Spencer Street Holywood BT18 9DJ
A.J.C.TECHNICAL SERVICES (UK) LIMITED6666931DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192008-08-0761900193 Ridgeway Drive Bromley BR1 5BX
A.R.T CONSULTANCY GROUP LIMITED11340184DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052018-05-0161900 7022912 Windsor Close Burntwood WS7 1PS
A&G UTILITIES LIMITED11826032DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022019-02-1435140 61200142 Bentworth Road London London W12 7AH
A&I GROUP SERVICES LIMITED12293330DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-11-016190077 Trinity Way London W3 7HS
A&J KIRK KREATIONS LTD12552445DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162020-04-0861900Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
A&TCOMMUNICATIONS LTD12347858DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-12-046110013 Knutsford Road Wirral CH46 8TN
A1 TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD11632244DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112018-10-196120048 Stapleford Close London SW19 6TQ
A2CONSORTIO LIMITED9402264DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-242015-01-2261900 78109Second Floor Boulton House 17-21 Chorlton Street Manchester M1 3HY
A2P-SMS.NET LIMITED11793945DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-01-2961200 6130011793945: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
AAEX NETWORK TECHNOLOGY LTD11945103DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-312019-04-1361100 63110 63120International House 12 Constance Street London E16 2DQ
AARM SOLUTIONS LIMITED12094958DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212019-07-106190027 27 Labrador Close Leicester LE1 2ET
AB INTERNET LIMITED12195371DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-0961900 620907 Eastoft House Carrington Drive Lincoln LN6 0BZ
AB LIFTING LTD11317568DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262018-04-18619002 Bretton Hall Office Chester Road, Bretton Chester CH4 0DF
ABBAS ONLINE LTD12707393DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-06-3061900 62020 63120Muhammad Qais Abbas 91 Roman Rd Leck-Hampton Leck-Hampton GL53 2BD
ABBIYCROMBIE LIMITED10119675DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042016-04-126190010119675: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
ABBOTT TELECOM SERVICES LTD10279284DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012016-07-14619001 Burtone Close Broughton Kettering NN14 1SJ
AC TEL SERVE LTDSC598007DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052018-05-2361100 61200 6190063 Glen Moy East Kilbride Glasgow G74 2BE
ACCESS NUMBER STORE LTD12502623DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032020-03-0647429 6120025 Miles East Didcot OX11 6EE
ACCESS VIRTUAL SOLUTION LTD12116133DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-2261100 8899020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
ACELCO LIMITED13021964DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202020-11-1526301 26400 46520 612007 Furnace Square Scunthorpe DN16 1BL
ACKLAM TELECOM LIMITED8138517DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142012-07-11611004 Foxberry Avenue Middlesbrough TS5 8RW
ACORN TELECOM LIMITED12599134DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-05-13619003 Elmvale Drive Weston-Super-Mare BS24 9TG
ACTIVE8COMMUNICATIONS LTD8336823DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222012-12-1961900The Cottage, 2 Castlefield Road Reigate RH2 0SH
AD TELECOMS NW LTD11939165DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-11619008 Orrell Close Leyland PR25 1YP
ADAM OXFORD PLANNING LTD11623249DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212018-10-156110092 92 Orford Rise Nuneaton CV10 9SA
ADAMO SCOT LTDSC640624DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-09-0442220 61100543 Leyland Road Bathgate EH48 2GU
ADAMS TELCOM GROUP LTD11864807DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272019-03-0661900Little Shatterling Farm Shatterling Canterbury CT3 1JR
ADAPTIVE CONSULTANTS LTD11534361DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192018-08-2361900 62012Flat 3 Dunbar House Lower Woodfield Road Torquay TQ1 2JY
ADAPTIVE GROUP LIMITED5089118DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282004-03-3061900Suite L3 South Fens Business Centre, Fenton Way Chatteris PE16 6TT
ADAPTIVE SILICON LIMITED5089153DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122004-03-3161900Suite L3 South Fens Business Centre, Fenton Way Chatteris PE16 6TT
ADAX EUROPE LIMITED2550327DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-111990-10-1961900C/O Kre Corporate Recovery Llp Unit 8 The Aquarium 1-7 King Street Reading RG1 2AN
ADEPTICOM LTD12547807DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-04-066190073 Fairfield Drive London SW18 1DN
ADLT BUSINESS LTD12390394DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-076190015 Causeley Gardens Stoke-On-Trent ST2 9HN
ADM DIGITAL MEDIA LTD12507984DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142020-03-1061900 6312020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
ADM-MEDIA LTD12383019DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-0261900 62020 63110 6312020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
ADRIAN GIDDINS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES LTD11008179DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-262017-10-11619002-3 Winckley Court Chapel Street Preston PR1 8BU
ADVANCED NETWORK SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS LTD11892337DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-1961900 62030 62090 63990Flat 9, Jacobs Court 61 Russet Drive St Albans AL4 0AY
ADVANCED PEOPLE LTD12600396DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-312020-05-1361900Breck Farm, Breck Lane, Chesterfield Breck Lane Barrow Hill Chesterfield S43 2NP
AEI TELECOMS LIMITEDSC458836DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162013-09-106190054 Bavelaw Road Balerno EH14 7AE
AEM NORTH EAST LTD11601416DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062018-10-03619003 Warren Close Darlington DL1 4RQ
AERIAL LABOUR FORCE LTD11425838DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-06-21619004 Mead Way Bristol BS9 2EZ
AERIALS R US LIMITED4896219DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142003-09-116190010 Alwin Close Aylesbury Bucks HP21 8RP
AERODEFENSE LIMITED11881307DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142019-03-1461900 62030Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
AF CABLING LTD12086389DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-046110038 Ryburn Close Taunton TA1 2RH
AFRACOM LTD12326004DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-11-2061200Nv House 1 Farnborough Close Corby NN18 8PW
AFRICA MEDIA ANALYTICS LIMITED11410716DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-06-1258142 60200 61900 63110Flat 3 Frionton 441 Oakleight Road London N20 0RU
AFRIK COMMUNICATIONS (UK) LTD9872044DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142015-11-136190051 Lawes Way Barking IG11 0PB
AFRIMAX (UK) LTD7525298DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-202011-02-10612002 Eastbourne Terrace London W2 6LG
AFS TRADING LTD11983832DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-05-086120032 Swinderby Road Wembley London HA0 4SF
AGHTANAK LTD12533531DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-03-2561900 6202071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
AGILIS IT SERVICES LTD11877473DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-1261100 61900 62020Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
AGO COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED9783814DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122015-09-18619004th Floor Radius House 51 Clarendon Road Watford WD17 1HP
AGRI-BROADBAND LIMITED10051020DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142016-03-0861200East Hill Farm East Hill Heytesbury Warminster BA12 0HR
AIDEN NETWORK LTD12578884DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-2961100 61200 62011 6311012578884: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
AIREFIBRE LTD9415603DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302015-01-3161200 61300Capital Tower Business Centre 3rd Floor Capital Tower Greyfriars Road Cardiff CF10 3AG
AIRHIVE LTD10024200DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072016-02-24612003a Ash Grove Warrington WA4 1EF
AIRLOOP INC LTD12217863DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-09-2061100C/O Rh & Co, 254-256 Lincoln Road Peterborough PE1 2ND
AITCH TELECOM LTD7889250DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302011-12-2161100 61200 619008 Caroline Point 62 Caroline Street Jewellery Quarter Birmingham B3 1UF
AIVISION ROBOTICS LTD12693248DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-06-2361900 62020 62030 6209014 Parkfield Road Feltham TW13 7LG
AJ & SONS MARKETING LIMITED12109732DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-186190093 Wheatley Close London NW4 4LF
AJ ENGINEERING SERVICE LIMITED7118135DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052010-01-076190012 Harnall Close Shirley B90 4QR
AJAX COMMUNICATIONS LIMITEDSC619424DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-01-286190072 Crindledyke Crescent Crindledyke Crescent Newmains Wishaw ML2 9NH
AJC TELECOM LIMITED11205521DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072018-02-146110046 North Acre Banstead SM7 2EG
AJD TELECOMMS LIMITED10469725DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132016-11-086190040 Valley Rise Desborough Kettering Kettering NN14 2QR
AJG TELECOMS LTD9425892DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262015-02-0661200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
AJH CABLE SOLUTIONS LIMITED9790068DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-102015-09-2261100100-102 St James Road Northampton NN5 5LF
AJM COMMUNICATIONS LTD12105420DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-166110039 Countess Park Liverpool L11 4UQ
AK TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD11556164DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132018-09-066190029 Slough Road Datchet SL3 9AP
AKA FIBRE LIMITED11820269DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-02-116190025 Vaudeville Court St Thomas's Road London N4 2QG
AKANSI CONSULTING LIMITED7491641DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162011-01-1361200 62090231 Bath Road Slough SL1 5PP
ALDERAAN SOLUTIONS LTD11305556DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-222018-04-1261900Units 1 To 3 Hilltop Business Park Devizes Road Salisbury SP3 4UF
ALFACINHA07 LTD9900291DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202015-12-036110049 Turnpike Lane Flat B London N8 0EP
ALFATEL LIVESTOCK TRADE LIMITED11433317DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-06-266190085 Great Portland Street, First Floor London W1W 7LT
ALGAME LIMITED6042482DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162007-01-0561900Global House 1 Ashley Avenue Epsom KT18 5FL
ALGORITHMIC DECISIONS LIMITED10545033DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222017-01-0361100 61200 61300 6201288 Hall Mead Letchworth Garden City SG6 4BJ
ALLCOM PIA TEL LTD.5443487DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122005-05-0461900302 Regent Street London W1B 3HH
ALLDS TELECOMMS LTD12843284DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-08-2861900Apollo House Hallam Way Whitehills Business Park Blackpool FY4 5FS
ALLEN TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD12229452DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092019-09-266190015 Cosford Place Liverpool L36 2LJ
ALLMEDIA CLOUD COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11374401DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272018-05-22619008f Millars Brook Molly Millars Lane Wokingham RG41 2AD
ALLOKATE CONSULTANTS LIMITED9978493DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202016-02-01619007, The Mansion House Norton Grange Little Kineton Warwick CV35 0DP
ALLTECH INSTALLATIONS LTD8348294DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072013-01-076120011/12 Hallmark Trading Centre Fourth Way Wembley HA9 0LB
ALLYOURVOIP LTD12218928DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-206190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
ALMERIA NETWORKS LIMITED4805929DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302003-06-2061900Hugletts Wood Farm Grovelye Lane Dallington Heathfield TN21 9PA
ALMS 1 LIMITED13002064DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-11-0646460 6190031 Chaucer Road London E7 9LZ
ALPHA MONOCEROTIS TECH LIMITED11600791DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-10-0261200Quinton Lodge, 71, Gayton Road, 71, Gayton Road Ashwicken King's Lynn PE32 1LW
ALTERA SERVICES LIMITED11481888DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-07-2561900 62020 6209071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
ALTUM COMMUNICATIONS LTD12563934DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-04-2061900International House 64 Nile Street London N1 7SR
ALTY COMMUNICATIONS LTD12175847DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012019-08-2761900Unit 79 Cariocca Business Park 2 Sawley Road Manchester M40 8BB
ALUN JONES LTD9483777DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162015-03-1161900Bron Y Manod Cae Clyd Blaenau Ffestiniog LL41 4BA
AM DIGITAL AGENCY LIMITED11603895DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-10-046190016 Upper Woburn Place C/O Downton Investment Ltd. London WC1H 0AF
AM MEGATECH LTD12565514DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-04-2161200 62020 62090 6312071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
AM22 LTD13218139DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142021-02-236190022 Rosebery Road Hounslow TW3 2RE
AMBER TELECOM LTD11666824DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-11-0861900 62020160 Langley Road Slough SL3 7TG
AMBER17 LIMITED12686079DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-232020-06-206190027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
AMBERGAIN LIMITED7802855DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202011-10-1061900Bramleys Church Road Winkfield SL4 4SF
AMBIKOMM LIMITED12042920DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-116120024 Ground Floor Hampton Park Bristol BS6 6LH
AMENAN MULTIMEDIA GROUP LTD12425874DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032020-01-276190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
AMG COMMUNICATIONS LTD11930843DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-04-086190021 Market Street 21 Market Street Chapel En Le Frith SK23 0HP
AMG UNITED LTD9793628DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242015-09-2461900127 Fencepiece Road Ilford IG6 2LD
AMK SYSTEMS LIMITED12214276DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-1861100130 Old Street London EC1V 9BD
AMMBR RESEARCH LABS LIMITED11063994DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132017-11-146120077 Victoria Road Cambridge CB4 3BW
AMO ENTERPRISES LTD11854367DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-03-016110047 47 Rowan Court Garnies Close London SE15 6PE
AMODATTA LIMITED8604728DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-02-282013-07-1046520 46900 6120027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
AMPHITRITE SERVICES LTD12188653DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-0461100 61200 6190063 Constable Gardens Edgware HA8 5RY
AMS 2826 LIMITED5992694DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-222006-11-08619001 Dukes Court Bognor Road Chichester PO19 8FX
AMZ SOLUTIONS LTD9997256DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282016-02-106190075 Blenheim Way Castleford WF10 5GG
ANDRON TECH LTD10154766DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112016-04-2833200 43210 61100 6203018 The Plantation Worthing BN13 2AJ
ANGEL MARKETING LIMITED9357727DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-012014-12-16619006th Floor Walker House Exchange Flags Liverpool L2 3YL
ANINDEL LTDSC666376DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-07-066190019 Faulds Baillieston Glasgow G69 6DR
ANKER COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING LIMITED12460446DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-136190012460446: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
ANTELICA LTD11209385DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172018-02-166110011 Kettlefields Dullingham Newmarket CB8 9XL
ANTENNA DESIGN & SUPPLY LIMITED3716964DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-121999-02-226190011 Anglo Business Park Smeaton Close Aylesbury HP19 8UP
ANTHONY WILLIAMS LIMITED12547291DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-04-066190012 Stuart Road North Bootle L20 9ET
ANTSW LIMITED10004846DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192016-02-1561900113 Hatford Road Reading RG30 3HS
ANTWERP TECHNOLOGIES LTD12291294DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212019-10-31619003rd Floor, 120 Baker Street London W1U 6TU
ANUTEL MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATION HOLDING LIMITED12260978DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-10-1461300 61900 64209 6499927 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
ANY AREA RIGGING LIMITED12110606DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-07-186120068 Teesdale Avenue Shard End Birmingham B34 6JG
ANYWHERE CLOUD LIMITED7632008DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-262011-05-1261100FRP ADVISORY TRADING LIMITED Derby House 12 Winckley Square Preston PR1 3JJ
AOTMP LIMITED12100085DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122019-07-126190010 John Street London WC1N 2EB
AP EQUITY LTD12731993DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-07-096110025 Carloon Road Manchester M23 0BR
AP NETWORKS LTD11865814DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172019-03-0743210 611003 Hunter Street Barry CF63 2HY
AP TELECOM LTD12404303DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272020-01-156190054-58 Tanner Street The Brandenburg Suite London SE1 3PH
APEX NETWORK INSTALLATIONS LTD11823711DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082019-02-136190028 Hawthorn Mount Chapel Allerton Leeds LS7 4PN
APPTIV8 LIMITED10036370DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162016-03-02612009 Mount Close Crawley RH10 7EF
AQUAMARINE CRYSTAL'S LIMITED12404962DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272020-01-15619001 Phoenix Close Mitcham CR4 3GG
ARC COMMS LTD12582468DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-05-0161900 9609042 Corfe Close Southwater Horsham RH13 9XL
ARCUS NETWORKS LIMITED10820623DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232017-06-15619001st Floor, Shirethorn House Redcliff Court Redcliff Road Hessle HU13 0EY
AREL.IS SALES SERVICES LTD11982180DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252019-05-076110014 Castle Walk Lower Street London-Stansted CM24 8LY
ARGARETIRVING LIMITED12223301DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-09-246190063 Clarendon Place Dover CT17 9QD
ARGO NETWORKS LTD12622443DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-05-2661200 63110 63120 6399073 Cato Street North Birmingham B7 5AP
ARK321 CONTRACTING LIMITED10900640DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092017-08-0461900749a Ormskirk Road Wigan WN5 8AT
ARNEY89 LIMITED12388929DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-076190016 Exeter Road Gravesend DA12 5QX
AROLI GROUP UK LIMITED10175279DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262016-05-116190071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
ARONFY LTD12216720DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022019-09-2046520 46900 61200 62030136 Berechurch Road Colchester CO2 7QE
ARROW PEAK LTD13387030DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142021-05-116190073 Longmynd Drive Fareham PO14 1SX
ART NT LTD11947733DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-15611008 Cordingley Avenue Manchester M43 6FT
ART.N ENTERPRISE LIMITED12362131DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-1361900135 Knoll Drive Coventry CV3 5DF
ARTHUR THOMAS LTD12988743DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012020-11-026190025 Wanlip Road London E13 8QR
ARWISP LTD12247201DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-10-076120037 Saddleton Road Whitstable CT5 4JQ
ASCA TELECOMS LTD11971242DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-04-306190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
ASCEND TECHNOLOGY SERVICES LTD11800262DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-01-3161100 61200 61900 62020Unit 121 Canon Workshops Canon Drive Canary Wharf London E14 4AS
ASCM LIMITED5943773DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302006-09-2261900128 Hitchin Road Upper Caldecote Biggleswade SG18 9BU
ASERGIS TELECOM LTD6761161DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-202008-11-2861100Unit 1 Jaycee House 214 Purley Way Croydon CR0 4XG
ASGART HR LTDSC658828DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162020-04-06619001 North Claremont Street Lower Ground Glasgow G3 7NR
ASHDOWN FIBRE LIMITED12577617DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-04-2961100Heasmans Lodge Farm Black Hill Crowborough TN6 1XE
ASHLEY DE LA MODE LTD12510029DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142020-03-1159200 61900 70210 9602027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
ASHLEY RUSSELL LIMITED9724112DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262015-08-0861900Edward Pavillion Building Albert Dock Liverpool L3 4AA
ASHRAF TELECOM LIMITED11514495DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262018-08-136110045 Mansfield Road Luton LU4 8NB
ASIA PACIFIC HYBRID CLOUD LTD12005987DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-2061100 61200 62020 6311033 Spencer Square Ramsgate Ramsgate CT11 9EQ
ASIAINFO (U.K.) LIMITED8692447DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132013-09-1661900 62012 62020 62090Compass House Chivers Way Histon Cambridge CB24 9AD
ASK SYD LIMITED10199808DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192016-05-2561900The Old Bakery 10 Back Road Sidcup DA14 6HA
ASOTA TELECOM LTD11931007DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-04-0861200 61900Meadowsend Cottage Longmeadow End Craven Arms SY7 8ED
ASPIRE TELECOM LTD10893552DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112017-08-016190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
ASTRAL INSTALLATIONS (UK) LIMITED3125070DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-201995-11-1361100279 Marlborough Road Gillingham Kent ME7 5HS
ASTRONET LTD12751832DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-07-1761100 6120027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
ASY COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED10296172DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142016-07-26619009 Sheridan Crescent Baughurst Tadley RG26 5HQ
ATC PLANNING LTD11522757DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302018-08-1761100C/O Hillman & Co Technology Court Bradbury Road Newton Aycliffe DL5 6DA
ATLAS PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS LTD.SC192816DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-291999-01-2561200First Floor, Quay 2, 139 Fountainbridge Edinburgh EH3 9QG
ATNJ AND CO LIMITED11586148DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302018-09-2461900 62090 73110137 Plashet Road 137 Plashet Road London E13 0RA
ATTREL LTD11644701DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212018-10-266190034 Sark Way Basingstoke RG24 9UX
AURELIUS YACHTS MANAGEMENT LTD11603130DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122018-10-0346520 61200 73110 73200International House 12 Constance Street London E16 2DQ
AURORA SOUND & VISUAL SOLUTIONS LTD11317364DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072018-04-186190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
AV123SYSTEMS LTD13077109DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-12-116190024 Rutland Crescent Luton LU2 0RF
AVECOMP LTD12205543DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-1358130 58141 61100 6120071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
AVL BLUE LTD9959116DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272016-01-196110021 Martins Wood Chineham Basingstoke RG24 8TR
AVNED LTD11013528DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082017-10-1661900 62020 62030 62090Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
AVODA CONSULTING LTD11523357DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262018-08-1761200 61900 62020 68310Winnington House 2 Woodberry Grove North Finchley London N12 0DR
AXLE BROADBAND INTERNET LIMITED10117955DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192016-04-116110064 Scar Lane Huddersfield HD3 4PS
AZ&ISS LIMITED11279912DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242018-03-286190047 Cornyx Lane Solihull B91 2SG
AZEUS MANAGEMENT LIMITED12496900DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-03-0461900Cornerstone House Midland Way Thornbury Bristol BS35 2BS
AZHEEDA LIMITED12262344DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-10-1561200 61900 70229 749021 Northway Altrincham WA14 1NN
AZYTECH LIMITED12547440DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062020-04-0661900Flat 3, St Cyprians 90 Durning Road Liverpool L7 5NH
B P WILBY LIMITED9765395DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162015-09-076190024 Retingham Way Stratton St Margaret Swindon SN3 4UG
B SWAN LTD13119056DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032021-01-076120023 Ratcliffe Avenue Birmingham B30 3NZ
B-M ELECTRONICS LIMITED11856947DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-046190071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
B.W.C CLOUD SERVICES LIMITED10498006DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272016-11-256190087 North Road Poole BH14 0LT
B2B TELEMARK GROUP LIMITED11915628DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-03-306190031 Pondfield Road Dagenham RM10 8HB
BABT INVESTMENT 2 LIMITED3979227DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062000-04-1861900Octagon House Concorde Way Segensworth North Fareham PO15 5RL
BABT INVESTMENT 3 LIMITED3979249DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062000-04-1861900Octagon House Concorde Way Segensworth North Fareham PO15 5RL
BACKHAUL LTD11544197DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262018-08-3061900Llwyn Y Gorras Castlemorris Haverfordwest SA62 5ES
BACKWATER LTD12452566DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-02-10612009a Monmouth Road London W2 4UT
BADU NETWORKS UK LIMITED11948060DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182019-04-1526309 619001 Bowes Close Horsham RH13 5SZ
BALI BAGUS LIMITED12714851DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-0261900162 Street Lane Leeds LS8 2AA
BALSAMMED LTD13259478DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272021-03-116190071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
BANGLA TALK TELECOMMUNICATION LTD12740207DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-07-1461900 6202015 Orchid Close Oldham OL1 2NG
BARKYOURSELF LTD12209987DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072019-09-1661100 8010012 The Wharf 16 Bridge Street Birmingham B1 2JS
BARNDEW ENTERPRISES LIMITED5058381DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122004-02-276190029 Waterloo Road Wolverhampton WV1 4DJ
BARR INSTALLS LTDSC649483DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252019-12-126190062 Kingsway Kirkintilloch G66 2UH
BARRY FERGUSON LTDSC657722DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142020-03-186190041 Dundas Street Bathgate EH48 4AS
BAS COMMS LIMITED11910744DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-03-286110018 Castle Gardens Kesgrave Ipswich IP5 2EW
BASEPLAY LIMITED10507288DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272016-12-0161900Palladium House 1-4 Argyll Street London W1F 7LD
BB ICT CONSULTANCY LTD12374369DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-12-206120016 Sandy Lane Brown Edge Stoke-On-Trent ST6 8QJ
BB1TEL LTD11892125DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-1961900Unit 29 St Asaph Avenue Rhyl LL18 5JH
BCL TECHNOLOGIES (UK) LTD12226059DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092019-09-2561200 613002nd Floor 23 Golden Square London W1F 9JP
BDM SYSTEMS LIMITEDSC659543DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-04-20619001/1 121 Batson Street Glasgow G42 7ND
BE KINDER LTD12492873DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262020-03-0261900Flat 18 Flat 18, The Grainstore 70 Weston Street London SE1 3QH
BE.LONDON INC LIMITED9570118DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172015-04-3061900Seascape Bay View Road Looe PL13 1JP
BEA & SONS LTD11010365DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132017-10-1261900Flat 3, Runcie Court New Mossford Way Barkingside Ilford IG6 1GF
BEAM WIRELESS LTDSC623161DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-03-0461200 6209023 Cleeve Drive Perth PH1 1HH
BEAMOS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED8242125DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292012-10-0561100 62012 62020 6203015 Ceylon Place 15 Ceylon Place Eastbourne BN21 3JE
BEECOMMS LIMITED11054061DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102017-11-0861100Wesley Offices 74 Silver Street Nailsea Bristol BS48 2DS
BEEP COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED9401578DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072015-01-2261200268, Ability Place Millharbour London E14 9DF
BELZTEL LIMITED8824875DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182013-12-236190036 Second Avenue London SW14 8QE
BEN PADBURY LIMITED6478591DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162008-01-216190010 Kingfisher Close Hayling Island Hants PO11 9NS
BENCONNECT LIMITED5943172DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262006-09-21611001 St. Leonards Way Hornchurch RM11 1FP
BENIBA MEDIA LTD11505630DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212018-08-0859133 60200 61900 620207 The Avenue Bury BL9 5DQ
BEO TELECOM LTD11892822DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-2061100 61200 61300 6190038 Devonshire Avenue Southsea PO4 9EF
BERRY COMMS LTD10682419DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132017-03-2161900Ground Floor Offices, Unit 4 Eaton Court Road, Colmworth Business Park Eaton Socon St. Neots PE19 8ER
BERRYGROVE LTD13230660DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022021-02-2661900Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
BESPARK TECHNOLOGIES ENGINEERING (UK) LIMITED9052399DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122014-05-226190024 Houghton Street Warrington WA2 7DD
BETA MOBILE LIMITED9786692DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302015-09-216120012 Stanhope House London SE8 4LX
BETA TELECOM LIMITED1961174DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-131985-11-1961200Terrys Green Farm Malthouse Lane Earlswood Solihull B94 5DU
BETA TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12658935DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-06-1058210 61200 62012 6202071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
BETACOM LTD12576047DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262020-04-2861900Plymouth Mail Centre Breakwater Road Plymstock Plymouth PL9 7XX
BEVERLY NEGOCE LIMITED12697416DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-2561900Unit 13 Freeland Park Wareham Road Lytchett Matravers Poole BH16 6FA
BEYOND IMPERIUM LIMITED12078423DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-0158290 61900 62020 66110Flat 4 12 Millennium Drive London E14 3GJ
BEYOND TELECOMS LTD10549825DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222017-01-056190045 Chalcot Grove Birmingham B20 1HJ
BF TELECOMS LTD12866481DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152020-09-086190033 Kintbury Street Bamfurlong Wigan WN2 5LF
BIBACH INT LTD11879621DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-1361900 70229 7490111879621: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
BIGVU LIMITED12042995DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-06-1147990 61900 62090Unit 1 Pound Yard Unicorn Hill Redditch B97 4QU
BIRD OFFSHORE SERVICES LTD11422298DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072018-06-196190056 Brecon Drive Redcar TS10 4EY
BIRDS BEEP LTD8559069DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092013-06-0661900 73110 731201st Floor, 29 Minerva Road London NW10 6HJ
BITCRAFTERS IT SOLUTIONS LTD12164945DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-2061900 62012 62020 6209017 Green Lanes London N16 9BS
BITSIM DATACOM LIMITEDSC379215DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-312010-05-2642210 42220 61100 6120018 North Kilmeny Crescent Wishaw ML2 8SG
BIZBEL LIMITED12559123DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-04-1646410 61900 6209019 Cheetham Hill Road Manchester M4 4FY
BIZBOSH LTD12203057DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-09-1261900First Floor, Unit 12 Compass Point, Ensign Way Hamble SO31 4RA
BJ CARY SERVICES LTD12141498DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-066190072 St Thomas Way Rugeley WS15 1RA
BJWP LTD6667669DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-172008-08-0761900Griffins Tavistock House South Tavistock Square London WC1H 9LG
BK DIGITAL CARD LTD11954391DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-1847429 61900 62012 9411020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
BL3D CONSULTANTS LIMITED9719363DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072015-08-0561900326 Hursley Road Chandler's Ford Eastleigh SO53 5PH
BLACK BOX SERVICE LTD8127980DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262012-07-0361200Suite B, Fairgate House Kings Road Tyseley Birmingham B11 2AA
BLACK CHERRY SOLUTIONS LIMITED6442492DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252007-11-3061900Tameway Tower 48 Bridge Street Walsall WS1 1JZ
BLACK TRADERS LTD.12600920DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-05-136190081 London Road Morden Morden SM4 5HP
BLACKBOX TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD4777560DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292003-05-276190019 Research Way Derriford Plymouth PL6 8BT
BLACKHEATH TRAINING LIMITED6328040DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162007-07-306110052 Heathlee Road Blackheath London SE3 9HP
BLIZZARD PROJECTS LTD7134129DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112010-01-226190038 Dorset Crescent Basingstoke RG22 5DU
BLOCK OUT LTD12625782DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162020-05-2761900111-113 New Union Street Coventry CV1 2NT
BLOCK9 TECHNOLOGIES LTD10949327DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052017-09-0661200 61900 62020 6209032 Fullbrook Avenue Spencers Wood Reading RG7 1FF
BLUE CIRCLE TELECOMS LTD11464082DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062018-07-1361900Unit 8 The Courtyard Goldsmith Way Eliot Business Park Nuneaton CV10 7RJ
BLUE CORE RECRUITMENT LIMITED5755894DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242006-03-2461900Priory House 2 Priory Road Dudley DY1 1HH
BLUE CUBE NETWORKS LTD10228861DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212016-06-13611007 Melbourn Street Royston SG8 7BX
BLUE SKY AERIAL SERVICES LTD10719380DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162017-04-106190055 The Dloes Over Cambridge CB24 5QD
BLUEBILL LTD6202747DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232007-04-0461900Nicholas House Riverfront Enfield EN1 3TF
BN TECH SOLUTIONS LIMITED11841958DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-02-22619009 Highland Road Camberley GU15 4ET
BNC COMMUNICATIONS LTD8622935DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192013-07-24611003rd Floor 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH
BOBBYCOMMS LTD12330503DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-11-256190065 Eldon Street Preston PR1 7PL
BOLDERSON FINANCE LIMITED7573329DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202011-03-2261900Glamorgan House Greenwood Close Cardiff Gate Business Park Cardiff CF23 8RD
BOLOPLUS PVT LTD.12254097DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132019-10-1058290 61900 62020 62090Office 32 19-21 Crawford Street London W1H 1PJ
BONQOO LTD12558489DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262020-04-1647190 61200 62012 6209071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
BORDERLINK TECHNICAL SERVICES LTDSC605781DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042018-08-2061200 62020 62090Blackadder West Farm House Blackadder Duns TD11 3LX
BORO COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12025079DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-306110012 Jackson House Aspen Drive Middlesbrough TS5 6RP
BORU SOLUTIONS LTD10160984DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122016-05-0461200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
BOSSCOMMS LIMITED12688957DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-06-226110011 Bolden Close Bootle L30 1TH
BOWERMCLEANCONSULTING LIMITED12569182DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-04-2261200 62020Old School House The Street Blandford Forum DT11 8NZ
BOYD TELECOMS LTD12336718DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-11-276110051 51 Satinwood Crescent Melling Liverpool L31 1JX
BP COMMS LTD12131736DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-07-31611002 Woodville Street London SE18 5JG
BR COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES LIMITED9719860DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302015-08-0561900 829907 Kilkenny Road Guisborough TS14 7LE
BRAIN BUSINESS LTD11923928DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-04-0361200 7022120-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
BRAMMALL COMMUNICATIONS LTD9787297DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302015-09-216110098 New Street Biddulph Moor Stoke-On-Trent ST8 7NW
BRANDON ASSOCIATES LIMITED11528198DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062018-08-216190012 Killingworth Avenue Sinfin Derby DE24 9PN
BRASHWELL LTD8988799DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142014-04-09619001 Northwick Close Great Denham Bedford MK40 4SY
BRASKOV GROUP LIMITED12601711DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-05-1441201 6190024 Holborn Viaduct London EC1A 2BN
BREEZEVISTA LTD5135493DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242004-05-2461900252 Bannerdale Road Sheffield S11 9FE
BRENT BROADCAST CONSULTANTS LIMITED5321673DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062004-12-2961900Sycamore Lodge Wickham Way East Brent TA9 4JB
BRG NINE LIMITED4017789DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042000-06-2061900Onecom House 4400 Parkway Whiteley Fareham PO15 7FJ
BRIDGE COMMUNIAION LTD12598795DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-05-136190081 London Road Morden SM4 5HP
BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED2930881DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-171994-05-1961900Mandora Asney Road Walton Street BA16 9RL
BRIGHT ORANGE OUTSOURCING LTD7480717DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-092010-12-3161100 62012 62090BRIGHT ORANGE OUTSOURCING LTD Lymedale Business Centre Lymedale Busines Park Hooters Hall Road Newcastle ST5 9QF
BRISTOL TELECOMS LIMITED6807150DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192009-02-0261100Glamorgan House, Greenwood Close Cardiff Gate Business Park Cardiff CF23 8RD
BRITEX SERVICES LIMITED4485931DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262002-07-1561100310 Southbourne Grove Westcliff On Sea Essex SS0 0AF
BRITLAND CABLING LTD10227726DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192016-06-126110034 Shakespeare Square Ilford IG6 2RU
BROADCAST SIM SERVICES LTD10457062DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222016-11-01612002nd Floor Stanford Gate South Road Brighton BN1 6SB
BROADLEY UTILITIES LIMITED4872686DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122003-08-2061900The Old Barn, Broadley Fold Whitworth Lancashire OL12 8XN
BROADSIGHT GROUP LTD11954618DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-1861100 61200 6190071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
BROBBIN LTD11255893DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072018-03-146190049 Beech Avenue Hazel Grove Stockport SK7 4QP
BROSAT LIMITEDSC629539DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212019-05-07619003 St. Davids Business Park Dalgety Bay Dunfermline KY11 9PF
BRUNO & TIAGO SERVICES LTD11980390DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122019-05-076190090 Siloam Place Ipswich IP3 0FE
BRYANELLIS LTD12726165DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-07-0761900Whitefriars Lewins Mead Bristol BS1 2NT
BSD COMMUNICATIONS LTD12726453DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-07-0761100 6120056 Barnard Crescent Aylesbury HP21 9PW
BT SOUTH TYNESIDE LIMITED6656934DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-282008-07-256190055 Baker Street London W1U 7EU
BTCD HOLDINGS LIMITED12206819DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-1361900 6209046 Northwood Road Whitstable CT5 2ES
BTYC LIMITED11843065DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212019-02-2261900 62090 829901st Floor 57 Bell Street Oldham OL1 3PY
BUBBLE WIFI LIMITED8548193DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142013-05-296120094 Chapel Lane Coppull Chorley PR7 4PN
BUDFOX MESSENGER LTD10642500DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242017-02-2861200 62012 62090 631103rd Floor Crown House 151 High Road Loughton IG10 4LG
BUILDING COMMUNICATION & NETWORKS LIMITEDSC279800DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142005-02-1061900 620907 Joppa Gardens Edinburgh EH15 2HU
BULB ENERGY SOLUTIONS LIMITED12484848DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-02-2642220 43210 6120013 Oldcastle Avenue Newcastle ST5 8HF
BUSINESS & OFFICE SUPPORT SERVICES LTD12092104DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012019-07-08619001 Howard Road Solihull B92 7LF
BUSINESS COMMS SOLUTION LIMITED7376869DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-052010-09-15619002 Hardman Street Manchester M3 3HF
BUSINESS CONNECT LTD11426982DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-06-2161200Suite 11 Clifton Trade Park Brinwell Road Blackpool FY4 4QU
BUSINESS VOICE AND DATA LIMITED4356095DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252002-01-1861900324 Birmingham Road Lickey End Bromsgrove B61 0HJ
BUSINESSDATA4YOU LTD9029576DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202014-05-086190047 Eshlands Brook Barnsley S71 5SH
BUTTERFLY CORPORATION LTD12028735DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-0361200Marks & Co, 100 Church Street Brighton BN1 1UJ
BUZZTEL COMMUNICATIONS LTD12179765DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-08-2961200 6190027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
BYB TELECOM LIMITED11895738DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032019-03-216190011895738: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
BYE-DOO LIMITED12177304DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122019-08-2859112 60200 61900 62090483 Green Lanes London N13 4BS
C & A KINLAN LIMITED12032140DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-046190021 Wood Street Rugby CV21 2NY
C K BUSINESS SYSTEMS LIMITED4026342DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162000-07-046190046 Horsenden Lane North Greenford UB6 0PA
C MILLER (NE) LTD9508007DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282015-03-256190035 Barnwell View Herrington Burn Houghton Le Spring DH4 7FB
C N D COMMS LTD12105982DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-1642220 61200 6190028 Winterslow Road Swindon SN2 5JJ
C PRECOMMS LTD3291387DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-171996-12-1261900Turnpike House 1210 London Road Leigh On Sea SS9 2UA
C.J.K CABLING SOLUTIONS LTD12231455DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092019-09-276190034 Mareth Road Bedford MK42 0DB
CABLE & ENGINEERING 2008 LIMITED6658499DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112008-07-296190017 Goodlands Goodlands Boxford Sudbury CO10 5AA
CABLE NETWORKS LIMITED10509264DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292016-12-0261900Hanover Court 5 Queen Street Lichfield WS13 6QD
CABLENET LTD7533345DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232011-02-176110040 Galahad Road Galahad Road Bromley BR1 5DT
CAHT LTD12644376DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092020-06-03619008 Dunbar Avenue Manchester M23 2XR
CAIN TELECOMS LTD12584865DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-05-0461900117 Burlington Street Liverpool L3 6JQ
CAIRN HOLDINGS LIMITEDSC636196DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052019-07-16619001 Cromwell Road Inverness IV1 1SX
CAKIRHAN SOFTWARE LIMITED12101675DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-1361900 62012 62020 6209017 Green Lanes London N16 9BS
CALL CENTRE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED3426593DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-311997-08-29619001 More London Place London SE1 2AF
CALL CONNECT LIMITED1800643DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-201984-03-1661900First Floor, Telecom House 125-135 Preston Road Brighton BN1 6AF
CALL SYSTEMS AUTOMATION LTD11429854DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242018-06-2261100 61200 6190050 Seymour Street London W1H 7JG
CALLS DIRECT LTD12430715DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032020-01-2861900Unit 14 Photon House Percy Street Leeds LS12 1EL
CALLS IN DEMAND LTD12293094DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-11-0161100 8220024 Elmwood Gardens Elmwood Gardens Birmingham B20 2AL
CAM COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED9300694DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302014-11-0761200125 Imperial Avenue Southampton SO15 8PZ
CAMBRIDGE CONNECTED DEVICES LIMITED11413675DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-06-1326309 6120026 Pearl Close Cambridge CB4 1QD
CAMELHOME LTD11938900DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-04-106110014 Mathias Walk Basingstoke RG22 4EQ
CAMPUS NETWORKS LTD12703394DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-2961100 61200 6190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
CANADONIA CREATIVE CONSULTING LTDSC615766DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222018-12-1058190 59112 61900 62020Spittalhill Cottage B818 Denny Road Fintry G63 0XH
CANDO COMMS LTD12382281DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172020-01-026110039-43 Bridge Street Swinton Mexborough S64 8AP
CANDOVER 1972 LIMITED9700265DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152015-07-23619008 Mercia Business Village Coventry CV4 8HX
CAP COMMS LTD11847681DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-02-2661100 61200 61300 6190024 Hallifield St Norton Stockton On Tees TS20 2HE
CAPRIOLA GLOBAL LTD11648284DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-10-2959113 59200 61900 70221Flat 12 Bishopsgate William Hunter Way Brentwood CM14 4EP
CAPTIVE INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS LIMITED3773355DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-221999-05-1961900 63990Communications House Station Court Station Road Great Shelford Cambridge CB22 5NE
CAPTURED LOGISTICS LTD10810348DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302017-06-086190083 Ducie Street Manchester M1 2JQ
CAR ALLEY LIMITED12861566DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-09-0758190 59111 59132 61900Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
CARBONAID PROJECTS LTD12494689DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-03-0326400 61200 6201220-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
CARCANET LIMITED12522442DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-03-1861100 61200 61300 6190019 St. John Way Dorchester DT1 2FG
CARDIUM TECHNOLOGIES LTD11504388DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122018-08-0758290 61900 62011 62012Flat H, 80 - 84 Smyrks Road London SE17 2QP
CARE FREE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED8075379DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-242012-05-1861900Maze Pond Mayfield Lane Durgates Wadhurst TN5 6DG
CARL BUTTERS LTD11764058DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-01-14619006 Kelbrook Walk Middlesbrough TS3 8QE
CARLTONSTEELE LTD12443588DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102020-02-0561900 70221 85590 86900193a Perry Vale Forest Hill London SE23 2JF
CARR TELECOMS LIMITED6366315DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212007-09-116190010 Stadium Court Stadium Road Bromborough CH62 3RP
CARR'S COMMUNICATION CABLING LIMITED4082596DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272000-10-0361100 61200Copperbeech Main Road Yoxford IP17 3EX
CARRIER SYSTEMS LTD8035271DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262012-04-1861900170 Church Road Mitcham CR4 3BW
CARSON COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED7510135DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302011-01-316110046-54 High Street Ingatestone CM4 9DW
CARSTOP TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED11614423DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242018-10-1061200Hillside Forge Northlew Okehampton EX20 3NR
CASCOMS COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED9676560DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-02-242015-07-0861900WILSON FIELD LIMITED The Manor House 260 Ecclesall Road South Sheffield S11 9PS
CASH 4 GADGETS LTD12178266DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-286190064 North Road Birmingham B29 6AW
CASH FOR YOUR GADGETS LTD11401226DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-06-066190064 North Road Birmingham B29 6AW
CASHEWE LTDSC544186DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162016-08-316120022 Souter Gardens Westhill AB32 6WF
CASSIDY COMMUNICATIONS LTD9272098DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072014-10-2061200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
CATALEYA EMEA LIMITED9170718DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-292014-08-116190025 Farringdon Street London EC4A 4AB
CATERHAM BRITANNIC LTD10007295DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092016-02-1661100Bourne House 475 Godstone Road Caterham CR3 0BL
CBM TELECOMS LTD12935740DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052020-10-0761100 61200 61300 61900262 Old Liverpool Road Warrington WA5 1DZ
CCLT SERVICES LTD11852435DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-02-286190024 Sycamore Road Blackburn BB1 9TG
CDMG HOLDINGS UK LIMITED8667691DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162013-08-2961200C/O BDO LLP 55 Baker Street London W1U 7EU
CDN SERVICE LIMITED11348389DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222018-05-0861900Unit 3 Newton Chambers Road Newton Chambers Road Sheffield S35 2PH
CDP CONSULTING SERVICES LTD6813968DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162009-02-0961200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
CEE LLC LTD12511574DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222020-03-1161200 61300 62020 63990Flat 5 35 Pont Street London SW1X 0BB
CEKA COMMUNICATIONS LIMITEDSC487849DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-02-182014-09-3061900Wylie & Bisset 168 Bath Street Glasgow G2 4TP
CELESTE INVESTMENT LTD12353042DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-0647990 61900 82990Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
CELESTIAL TECHNOLOGY LTD12619391DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262020-05-2261200 62020143 Langham Road London N15 3LP
CELL POINT (LONDON) LTD11384730DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-05-266190022 Cavell Street London E1 2HP
CELL SITE FORENSICS LIMITED8694171DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122013-09-1761200Focus Accounting Retford Enterprise Centre Randall Way Retford DN22 7GR
CELLHIRE OVERSEAS HOLDINGS LIMITED2828325DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-301993-06-1861900Park House Clifton Park York YO30 5PB
CELLULAR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LTD6824835DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162009-02-1961200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
CENTRAL NORTH SEA FIBRE TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY LIMITED4015401DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262000-06-1209100 619001 Park Row Leeds LS1 5AB
CENTREPOINT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LTD9038997DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132014-05-1461900 62090C/O Mazars Llp Tower Bridge House St Katharines Way London E1W 1DD
CERENO LIMITED6948879DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262009-07-016190015 Rushington Avenue Maidenhead SL6 1BY
CET SERVICES LTD.5568492DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302005-09-2061900 62020 74909 9511012 Kings Green Daventry Northamptonshire NN11 4UB
CFC DATA SOLUTIONS LTD10941423DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272017-09-0161900Portsmouth Technopole Kingston Crescent Portsmouth PO2 8FA
CH1P LTD12285069DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242019-10-286110026 Priory Farm Road Hatfield Peverel Chelmsford CM3 2NL
CHALKSTORY LTD10216114DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162016-06-066190071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
CHAMAN786 TRADER LTD12752865DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102020-07-1947421 47910 47990 61900176 Southampton Street Reading RG1 2RD
CHASE TELECOM LIMITEDSC367198DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302009-10-216110019 Russell Place Edinburgh EH5 3HQ
CHATCHIT LTD11847294DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-02-2661200Formby Hall Southport Old Road Formby Liverpool L37 0AB
CHAU HAI MOBILITY LIMITED11982908DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-05-0759133 61100 61200 61900120 High Road East Finchley London N2 9ED
CHCB TELECOM LTD12926196DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112020-10-0461900298 Unthank Road Norwich NR4 7QD
CHEAP BROADBAND LIMITED12728759DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-07-08612003rd Floor 86-90 Paul Street Paul Street London EC2A 4NE
CHECKLY LIMITEDSC627624DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-04-1561100 612001 Forrest Place Armadale EH48 2GZ
CHENGDU LEIHUA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD11965662DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142019-04-26619002nd Floor College House 17 King Edwards Road Ruislip HA4 7AE
CHEYA COMMUNICATIONS LTD11765364DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172019-01-1461900 6209057 Sudbury Court Road Harrow HA1 3SD
CHEZRAPHIM COMMUNICATION LTD10826265DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232017-06-2061100 612001 Watson Way Catterick Garrison Colburn DL9 4TX
CHICANE TELECOM LIMITED9702146DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122015-07-246110012 Garth Heights Wilmslow Park North Wilmslow SK9 2BA
CHINA NETWORK LTD8336123DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082012-12-1961100 61200 61900 6201221 Common Rise Hitchin SG4 0HN
CHITCHAT2U LTD9660425DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122015-06-2961200Unit 1 Nags Corner Wiston Road Nayland Colchester CO6 4LT
CHLOE R BRICE LIMITED10552342DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112017-01-0961200Twinewalk Twinewalk Burton Place Brixham TQ5 9JD
CHOICE TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11462026DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262018-07-126190038 Kestrel Close Stevenage SG2 9PB
CHRIS WHITTLE ENTERPRISES LTD7944086DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042012-02-096120050 Hindley Road Westhoughton Bolton BL5 2JS
CHRISONIC IT SOLUTIONS LTD11839457DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-02-2161900 62020 62030 63120Flat 97 Lindsay Avenue Sheffield S5 7SD
CHRISTIAN SOCIAL NETWORK(CSN) LTD11832521DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-02-1861200 7021013 Bannockburn Road London SE18 1ET
CHURCH STREET FIBRE LIMITED11570571DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-09-146110065 Church Street Birmingham B3 2DP
CIRCLE TELECOM LIMITED8377333DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092013-01-286110055 Maylands Avenue Hemel Hempstead HP2 4SJ
CIRRICOM LIMITED7729889DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132011-08-0461900Ravenscourt House 322a King Street London W6 0RR
CITIC TELECOM CPC UK LTD6228268DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162007-04-2661900Moorgate House 201 Silbury Boulevard Milton Keynes MK9 1LZ
CITY CLOUD LIMITED8191041DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122012-08-2461200Bury House 31 Bury Street London EC3A 5AR
CITY LIFELINE LIMITED2691543DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-011992-02-2761900Central House Otley Road Beckwith Knowle Harrogate HG3 1UG
CITYCOMM TELEMATICS LTDNI659708DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162019-03-12611002 Shelling Hill Lisburn BT27 5NZ
CJS NETWORKS LTD10956978DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162017-09-116110024 Gunnell Close Croydon CR0 6YG
CKG LONDON LTD11503651DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262018-08-0761900 62012 63990Unit 4, All Cool Building, Ripple Side Commercial Estate Ripple Road Barking IG11 0RJ
CL TELECOMS LTD9419846DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202015-02-03612008 Himbleton Croft Shirley Solihull B90 4UP
CLANNET BROADBAND LIMITED7759095DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172011-09-0161200Satellite House 108 Churchill Road Bicester OX26 4XD
CLARK COLE SERVICES LIMITED9592628DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192015-05-1561900Unit 1 Hammond Court Hammond Avenue Whitehill Industrial Estate Stockport SK4 1PQ
CLASS SYSTEMS LIMITED2376424DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-061989-04-2661900Ground Floor, Egerton House 68 Baker Street Weybridge KT13 8AL
CLAWWWEB LTD13120547DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052021-01-0760200 611001 Blake Close Welling DA16 3NS
CLAYCOMMUNICATIONS LTD12054046DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172019-06-1759111 59200 61200 6209023 Pugin House Balance Street Uttoxeter ST14 8JN
CLDONE GROUP LTD12107745DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-07-1761900 62020 62090 63990Meadow Park Woodford Bude EX23 9HT
CLEAN CONTACT LIMITEDSC640641DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-09-046110063 Moubray Grove South Queensferry EH30 9PD
CLEAR BUSINESS LIMITED6445180DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-052007-12-05619002 Hardman Street Manchester M3 3HF
CLEAR POINT LTD12386831DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-066190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
CLEARER SOLUTIONS LIMITED11475369DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072018-07-2061900Alpha House Culpeper Close Medway City Estate Rochester ME2 4HU
CLEARWAY INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS LTD11721372DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222018-12-11611004 Daisy Close Martham Great Yarmouth NR29 4PJ
CLH TELECOMS LTD9718611DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282015-08-056120017 Alnwick Close Redcar TS10 2NN
CLINTRONIX LIMITED12170009DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-226110016 Regent Square Belvedere DA17 6EP
CLOUD COMM SOLUTIONS LIMITED12344921DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-12-0261100Cloud Comm Lytchett House 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road Poole BH16 6FA
CLOUD ESTATE LIMITED6598850DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-042008-05-2161200 62090Kemp House 152 City Road London EC1V 2NX
CLOUD PUSH LTD12254991DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-10-1061100 62020 62090Suite 2069 6-8 Revenge Road Lordswood ME5 8DD
CLOUD SIMZ LTD12475146DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-2061900 62090Yilmaz Kabaran 6 Albion Court Dunstable LU6 3BD
CLOUDCOCO CLOUD SERVICES LIMITED11504479DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-08-0761100 61900 62020 620907750 Daresbury Business Park Daresbury Office Village Daresbury Warrington WA4 4BS
CLOUDKONECT LIMITED11242954DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142018-03-0856210 61900 78300Apartment 15, 181 Great Clowes Street Manchester M7 1ZL
CLOUDNET MOBILE LTD12414186DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272020-01-2061100 61200 61300 61900Fountain Court Steelhouse Lane Birmingham B4 6DR
CM RIGGERS LTD10210676DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182016-06-0261900Andrew James House Bridge Road Ashford TN23 1BB
CMB COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED6146342DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172007-03-086190018 Grangewood Road Laughton En Le Morthen Sheffield S25 1ZE
CMC ENGINEERING EUROPE LTD11814137DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182019-02-0761100 70229 71122 711291 South Scarle Road Collingham NG23 7NU
CMC GLOBAL TRADING LTD7983535DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072012-03-0961900Cvr Global Llp 5 Prospect House Meridians Cross Ocean Way SO14 3TJ
COBLYE LTD.3291269DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-221996-12-12611007 Barkers Lane Inkford.Wythall West Midlands B47 6BY
COCCINELLE CONSULTING LIMITED9730898DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052015-08-1361900C/O Golder Baqa Ground Floor 1 Baker's Row London EC1R 3DB
CODE BLUE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED6939740DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-082009-06-1961900Minerva 29 East Parade Leeds LS1 5PS
COGITANDI LTD12644990DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-06-0461200 71122 7120018 Riverside Road Blandford Forum DT11 7ES
COH COMS LIMITED13184136DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152021-02-0861100Unit 212 Vanilla Factory 39 Fleet Street Liverpool L1 4AR
COLBA LIMITED12687299DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-20619002 Kestrel Mews Skelmersdale WN8 6TD
COLCHESTER TELECOMS LTD10266332DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142016-07-07611005 Trinity Close Wivenhoe CO7 9RA
COLCOMM LTD11965273DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-04-266190034 Queens Road Felixstowe IP11 7QU
COLD CALL PROTECT UK LIMITED12510140DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142020-03-1161100 6190080 Old Farm Road Poole BH15 3LP
COLIN BAIN INTERNATIONAL LTDSC329655DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102007-08-21619001 Dovecot Way, Pitreavie Dunfermline Fife KY11 8SX
COLOCATE LTD12942606DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272020-10-126110059 Lyndhurst Road London N22 5AX
COLOUROFFICE LIMITED5959442DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062006-10-0947190 61900 7420950 Edington Close Bishops Waltham Southampton SO32 1LX
COLYCOMMS LTD12645560DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-06-046190055 Burnards Field Road Colyton EX24 6PE
COMBITECH SERVICES LIMITED12153843DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-136190050 Arenig Street Bala LL23 7AL
COMCETERA LIMITED6058188DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222007-01-1961900 62012 62020Unit 13 Freeland Business Park Poole BH16 6FH
COME DROID LIMITED11193596DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-02-07619002 Blake Street Rochdale OL16 2NE
COMFIWEY INTERNATIONAL LTD12276786DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-10-2326400 58290 61900 6312020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
COMIS LTD11284762DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272018-03-296190022 Telford Drive Walton On Thames KT12 2YH
COMM-TECH TELECOM SOLUTIONS LIMITED6634079DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232008-07-016110033 King Street Norwich NR1 1PD
COMMERCIAL INTERNET LIMITED3138766DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-271995-12-1861900 62020153 Lauderdale Tower Barbican London EC2Y 8BY
COMMIT THIS LIMITED11767944DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-01-1561100 61900 62012 6209085 London Road Cheltenham GL52 6HL
COMMS DIRECT LIMITED6731788DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202008-10-2361900169 High Street Barnet EN5 5SU
COMMS MANAGEMENT GROUP LIMITED12384188DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-03619007 Ffordd Y Capel Efail Isaf Pontypridd CF38 1AP
COMMS SAVVY LIMITED12567619DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-04-2261900Rossingtons Business Park West Carr Road Retford DN22 7SW
COMMS UNIFIED LIMITED11859777DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152019-03-0447429 61100 61900 951107 The Beacons Shevington Wigan WN6 8DU
COMMSAVE LTD8265822DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042012-10-2361900Mapleton House St. Lukes Road North Torquay TQ2 5PD
COMMSTOYOU LTD11916769DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-03-3061900 6202034 Springfield Drive Stoke On Trent ST7 1BL
COMMUNICATION CHAMBERS (MEEK) LIMITED7564231DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-172011-03-15619002 Spring Close Lutterworth LE17 4DD
COMMUNITY WOKE PROJECT LTD12109298DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-07-1747610 61900Office 10 Blackett Street Piccadilly Business Centre Manchester M12 6EJ
COMMUSOL LTD12436811DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102020-02-0361200International House Constance Street London E16 2DQ
COMPARE PBX LTD13199340DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122021-02-1258290 61100 61200 6190071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
COMPLETE IP SOLUTIONS LIMITED7405731DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082010-10-136190030 Kelvin Close Cambridge CB1 8DN
COMPTON COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED10653315DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172017-03-066190034 New Road Whittlesey Peterborough PE7 1SU
COMPUTEC LIMITED11422029DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302018-06-196190045 Worwood Drive West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7LY
COMTRAX LTD10886911DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142017-07-2761900Adeilad St David's Building Stryd Lombard Street Porthmadog LL49 9AP
CON TELECOMS LIMITEDSC550065DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132016-11-11619006 Margaret Street Coatbridge ML5 4DR
CONFERENCE CONNECT LIMITED10966056DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302017-09-1561900 7490949 Millennium Place London E2 9NL
CONNECT DATA SOLUTIONS LTD8772252DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132013-11-12611009 Bishops Wynd St Michaels Park Houghton Le Spring DH5 8GA
CONNECT TECHNOLOGY LTD12617888DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262020-05-2261200 62020 62030 62090Samson Nwakanma 8 Cavendish Court Se6 2ts Se6 2ts SE6 2TS
CONNECT2HOME LTD.NI073596DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042009-08-2461900Muir Building 427 Holywood Road Belfast BT4 2LT
CONNECT4YOU LTD12206540DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202019-09-13619004 St Mary's Estate St. Marychurch Street London SE16 4HY
CONNECTIVITY HUB LTD11699261DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-11-276120012 Balfour Road Bristol BS3 2AF
CONNECTNET LTD12544304DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292020-04-026110010 Southbank Road Coventry CV6 1EX
CONNELLY CONSULTING LTD11355867DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-05-116120016 Moorfield Drive Oakworth Keighley BD22 7EX
CONNOR COMPUTING SALES ASSOCIATES LTD12139507DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-0561900 6202020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
CONSOLIDATED NETWORKS LTD12873599DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-09-1161100 61200 6202031 New England Way Pleasley Mansfield NG19 7SL
CONSORTIA COMMUNICATIONS LTD11847067DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-02-2661900130 Old Street London EC1V 9BD
CONTACTPOINT 360 UK LIMITED12633604DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-05-296190019 Talbot Road Southall UB2 5QH
CONTROL MOBILE LIMITED10716630DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142017-04-086120042a Cardiff Road Caerphilly CF83 1JQ
CONVERGED ALLIANCE LTD6788899DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172009-01-1261900Second Floor One Central Boulevard Central Boulevard Shirley Solihull B90 8BG
CONVERGED CONSULTANCY AND NETWORKS LTD11742694DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302018-12-28611006 Hopton Drive Sunderland SR2 0LT
CONVERGED TEK LIMITED8462687DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-102013-03-2661900The Manor House 260 Ecclesall Road South Sheffield S11 9PS
COPILOT COMMUNICATION LIMITED10832798DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122017-06-2361900129 Bevington Road Birmingham B6 6HS
COPY ME LTD10910466DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242017-08-1161900Ground Floor, Unit B Lostock Office Park Lynstock Way, Lostock Bolton BL6 4SG
CORESTAQ LABS LTD12454237DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172020-02-116120011 Hathaway Road Lancaster LA1 2JW
CORNELIU DRUTA LIMITED9618762DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262015-06-026190011 Fir Tree Lane Newbury RG14 2QX
CORNELL COMMS LIMITED11012985DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032017-10-1361200Unit 36 Silk Mill Industrial Estate Brook Street Tring HP23 5EF
COSMIC WAVES LTD9970895DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192016-01-2647421 61900 95110 9512029 Orford Place Norwich NR1 3QA
COSMOS WIRELESS LTD11327909DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262018-04-2561100 61200 61300 61900Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
COTEL TELECOM (UK) RENTAL LIMITED12964009DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292020-10-2161900Unit 6 Pool Business Park Dudnance Lane Redruth TR15 3QW
COUNTRYCALL LTD4885699DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292003-09-036190019 Research Way Derriford Plymouth PL6 8BT
COX TELECOM LIMITED6927260DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142009-06-0861900C/O Cole Marie Partners Limited Priory House 45-51 High Street Reigate RH2 9AE
CP NETWORK & SERVICES UK LIMITED12081029DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-0258290 61100 62020 62090Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
CPC MARKETS LTD12501011DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-03-0558120 58290 61900 620122nd Floor College House 17 King Edwards Road Ruislip HA4 7AE
CPR4U LIMITED9885992DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202015-11-246120082 Heywood Street Manchester M8 0DT
CPW BROADBAND SERVICES (UK) LIMITED6016123DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222006-12-0161900Soapworks Ordsall Lane Salford M5 3TT
CPW UK GROUP LIMITED3819607DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-221999-08-0461900Soapworks Ordsall Lane Salford M5 3TT
CRAIG ROXBURGH CONSULTING LTD8943169DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132014-03-1761200Alma Park Woodway Lane Claybrooke Parva Lutterworth LE17 5FB
CRAIGROSSITER LIMITED11051778DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132017-11-0761900284 Havering Road Romford RM1 4TH
CRALC CONSULTANTS LTD8000957DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072012-03-22619009 Scribe Place Irlam Manchester M44 5GE
CRAWLEY'S COMMS LIMITED10594757DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302017-02-0161100Staffordshire House Beechdale Road Nottingham NG8 3FH
CRAZYEGG UK LIMITED11951912DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-176120027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
CREATIVE NETWORKING SOLUTION SERVICES LIMITED11891467DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052019-03-1961900 62090 63110 6399062 Langley Grove Sandridge St. Albans AL4 9DX
CRG TELECOM LIMITEDNI657861DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-12-186190030a Gortin Road C/O Mcelholm & Co Omagh BT79 7HX
CROFTON CONSULTING LTD8586625DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212013-06-2661900Crofton Pine Avenue Camberley GU15 2LY
CRONAN’S COMMUNICATION CONNECTIONS LTDSC625906DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-28619003 St. Annes Path Lasswade EH18 1DR
CRYSTAL METHODOLOGIES LIMITED11860558DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-056120064, Crown Court Crown Street Portsmouth PO1 1QW
CRYSTAL VEHICLE RENTAL LTD10764100DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122017-05-10612004 Titley Bawk Avenue Earls Barton Northampton NN6 0LA
CS INTERNATIONAL LTDSC658180DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052020-03-2446520 61900Unit 1/2 Atrium Business Centre North Caldeen Rd Coatbridge ML5 4EF
CS TELECOMS LTD12866450DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152020-09-086190018 Peebles Close Garswood Wigan WN4 0SP
CSAM U.K. LTDSC657980DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-03-2046520 61900Suite 2/3 Floor 2, 48 Clyde Offices West George St Glasgow G1 2BP
CSAO LTD12066064DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-2461900128 Bensham Lane Thornton Heath CR7 7ES
CSL NETWORKS LTDSC659248DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-04-1461100 61200 6202024 Kersebrock Place Larbert FK2 8ST
CSM TELECOMS LIMITED11099053DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212017-12-0661900150a Preston Old Road Blackpool FY3 9QP
CSUK WORLDWIDE LTDSC657976DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-03-2046520 6190048 West George Street Suite 2/2 Floor 2 Glasgow G2 1BP
CT COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED4642011DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-092003-01-2046180 47421 47429 619003 Greenhill Wirksworth Matlock DE4 4EN
CTI SOLUTIONS LIMITED4865790DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162003-08-1361900C/O Bankfield Financial Advisers Limited 1st Floor Rutland Centre 56 Halford Street Leicester LE1 1TQ
CTN COMMS LTD12662210DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-06-1161100Ben Cockerton 5 The Limes Horringer IP29 5SQ
CVA MOBILES LTD11941383DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-1146520 47190 47421 6190027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
CYBER G.R.C. LTD11969816DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282019-04-30619004 Morley Road Basingstoke RG21 3LR
CYBER SOLOUTION LTD12235361DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-09-3061100 61200 62020 6209010 Oakfield Avenue Slough SL1 5AE
CYFAS SYSTEMS LIMITED3495319DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-261998-01-2061200Exhibition House Davis Road Chessington KT9 1TT
CZAJA ENGINEERING LTD10968934DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162017-09-1861900Chocolate Factory 2 4 Coburg Road London N22 6UJ
D & E TRAINING AND INSPECTIONS LIMITED5944078DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212006-09-2261900182 Pontefract Road Cudworth Barnsley S72 8BE
D & H TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND DATA SERVICES LIMITED3820257DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-071999-08-0561100 61200 6190020 Linden Avenue Dartford Kent DA1 2RA
D BETHUNE LIMITED11839599DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-02-2161100Flat 20 Clarendon Road 20 Westpoint Apartments London N8 0DB
D C BROADBAND LIMITED10957690DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282017-09-1247429 61100 61200 620201, Upton House Belle Vue Lane Bude EX23 8BR
D.G. SOFTENERS LTD5812836DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262006-05-1035140 35230 36000 6110045 Robertson Street Hastings TN34 1HL
D.L. TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD.3459553DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-251997-11-0361900200 Drake Street Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1PJ
D.MUGFORD INSTALLATIONS LIMITED3991632DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302000-05-1261900Unit D1 Wagon Yard London Road Marlborough SN8 1LH
D&D TECH CONSULTING LTD11975667DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-05-02619007 Still Close Peterborough PE6 8JZ
D&D TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD11385945DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182018-05-2961200St Andrews House, 11 Dalton Court Commercial Road, Darwen Blackburn BB3 0DG
D1 COMMUNICATIONS LTD12088566DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-0661900Floor 2, Metropole Chambers Salubrious Passage Swansea SA1 3RT
DACA COMMUNICATIONS LTD11752116DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-01-0761100181-183 Station Lane Hornchurch RM12 6LL
DADOWIIK LTD7856304DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052011-11-2261900The Bootstrap The Print House 18 Ashwin Street London E8 3DL
DAILY TELECOMS LIMITED10539415DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-282016-12-2361100BEGBIES TRAYNOR 1 Old Hall Lane Liverpool L3 9HF
DALTON TELECOMS LIMITED8893352DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242014-02-136190022 Shawe Avenue Nuneaton CV10 0EL
DAMON IOT CONSULTING LIMITED11084537DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302017-11-27612004 Alan Cobham Road Devizes SN10 3GE
DANCHRIS CONSTRUCT LTD12707712DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062020-06-3043210 46520 61900 802007 Sun Square Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AW
DANEM SOLUTIONS LTD8721980DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052013-10-07619004 Stonefont Close, Walton, Liverpool Stonefont Close Walton Liverpool L9 1FB
DANGRACE SOLUTIONS LIMITED10295759DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112016-07-2661900The Byres Chelmsford Road High Ongar Ongar CM5 9NU
DANIEL ASHER SERVICES LTD12271695DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-10-2161100 6120025 Sonning Gardens Hampton TW12 3PL
DANISH COMPUTER SOLUTIONS LTD12707052DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-06-3059120 61900 62011 62090177 Wibsey Park Avenue Bradford BD6 3QJ
DANMARL LTD11115435DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202017-12-1861900Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
DANYCOMO UK LTD12534555DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-03-2561200 61300 619008-12 New Bridge Street London EC4V 6AL
DARTHUB INC LTD12316460DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-11-156120096 36 Newport Court London WC2H 7PS
DAS NETWORK SERVICES LTD11172662DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272018-01-2661100Lower Little Beili-Glas Farm Cwmavon Torfaen NP4 8XJ
DASH COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12472718DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-196110071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
DASHMOUNT LIMITED9428083DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222015-02-0961900Little Park Hill White Hill Lane Bletchingley Redhill RH1 4QY
DATA COMPLETE LIMITED4746607DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162003-04-28611004 Stewart Hall Gower Road Sketty Swansea SA2 0LZ
DATA DATA LTD10401220DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132016-09-2961100141 Whitehedge Road Garston Liverpool
DATA INTEGRATION LIMITED2767639DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-151992-11-2546900 61900 82990C/O TENEO RESTRUCTURING LIMITED 156 Great Charles Street Queensway Birmingham B3 3HN
DATA SINTEZ LTD11943479DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-1261900 62012 62020 63110Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
DATACOM TECHNOLOGY LTD6390312DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122007-10-04612007 Dale Close Thornton Watlass Ripon HG4 4BJ
DATACOMMS TRAINING LIMITED7482378DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182011-01-05619009 De Montfort Street Leicester LE1 7GE
DATASAT IT LIMITED10352634DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072016-08-31612004 High Street Shepperton TW17 9AW
DATASAT TECHNOLOGIES LTD7114596DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302009-12-3161200Brookmans Park Transmission Station Great North Road Brookmans Park Hatfield AL9 6NE
DATASERV NETWORKING LTD11233642DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-03-056110020 Woodmancote Dursley GL11 4AF
DAVID HALL TELECOMS CONSULTANCY LIMITED8766048DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212013-11-07619001 Haven Drive Droylsden Manchester M43 6LA
DAVIEHOUSTON LIMITEDSC337203DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202008-02-046190040 Machan Road Larkhall South Lanarkshire ML9 1HJ
DAVLIN RIGGING LIMITEDSC349225DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162008-09-29619005 Whitefriars Crescent Perth PH2 0PA
DAWUGUI LTD11911584DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-03-2861100 62020 62030 62090International House 12 Constance Street London E16 2DQ
DBS COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12534173DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-03-25611005 Beecher Drive Wakefield WF1 4FN
DC TECHNICAL SERVICES LTD13292086DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072021-03-2561100 61900 62030 6209071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
DC TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD12195588DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-096190019 Mullwood Close Liverpool L12 0DF
DCH TELECOMS LTD12725534DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-07-076190089 Canary Road Stoke-On-Trent ST2 0SS
DCOM GLOBAL LIMITED6741984DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202008-11-0547910 61900 6209028 Ellesmere Road Dollis Hill London NW10 1JR
DCR NETWORKS LIMITED12010390DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-226120049 William Heelas Way Wokingham RG40 1GL
DCTEC LTD12154616DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012019-08-1361900 62020 6209016 Ringlestone Crescent Maidstone ME14 2NE
DDCOMMS LTD10153109DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272016-04-2861200 61900Suite 1 Second Floor Everdene House Deansleigh Road Bournemouth BH7 7DU
DEBEN TELECOM LIMITED9159349DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262014-08-046190038 Low Road Debenham Stowmarket IP14 6QU
DEBRA GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED12553917DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142020-04-0906200 51210 55100 6190028 Leontine Close London SE15 1UQ
DEBT ADVICE GURU LTD11992186DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282019-05-1361900Floor 2 Room 6 Tradeforce Building Cornwall Pl Bradford BD8 7JT
DECK IT LTD12158549DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-1561900130 Old Street London EC1V 9BD
DECLAN MCCARTHY LIMITED12156571DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-14619007 Water Lane Farnborough GU14 8XQ
DEEP BLUE TELECOM LIMITED7157016DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162010-02-1561100Akula House Cromwell Business Park York Road Wetherby LS22 7SU
DEFATONE COMMUNICATIONS LTD9617952DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162015-06-0161900Lakeside, 710 Station Road Grendon NN7 1JB
DELIVERED SOLUTIONS LTD12340157DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-11-296190023 Hawthorn Road Bournemouth BH9 2QL
DELLIS COMMUNICATIONS LTD10535904DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112016-12-216110017 Drewry Lane Derby DE22 3QS
DELTA DEALS LIMITED12709646DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-0145320 47429 61900245 Whitechapel Road 1st Floor London E1 1DB
DELTA3 CSDF LIMITED11656112DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072018-11-0261900 62012 62020 620301st Floor 2 Woodberry Grove Finchley N12 0DR
DEMO TELECOMS LTD12305150DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072019-11-086190036 Rainbow Drive Liverpool L31 1BZ
DEN ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS LIMITED10799324DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142017-06-026190046 Lothian Avenue Hayes UB4 0EQ
DENNIS COMMUNICATIONS LTD9584166DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012015-05-11619002 St. Peters Way Ellington Huntingdon PE28 0AX
DENOUER LTD12624446DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-05-2761100 61200 6202071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
DENTON TELECOMS LTD11526949DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192018-08-20619006 Mount Street Harrogate HG2 8DQ
DEREK WOOD ASSOCIATES LTD.3426758DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-061997-08-2961900 7022975a Jacobs Wells Road Clifton Bristol BS8 1DJ
DESHNET LIMITED9340450DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182014-12-0461900C/O Barnard Sampson, Chartered Accountants, 3a Quay View Business Park Barnard's Way Lowestoft NR32 2HD
DEX TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD11712232DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-12-05619002 Maple Drive Aberdare CF44 8HE
DEXTER EVETT LIMITED11775731DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-01-1861900136a High Street Street BA16 0ER
DIAL VISTA LIMITED12339819DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-11-2961100 61200 61300 6190071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
DID TELECOM LIMITED11267000DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122018-03-2161900Office 9 70 Upper Richmond Road London SW15 2RP
DIGICOM INTERNATIONAL LTD12205200DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-09-136190023 Eros Crescent Stoke-On-Trent ST1 6RN
DIGITAL DEBT SETTLEMENTS LIMITED12274184DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-10-22619009th Floor Lyndon House 58-62 Hagley Road Birmingham B16 8PE
DIGITAL FABRIC LIMITED10530556DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072016-12-1761900 62090Hillside Forge Northlew Okehampton EX20 3NR
DIGITAL INTERNET SERVICES LTD10505632DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162016-12-016190018 Cranbrook Road Redland Bristol BS6 7BN
DIGITAL TELECOM AIRTIME LIMITED7147680DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162010-02-05619002 Thomas Holden Street Bolton
DIGITAL VISION SOLUTIONS LTD11709973DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302018-12-0461900 62090 7410060 Linden Lea Wolverhampton WV3 8BD
DIGITAL YIELDS LIMITED11565066DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-09-12612003 Burton Farm Close Burton Chippenham SN14 7PG
DIGITALIA CONSULTING LTD8261663DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162012-10-2261200South Dock Marina Rope Street M/V Great Jake London SE16 7SZ
DIGITELCO LTD7427373DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162010-11-026190011 Youngs Road Ilford IG2 7LF
DIRANE LTD.11753597DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142019-01-0760100 61100 61200 6209015 The Green Newton Burgoland Coalville LE67 2SS
DIRECT DATA SQUAD LIMITED10269073DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302016-07-08619006 North Road 2 Park Place Poole BH14 0LY
DIRECT FULFILMENT LIMITED8879063DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232014-02-0661900 86900Unit 203 Second Floor China House 401 Edgware Road London NW2 6GY
DITELGROUP LIMITED11657101DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-11-02619006 Buchan Court Dibden Purlieu Southampton SO45 5WU
DJ PARTNERS LTD12526386DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-03-1961900 8299012526386: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
DKN CONSULTING LIMITED6057914DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-292007-01-186190029 Lavenham Road Ipswich IP2 0JH
DL PUBLISHING LTD11406391DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062018-06-0861900255 Sandy Lane Droylesden M43 7UE
DLA TELECOMS UK LTD11786018DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-01-2461200 61900Apt 3 272 Aylestone Road Apt 3 Leicester LE2 7QT
DLD MARKETING LIMITED12651698DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092020-06-086120068 Sheffield Road Barnsley S70 1HS
DLL CONSULTING LIMITED9495828DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112015-03-186190067 Elm Road Leigh On Sea SS9 4HJ
DLM COMMS LIMITED12136603DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-026120026 Ladyburn Way Hadston Morpeth NE65 9RQ
DLS CONSULTANTS LTD9067636DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302014-06-03619007 Brookwood Avenue Sale M33 5BZ
DMA COMMUNICATIONS LTD12111436DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-07-186110014 Paton Road Sunderland SR3 1QR
DMBR NETWORKS LIMITEDNI656437DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262018-10-1761100 612004th Floor, Donegall House 7 Donegall Square North Belfast BT1 5GB
DME COMMUNICATIONS LTD11938246DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-04-1061900Teela Greenway Monkton Heathfield Taunton TA2 8NH
DOBRA TELECOM LTD12168469DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-216190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
DODMAN SYSTEMS LTDSC447953DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222013-04-186190042 Tollbraes Road Bathgate EH48 2SH
DOMAINTECH LIMITED3931095DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012000-02-22619007 Hallside Park Knutsford WA16 8NQ
DOMESTIC TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LTDSC623718DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-086190039 Napier Street Kirkcaldy KY1 3JX
DOMINION ACQUISITIONS LIMITED7707919DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062011-07-1846900 61900 62020 82990Flat 16 7 Heather Park Drive Wembley HA0 1SS
DOMINO SUPREME LTD12122637DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-256190082a Crown Station Place Liverpool L7 3LA
DORMANTTELCO1 LIMITED5313054DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142004-12-146190019 Research Way Derriford Plymouth PL6 8BT
DORMANTTELCO2 LIMITED12567226DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-04-216110019 Research Way Plymouth PL6 8BT
DOUGLAS LIFTING LTD12703289DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-2943999 61200110 Dobbins Road Barry CF63 2NP
DOWKER PROJECT SERVICES LTD7569402DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182011-03-1861900Tregarth House 33 Bodmin Road St. Austell PL25 5AE
DOWNSVIEW DIGITAL ONE LTD12268480DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-10-1760100 61900 6202012 Downsview Chatham ME5 0AR
DREDG LTD12473883DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-02-206190025 Gilwell Road Birmingham B34 7NN
DRIL GROUP LTD12465034DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-02-1443210 6190010 Stony Croft Stevenage SG1 3TN
DRIMBOX LTD11866551DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282019-03-0760200 61200 61900 63990146 Grosvenor Road 146 Grosvenor Road London SW1V 3JU
DRL COMMS DESIGN LIMITED6279152DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162007-06-146190038 Bradgate Road Hinckley LE10 1LA
DRONESERVE LIMITED12041845DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-06-1059111 61900Studio 210 134-146 Curtain Road London EC2A 3AR
DS CONTRACTS LTD11494243DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022018-08-0161100 61900 62090 70229Rowan House 7 West Bank Scarborough YO12 4DX
DS SEACOM LTD8482632DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262013-04-106120029 The Vale Kirk Ella Hull HU10 7PR
DSK TELECOMS LIMITED9238081DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122014-09-2961900163 Damson Lane Solihull B92 9JX
DUAL TONE LTD.12285504DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-10-2861900Po Unit 8115 PO BOX 6945 London W1A 6US
DUBTAP LTD11478886DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-07-2361200 62011 62090 932904qa Hawkers Lane Plymouth PL3 4QA
DUFFIELD DOT LTD11191432DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-02-0761200 61900 74100290 Moston Lane Manchester M40 9WB
DUTCH DATA LTD12873959DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042020-09-11611007 Cheshire Street Market Drayton TF9 1PD
DVM TELECOMS LTD11557385DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-09-076190050 Marbury Road Liverpool L32 0UF
DW NETWORKS LTD12394782DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-096110016 Asbridge Street Toxteth Liverpool L8 0UQ
DW SERVICES LTD9515026DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112015-03-2759112 6120018 Crossways Colne Engaine Colchester CO6 2JA
DW TELECOMS & CCTV LTD11447776DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202018-07-04611007 Lingwell Park Widnes WA8 9YP
DWDM SOLUTIONS LTD11800142DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112019-01-3161100 61200 6190017 The Chatham Thorn Walk Reading RG1 7BJ
DYLEWICZ CONSULTING LIMITED10799967DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022017-06-0261900Flat4,118-120 Cherry Tree Street Hoyland Barnsley S74 9RG
DYNAMIC CABLING LTD12790731DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292020-08-0461100 61200 61300 61900496 Kingswood Road Nuneaton CV10 8QQ
E MILL LIMITED5057418DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282004-02-2761200The Dairy House, Moneyrow Green Holyport Maidenhead SL4 2ND
E-TECHNOLOGY SECURITY LTD8854602DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142014-01-2146520 61900 62090 96090Docklands Business Centre Suite 12/3d 10-16 Tiller Road, Docklands London E14 8PX
E. N. TAYLOR LTD11529176DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142018-08-2161100 612008 Wade Street Littleover Derby DE23 6BH
E164 LIMITED6982841DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232009-08-0661900276 Ewell Road Surbiton KT6 7AG
EA TV LIMITED11631946DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-10-196190021 Whitworth Street London SE10 9EL
EARTEC (UK) LIMITED3816412DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-061999-07-2961900Unit 2, Heathrow Interchange Bullsbrook Road Hayes UB4 0JR
EASTERN FINTECH LTD12427652DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032020-01-2761200 61900 64999 6630027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
EASYCOM SOLUTIONS LTD7474721DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302010-12-2161200295b Moston Lane Manchester M40 9WJ
EAZY TALK LTDSC651005DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-0961900272 Bath Street Glasgow G2 4JR
EBA GROUP ETONDE AND BROTHERS ACCESS GROUP LTD11672298DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062018-11-1207290 36000 42990 6190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
EBRO COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED7637751DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072011-05-176190076 Lostwithiel Street Fowey PL23 1BQ
ECO ISP LTD12536973DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-03-2761100 6120021 Ffos Y Cerridden Nelson Treharris CF46 6HQ
ECO TRADE SERVICE LIMITED11964068DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-2547910 61900 64999 96090Studio No16, 138 Marylebone Road London NW1 5PH
ECOR SERVICES LIMITEDSC614074DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152018-11-2061200 61300 62020 783006 & 7 Queens Terrace Aberdeen AB10 1XL
ECSH SERVICES LTD7844513DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012011-11-1161200200 Grange Drive Stratton - St - Margaret Swindon SN3 4JZ
ED MESKAUSKAS LTD8116095DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012012-06-22619002 Appleford Road Reading RG30 3NY
EDUTEL LIMITED11571657DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-09-1761100Van Gogh House 158-160 Twickenham Road Isleworth TW7 7DL
EFFBEE TELECOMS LTD12544614DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-0261100 61200 6190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
EFFECTIVE TELECOMS LIMITED5192506DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022004-07-2961900 62020Cass Tem Uk Ltd Belvedere House Basing View Basingstoke RG21 4HG
EFI INDUSTRIES LIMITED12616714DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262020-05-21612002 Calder, Barkisland Mill Beestonley Lane Halifax HX4 0HG
EGWEB LIMITED9341892DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182014-12-0461900C/O Barnard Sampson, Chartered Accountants, 3a Quay View Business Park Barnard's Way Lowestoft NR32 2HD
EHCM IT LTD12622580DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-05-2661900 62090107 Shelley Crescent Hounslow TW5 9BH
EKTONIC LTD12306595DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-11-086190056 Castleton Court Denton Manchester M34 7NX
ELAPSECO LTD8415299DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162013-02-2261900 6201210 Upper Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells, 10 Upper Grosvenor Road Tunbridge Wells TN1 2EP
ELECTR0 W4RP LTD12778168DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-07-2961100 62012 62090 9511010 Beechwood Gardens Ilford IG5 0AE
ELECTRICAL TEST AND CERTIFICATION UK LIMITED9008004DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072014-04-23619008 Victoria Street Tottington Bury BL8 4AG
ELECTRON NETWORKS LTD.11951989DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-176110011951989: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
ELECTRONICS CENTER LIMITED12574838DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-2861100Flat 3 2 Campbell Street Keighley BD21 2SR
ELECTRONICS PART XCHANGE LTD.8715022DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162013-10-02619009 Palace Parade Palace Parade High Street London E17 7BU
ELEPHANT CALL MANAGEMENT LIMITED9265804DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052014-10-1561100 61200 619004th Floor - 9-13 Cursitor Street London EC4A 1LL
ELIZABETH MARS LIMITED10218943DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162016-06-076190092 Leigh Gardens Kensal Rise London NW10 5HP
ELLCOMMS LIMITED12448663DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172020-02-076190071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
ELLE & ESSE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12073352DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-276110069 Whitecross Road Whitecross Warrington WA5 1LR
ELLIOTT'S DIGITAL SOLUTIONS LTD12163344DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-1961100 61300 61900 85590Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
ELLIS PARTNERSHIP LIMITEDSC196633DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-121999-05-266190010 Newmiln Road Perth PH1 1QY
ELLWOOD ENTERPRISES LTD11023260DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302017-10-2043210 61900Unit 14a Waterside Business Park Livingstone Road Hessle HU13 0EG
ELN ASSETS LTD12064265DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-2161900 62012 62020 96090Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
ELTECOM LIMITED7402418DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112010-10-116120071 Newcastle Road Leek ST13 5RT
ELTELCO LIMITED5779102DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152006-04-12619001 High Street Sheerness ME12 1NY
EMBERCOURT LIMITED10662979DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012017-03-106190015 Ivar Gardens Lychpit Basingstoke RG24 8YD
EMERGENCY SERVICE CONSULTANCY LTD12704775DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-29619001 Ash Close Hessle HU13 0LL
EMMA JONES MEDIA LIMITED8932886DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242014-03-116190045 Orchard Road Twickenham TW1 1LX
EMT PROJECT SERVICES LTD.9951977DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152016-01-146190019 Severn Grove Skelton-In-Cleveland Saltburn-By-The-Sea TS12 2LU
END TIMES MEDIA LTD11857727DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-03-0461900Bramerton Business Centre Bramerton Road Hockley SS5 4PJ
ENERGY TRADEX LIMITED8328201DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242012-12-1235230 52290 61900 9609014 Butler Street West Bradford BD3 0BG
ENERGYHELPLINE BUSINESS LIMITED7623927DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162011-05-0561900The Cart Wagon Lodge Friday Street Farm East Sutton Maidstone ME17 3DD
ENGAGE COMMUNICATIONS GROUP LIMITED12164519DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032019-08-1961900Lyndon House 12th Floor 58-62 Hagley Road Birmingham B16 8PE
ENIGRAT LTD12003277DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282019-05-176190062 Temple Hill Square Dartford DA1 5HZ
ENOVTEC LTD12618571DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262020-05-2258190 58210 58290 6190073 Guild Street London SE17 2AD
ENTERTAINMENT AND MARKETING LTD12308031DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-11-1161900 62090 63110 93290Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
ENVIROCOL LIMITED9199420DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302014-09-026190071 Queen Victoria Street London EC4V 4BE
ENVY FIBRE LTD10660057DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242017-03-0842220 46130 46190 6190010660057: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
EQUATION SYSTEMS LTD11835613DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-02-196190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
EQUIINET LIMITED8186172DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302012-08-2161900460 Killinghall Road Bradford BD2 4SL
ESN HOLDING LTD11882764DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-1461200 62012 62020 6312071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
ESSENTIAL CABLE LTD12532864DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-03-246110023 Old School Lane Creswell Worksop S80 4BY
ESTONET LIMITED9339611DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182014-12-0361900Barnard Sampson, Chartered Accountants, 3a Quay View Business Park Barnard's Way Lowestoft NR32 2HD
ETC PROPERTIES LTD11085564DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062017-11-2843210 61100 77400 980002 Harwood Road East Hagbourne Didcot OX11 9LX
ETHICALL COMMUNICATIONS LTD12507047DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202020-03-1047421 47429 61100 61900101 Skipton Old Road Colne BB8 7AE
ETIHAD GLOBAL LIMITED11703233DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282018-11-2946900 61900Aston Court Kingsmead Business Park Frederick Place High Wycombe HP11 1JU
ETSI NASH LIMITED10624179DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042017-02-1661900 62020 78109 811001 Henry Villa Close Colchester CO4 5XP
EU REPAIR HUB LTD12429999DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132020-01-2861900Apollo Centre Desborough Road High Wycombe HP11 2QW
EU TELECOMMUNICATIONS NI LIMITEDNI679264DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072021-05-1461900Regus 3rd Floor, Arnott House 12-16 Bridge Street Belfast BT1 1LU
EURO COMMS CC LIMITED10156383DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192016-04-296110043 Laburnum Avenue Huyton Liverpool L36 5UE
EURO COMMUNICATIONS DISTRIBUTION EU LIMITED10120811DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232016-04-1361200Units 3-5, Wednesfield Business Park Waddens Brook Lane Wolverhampton WV11 3SF
EURO COMMUNICATIONS DISTRIBUTION UK LIMITED10138860DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282016-04-2161200Units 3-5, Wednesfield Business Park Waddens Brook Lane Wolverhampton WV11 3SF
EURODEXX LTD7546889DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-302011-03-0161900Saxon House Saxon Way Cheltenham GL52 6QX
EVE'S RESOURCES LTDSC367231DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142009-10-216190015 Moira Terrace Edinburgh EH7 6PY
EVEN BETTER IF LTD12116444DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142019-07-236190040 Hudson Apartments Chadwell Lane London N8 7RW
EVENT RADIO RENTALS LTD12521478DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-03-176120012521478: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
EVERCONN TELECOM LTD11925440DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-04-0461900Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
EVERYDAY TELECOM LIMITED8704456DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062013-09-246110094 Westlea Avenue Watford WD25 9DL
EVM SERVICES LTD.12737755DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-07-1347260 49390 61900 8122271-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
EVOL LIMITED7310394DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282010-07-0961200C/O B M Cooper & Co. Limited 88 Wood Lane Dagenham RM9 5SL
EWI GLOBAL LTDSC364456DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122009-08-24612003 Queen Street Edinburgh EH2 1JE
EXAFLOPS LTD10351778DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072016-08-3161900 62012 62020 6312027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
EXCELSIOR TELECOM SERVICES LIMITED10273909DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302016-07-1261200101 Sir Hiltons Road Birmingham B31 3NN
EXELTEL MOBILE LTD12694512DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-06-2461900Hyde Park House Cartwright Street Hyde SK14 4EH
EXPO2 LIMITED7156295DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-222010-02-1261100Unit 2 Railway Court Ten Pound Walk Doncaster DN4 5FB
EXUSIA LTD10833064DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082017-06-236190038b Cambridge Avenue Cambridge Avenue London NW6 5BA
EXYN AI LTD12154548DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-1361100 61200 61300 6201210 Manor Street Nelson BB9 0TR
EZE HOME LIMITED9804161DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192015-10-0161900The Bromley Centre, Bromley Road, Congleton, Bromley Road Congleton CW12 1PT
F QUINNS SALES AND PROMOTIONS LTD11222003DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012018-02-2347990 619004 Winchester Close Winchester Close Hagley Stourbridge DY9 0PW
F&J SERVICES LTD12656627DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-06-0961900Unit 13 Freeland Park Wareham Road Lytchett Matravers Poole BH16 6FA
F9 TECH LTD12308897DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-11-116190021 Vincent Road Isleworth London TW7 4LT
FABLOOMS LIMITED11136871DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072018-01-0843210 6190078 Canterbury Grove London SE27 0PA
FAIR ISAAC (ADEPTRA) LIMITED3295455DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-311996-12-2061900 62090 63110Fico House International Square, Starley Way Birmingham B37 7GN
FAIRBURN TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD5610751DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-02-282005-11-0261200The Coach House Cross Streets Austwick Lancaster LA2 8DB
FAIRFIELD STOCKMAN LIMITED3713156DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-161999-02-1261200 6190051 Fairfield Road Old Fletton Peterborough PE2 8BD
FANFONE ENTERPRISE LTD12569668DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-04-2361900Kemp House 152-160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
FARETECH LIMITED8392536DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192013-02-076110010 Wyndham Road Salisbury SP1 3AA
FARNAN OFFSHORE LIMITED11900164DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-2261900Flat 4 1-3 Scotchbarn Lane Prescot Prescot L34 5SA
FARRAN CONSULTANCY LIMITED7092863DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162009-12-026120018 Bramley Green Road Bramley Tadley RG26 5UE
FASNACHT LIMITED12342223DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212019-12-026120027 Carlisle Road Southport PR8 4DJ
FAST COMMS LIMITED12361168DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-12-126110076-80 Baddow Road Chelmsford CM2 7PJ
FAST CONNECT COMMUNICATIONS LTD12619452DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262020-05-2261100 6120016 Glaisdale Road Hall Green Birmingham B28 8PX
FAST FIBRE ISP LTD12412879DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252020-01-2061100 61200 619003 Gower Street London WC1E 6HA
FAST FIBRE ISP LTD12412879DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252020-01-2061100 61200 619003 Gower Street London WC1E 6HA
FAST TELECOM LTD12375851DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-12-236190057 Trafalgar Square London WC2N 5DU
FAST-TRAK VEHICLES LTD.9004728DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132014-04-22619004 Clos Cyncoed Caerphilly CF83 2BX
FASTER BROADBAND LTD11507343DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-08-0861200Hampden House 76 Durham Road London SW20 0TL
FAX TO EMAIL LIMITED7456007DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042010-12-0161900Unit 118, Devonshire House Aviary Court Wade Road Basingstoke RG24 8PE
FAX TO MAIL LIMITED7456008DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042010-12-0161900Unit 118, Devonshire House Aviary Court Wade Road Basingstoke RG24 8PE
FAX2EMAIL LIMITED7453445DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042010-11-2961200Unit 118, Devonshire House Aviary Court Wade Road Basingstoke RG24 8PE
FAXMAIL LIMITED7453504DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042010-11-2961900Unit 118, Devonshire House Aviary Court Wade Road Basingstoke RG24 8PE
FB CYBERSOLUTIONS LTD12329156DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-11-2261200 9512060a Peel Square Bradford BD8 7QT
FEDREX LTD12059615DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-196190037 Logwood Street Blackburn BD1 9TU
FERROCARRIL LTD12010660DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-05-22611009 Lowgate Avenue Bicker Boston PE20 3DF
FEURICHER LIMITED11566281DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-09-1361900591 London Road Cheam Sutton SM3 9AG
FHJ CONSULTANCY LTD11460078DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282018-07-116190016 The Avenue Spinney Hill Northampton NN3 6BA
FIBERCITY DAVENPORT LIMITED6673756DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132008-08-15611002 Mile Oak Maesbury Road Oswestry SY10 8GA
FIBRE AND CABLING SOLUTIONS LTD12193510DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-0642220 6190020 Swanton Close Stubbington Fareham PO14 2HZ
FIBRE FOR MAYFAIR LIMITED11570515DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282018-09-146110057 Berkeley Square Lansdowne House London W1J 6ER
FIBRE FORCE LTD12039812DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242019-06-076190014 Harvester Way Crowland Peterborough PE6 0DA
FIBRE OPTIX LTD12746365DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-07-156190053 Tennyson Avenue Dunstable LU5 5UQ
FIBRE SURVEYORS LIMITED11815641DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282019-02-086190021 Mere Fold Worsley Manchester M28 0SX
FIBRE WEB LTD11431477DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-06-256110016 Broad Street Eye IP23 7AF
FIBRECITY CORALVILLE LIMITED9451375DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042015-02-20619002 Mile Oak Industrial Estate Maesbury Road Oswestry SY10 8GA
FIBRECITY FULLERTON LIMITED9451422DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042015-02-20619002 Mile Oak Industrial Estate Maesbury Road Oswestry SY10 8GA
FIBRECITY LOUISVILLE LIMITED9441211DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042015-02-16619002 Mile Oak Industrial Estate Maesbury Road Oswestry SY10 8GA
FIBRECITY PACIFIC GROVE LIMITED9440510DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042015-02-16619002 Maesbury Road Oswestry SY10 8GA
FIBRELINK LIMITED8147949DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302012-07-186190012 High Street Stanford-Le-Hope SS17 0EY
FIBRENETIC LTD12406890DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272020-01-16611001 Farm Close Edenthorpe Doncaster DN3 2LH
FIBRETOUCH LTD12210048DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-1661100 61300 62020 62090Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
FIBREWE LTD12620966DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-05-266110071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
FIDELIS PROJECTS LIMITED8262976DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262012-10-2245112 61200 620904 Cromer Avenue Basildon SS15 6HS
FIELDSTARS LIMITED6711797DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242008-09-30612002nd Floor Stanford Gate South Road Brighton BN1 6SB
FIMOS LTD8835353DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162014-01-0761100 6120020 Whitehills Green Goring Reading RG8 0EB
FIMSS LIMITED11014412DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202017-10-1661900157c Galaxie Lodge 155-159 High Road Benfleet SS7 5HY
FINANCES AND LAW SOLUTIONS LTD12105222DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-07-1661900 62020 6209071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
FINNIGAN FINANCIAL LTD11400114DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-06-066190047 Antrim Street Liverpool L13 8DE
FIRST CHOICE IT SOLUTIONS LIMITED10626272DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112017-02-1761100 6120019 Calder Avenue Sale Manchester M22 4AX
FIRST CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES LTD11997448DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-1561200Lytchett House 13 Freeland Park Wareham Road Poole BH16 6FA
FIRST SWISS DATA LTD12585379DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-05-0461200 61900 63110 6312027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
FIRST SWISS DEPOSITORY LONDON LTD12600826DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-05-1358210 61200 6190031 Despard Road Archway London N19 5NP
FIRST SWISS TELECOM LTD12585389DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-05-0459200 61100 61200 6130027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
FIRST TELECOM LIMITED11433214DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-06-2661200Piper House 4 Dukes Court Bognor Road Chichester PO19 8FX
FIS NETWORKS LTD12781742DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-07-3058290 61900 62030 63110Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
FIVE SIX STRUCTURED COMMUNICATIONS CABLING LTD12274997DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-10-226110043 Station Street Tipton DY4 8UB
FJG LIMITED11943914DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-126120011 Roundhey Heald Green Cheadle SK8 3JP
FL CUSTOMER CARE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12001694DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212019-05-17619004 Churchill Way Grimsby DN32 9EZ
FLAMINGO CONNECT LTD13429050DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212021-05-3161100 619001 George Williams Way Colchester CO1 2JS
FLASH200 LTD12705294DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-06-306190062 Vittoria Street Birkenhead CH41 3NX
FLEET SIMPLICITY LTDNI603225DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072010-05-2147429 61900248 Upper Newtownards Road Belfast BT4 3EU
FLEXI COMMUNICATIONS LTD12283493DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242019-10-286110041 Cotehele Avenue Plymouth PL2 1LU
FLEXIBLE JOBS LTD12631413DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-05-2961200 62030 73110 7810970 Dovey Road Birmingham B13 9NS
FLEXISIMS LIMITED12585999DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-05-0561900Charter Buildings Ashton Lane Sale M33 6WT
FLEXITELECOM LTD10167109DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022016-05-066190011a Corelli Street Newport NP19 7AR
FLEXONT LTD11680471DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062018-11-1561900Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
FLICK IT ELECTRICAL LIMITED12606807DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-05-1861900Apartment 14 Ty Clarence Pontypool NP4 6LG
FLONET LTD9783615DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282015-09-1861100291 Hitchin Road Luton LU2 7SL
FLOWOPTIC GROUP LTD12102862DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-07-1561100 62090 63110 63120Scott House Flat 2 Queens Road West London E13 0RU
FLUIDBB LTD12213356DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022019-09-1861100 61200 6190065 Garnet Grove Leeds LS11 5JU
FLY HD INTERNATIONAL LTD11904199DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-2561900Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
FLYQL LTD12317458DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-11-1561900 62012 6202020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
FM FINANCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICES LTDSC528274DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032016-03-0161100 61300 62090 6920118 Duff Drive Oldmeldrum Inverurie AB51 0GW
FM MOBILE UK LTD12308223DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-11-1161900Craven House, Ground Floor 40-44 Uxbridge Road London W5 2BS
FNS SOLUTIONS LTD10871960DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052017-07-1861200600 Basing Stoke Road Reading RG2 0DF
FOLLY'S HOLDING LIMITED10938667DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212017-08-3061900 64991Flat 709,Ropeworks Cutmore 1 Arboretum Place Barking IG11 7GT
FONE REHAB LTD11906233DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-03-2647421 6190025 Portree Street London E14 0HU
FORENSIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES LIMITED2767103DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-211992-11-24619005th Floor Grove House 248a Marylebone Road London NW1 6BB
FORETEK LIMITED11704770DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292018-11-3046520 47429 61200 620208 Gillfield House 1 Elm Gardens Sheffield S10 5AB
FOREVER WIRELESS LTD12026618DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-05-31619001 College Yard 56 Winchester Avenue London NW6 7UA
FORUM TELECOM (UK) LIMITED8360120DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052013-01-156120059 Carlyon Anenue Harrow Middleasex HA2 8ST
FORWARD TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATIONS, AND TEACHING LTD11902921DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-03-2561100 62030 63990Suite 2a Blackthorn House St. Pauls Square Birmingham B3 1RL
FORWARD TELECOM LIMITED4050961DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022000-08-106190045 Almsford Oval Harrogate HG2 8EJ
FOURTEEN STARS PRODUCTION LTD11418203DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202018-06-1560100 61100335 Commonside East Mitcham CR14 1HE
FOX GROUP UTILITIES LTD11834421DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-02-196190023a Gisburn Road Hessle HU13 9HZ
FRANCESCO TELECOM LTD13003083DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062020-11-066190035 Caroline Close West Drayton UB7 7LF
FRANCISCOTECH LIMITED12097422DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-07-1161100 61200 7820030 Churchill Road Woolwich London SE18 5NB
FRANZ NORD LTD12604648DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012020-05-156190012604648: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
FRASCOM LIMITEDSC576747DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052017-09-2043210 6110012 Howburn Place Aberdeen AB11 6XX
FREEDOMPOP EU LIMITED9678188DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122015-07-096120016 Great Queen Street Covent Garden London WC2B 5AH
FREERADAR LTD11601412DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062018-10-0361900 63110 63120 639904 North Fen Morton Bourne PE10 0XJ
FREQUENCIER LIMITED11690767DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-11-226120028 Park Road Ipswich IP1 3SU
FRESH-IT LTD11418370DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-02-162018-06-1561900Tugby Orchards Wood Lane Tugby LE7 9WE
FREYA NETWORKS LTD9397918DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262015-01-20611003 Northwick Close Worcester WR3 7EF
FRIEND PHONE FIXER LTD11379996DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-05-2461900116 Church Street Eccles Manchester M30 0LS
FROMATOUR LIMITED11114333DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302017-12-1561100 9511018e Highcroft Villas Brighton BN1 5PS
FRONTIER SURVEYING LTD12811473DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-08-1361100Studio 210 134-146 Curtain Road London EC2A 3AR
FUSIONFINITY LTD12221331DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172019-09-2361200 62090 7220018a 18a Herriotts Lane Wellingborough NN8 4PU
FUTURE LIFESTYLES NETWORK LTD12208984DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022019-09-1661900Flat 1 40 Hertford Street Birmingham B12 8NH
FUTURE NETWORKS SOLUTIONS LTD12412975DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272020-01-206110084 Manor Road Marston Moretaine Bedford MK43 0PD
FUTURE OFFICE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED7100100DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222009-12-0961900Soapworks Ordsall Lane Salford M5 3TT
FUTUREGEN COMMUNICATION LIMITED9135977DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012014-07-176190024a Crown Street Brentwood CM14 4BA
FUTUREPROOF NETWORK SOLUTIONS LTD12567926DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142020-04-2261100 61200 6202071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
FUTUREWARE IT CONSULTANCY LTD12351125DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-0561900 62012 62020 6209017 Green Lanes London N16 9BS
FVS TECH AND SOLUTIONS LTD11886744DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-1861900 62020 63990 96090Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
FVV LTD10729062DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182017-04-1950200 61200 7990971-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
FYLDE CONSULTING LIMITED12780355DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-07-3061200 61900 62020 620301 Lamaleach Drive Freckleton Preston PR4 1AJ
FYSR LTD12580888DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-3061900 62090 63110 63990Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
G AND V TECHNOLOGIES LTD12356789DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252019-12-1061900 62090 66220100 Terry Gardens Kesgrave Ipswich IP5 2DR
G SPARK LTD11623142DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-10-156190039 Ivy Farm Drive Little Neston Ivy Farm Drive Little Neston Neston CH64 4EQ
G W COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12232133DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-09-276190022 Harbern Close Liverpool L12 8SR
G-TECH SYSTEMS LTD12272315DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072019-10-2133130 61900 6201274 Fernbrook Drive Harrow HA2 7ED
G.A.W COMMS AND SERVICES LTD11804428DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-02-0461200105 Knightsbridge Road Solihull B92 8RB
G.HARRIS LTDSC446706DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052013-04-046190011a Comely Green Place Abbeyhill Edinburgh EH7 5SY
G1880 LTD9966745DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102016-01-2561900First Floor, Telecom House 125-135 Preston Road Brighton BN1 6AF
G2J.COM UK LTD6482199DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062008-01-2461900C/O Pramex International Ltd 8th Floor South 11 Old Jewry London EC2R 8DU
G35 LTDNI622454DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042014-01-2361900Falconer Stewart Chartered Accountants 248 Upper Newtownards Road Belfast BT4 3EU
G40 CONSULTANCY LTDNI658164DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-01-0861900248 Upper Newtownards Road Belfast BT4 3EU
GA WHITTAKER LTD11854707DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-03-01619008 Berry Street Greenfield Oldham OL3 7EF
GABI CONSTRUCTION UK LTDSC615286DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-312018-12-03619008 Barbadoes Road Flat 1/2 Kilmarnock KA1 1SY
GABRIQUE LIMITED3315814DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-241997-02-10611001 Edward Road Shaw Oldham OL2 7EZ
GADGET WEB LTD12006324DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-206190071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
GAIA TECH LTD12329714DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-11-2261200 62020 62030 62090Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
GALCOM UK LTD6663940DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162008-08-0461200150 Kings Avenue London SW12 0BA
GALLACHER AND WHYTE LIMITED12241518DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-10-0361100Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
GALLIFORD TRY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED5410518DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302005-04-0161900Blake House 3 Frayswater Place Cowley Uxbridge UB8 2AD
GALLIFORD TRY TELECOMS LIMITED10772663DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212017-05-1661100 61200Blake House 3 Frayswater Place Cowley Uxbridge UB8 2AD
GAMEANDTECH LIMITED11978675DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-05-0347650 61900 7311043 The Birches Crawley RH10 1RN
GARCIA SERVICES LTD12066919DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282019-06-2461900International House 12 Constance Street London E16 2DQ
GARCUR LTD12240332DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212019-10-02619009 Whalley Avenue Urmston Manchester M41 0QL
GATWAY DATA LTD12279013DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072019-10-246110034 Second Avenue Canvey Island SS8 9LL
GAUSS TELECOM LTD12186167DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-0361200 63110Unit 54007, Ground Floor, 30 Bloomsbury Street, London, WC1B 3QJ
GAZZOLA TELECOMS LIMITED6378332DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302007-09-2161900Rear Entrance 145-147 Hatfield Road St. Albans AL1 4JY
GB NETWORK SERVICES LTD12364591DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-12-1661100 61200 619002 Library Close Rotherham S61 4HR
GB TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTDSC547283DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082016-10-0761900Swire House Souter Head Road Altens Industrial Estate Aberdeen AB12 3LF
GB UK TELECOM LTD12399702DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202020-01-1333190 61900 62090 9511033 Payne Close London Barking IG11 9PL
GC DESIGN SOLUTIONS (SCOTLAND) LIMITEDSC611237DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-10-186190050 Wellington Street Suite 401-404 Glasgow G2 6HJ
GC PAN EUROPEAN CROSSING UK LIMITED3618729DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-311998-08-2061100 61900260-266 Goswell Road London EC1V 7EB
GCL COMMS LTD11877165DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272019-03-126190011 Cae Ffynnon Brackla Bridgend CF31 2HG
GCT CONSULTANCY LIMITED12124287DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-07-266190019 Hamfield Drive Hayling Island PO11 0DB
GD CABLING LIMITED12097799DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-07-116110041 Halton Drive Wideopen Newcastle Upon Tyne NE13 6AB
GEA COMMUNICATIONS LIMITEDSC616943DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272018-12-27619002 Nobles Place Bellshill ML4 3AR
GEANT LIMITED2806796DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-221993-03-30619001 More London Place London SE1 2AF
GEMINI BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LIMITED11910281DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-03-2846180 61900237 Gisburn Road Barnoldswick BB18 5LG
GEN-X COMMUNICATIONS & IT INNOVATIONS LTD.10782800DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232017-05-2247410 61900 62090 95110Flat 4 Cleveland Court Cleveland Road Torquay TQ2 5BE
GENERAL LEGAL LTD12601970DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-05-146110068 Sheffield Road Barnsley S70 1HS
GENERATION MOBILE LIMITED5556395DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232005-09-0761900C.O Cobalt Accountancy Ltd Forest Lodge Forest Road Pyrford GU22 8NA
GENERATIONPC LTD11907836DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-03-2743210 43999 47410 6120015 Miles Row Weston-Super-Mare BS24 8BW
GENETIC DIAMONDS LTD11672063DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062018-11-1201250 58110 61900 9604020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
GENEX COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12021638DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-296120020 Progress Street Darwen BB3 2DT
GENIENG COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED10674288DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252017-03-16619006 Ritherdon Road London SW17 8QD
GEOCOMMS LIMITED7760775DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302011-09-0261900Jubilee House East Beach Lytham St. Annes FY8 5FT
GEODATA SYSTEMS LIMITED4369955DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012002-02-0861900Avenuehq 17 Mann Island Liverpool L3 1BP
GEORGILEY JOINTERS LTD11973344DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-05-0161900185 Viridian Square Aylesbury HP21 7FZ
GET CABLED LIMITED11832500DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-02-1842220 61900114 Birchanger Road London SE25 5BQ
GEXIN LTD12243755DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-10-0461100 61200 62012 620202 Frederick Street Kings Cross London WC1X 0ND
GFG COMMUNICATIONS LTD11522971DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072018-08-1761900196 Franklin Road Birmingham B30 2HE
GH COMMS LIMITEDSC596806DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122018-05-1061900109 Hardridge Road Glasgow G52 1RN
GHEORGHESANDU LIMITED12839484DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062020-08-26611001 Vane Close Harrow HA3 9XD
GIGA SPEED LTD11914289DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-03-296110096 Eastern Avenue Peterborough PE1 4PW
GIGABIT PLUS LIMITED10021321DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272016-02-236120018 Old Barn Mews Basingstoke RG24 9EU
GIGAEX LIMITED12133169DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-08-0161900 62090 63120 63990Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
GIGALINK LTD11172643DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-202018-01-2661900International House 776-778 Barking Road London E13 9PJ
GILLOMEDIA LTD.12473208DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-2061900Mercator House New Road Evx Herstmonceux BN27 1PX
GJE COMMUNICATIONS LTD10647960DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082017-03-026190049 Tom Joyce Close Snodland ME6 5BU
GJM NEWPORT LTD12279345DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-10-246110011 Brookfield Close Newport NP19 4LA
GLOBAL BILLING LIMITED9208140DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162014-09-0861900Suite 3 91 Mayflower Street Plymouth PL1 1SB
GLOBAL BRIDGE COMMUNICATION PVT LTD12793925DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-08-0561200554 Katherine Road London E7 8EA
GLOBAL COM INTERNATIONAL LTD12065720DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-2461200 61300 6190027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING LIMITED11849169DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-02-27612002 Field View Whitwick Coalville LE67 5DR
GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS LONDON LIMITED7214806DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122010-04-0761900413 Lea Bridge Road London E10 7EA
GLOBAL CONNECT WIFI LTD10644434DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222017-03-016120013 Trinity Square Llandudno LL30 2RB
GLOBAL DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING LTD12005561DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-2045112 47910 61100 8220020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE TECHNOLOGIES LTD13441683DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022021-06-0761900Studio 210 134-146 Curtain Road London EC2A 3AR
GLOBAL MESSAGES SERVICES LTD11143253DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242018-01-10619005a St. James Street Dover CT16 1QD
GLOBAL NETWORKS CORPORATION LTD7157191DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242010-02-1561200Croft Cottage Lydiate Lane Lynton EX35 6HE
GLOBAL SMS LTD.12578003DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-2961900Suite 5 Dominion House 91 Dunsmure Road London N16 5HT
GLOBALER ZAHLUNGSSERVICE LTD11855434DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-03-0158190 61200 6201271-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
GLOBALNETSALES LTD12361389DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-1246439 46520 6190024 Regent Place Office 1 Izabella House Birmingham B1 3NJ
GLOBALTEC SOLUTIONS LTD8207247DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302012-09-1061900 62012 62020Cariocca Business Park 2 Sawley Road Manchester M40 8BB
GLOCONNECT TELECOMMUNICATIONS INCORPORATED LIMITED11379784DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-05-2461100 61200 62090Trevor Cottage The Green Horsted Keynes Haywards Heath RH17 7AW
GLORSON LTD8112602DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072012-06-206190029 Park Road Ipswich IP1 3SX
GLYNN EDWARDS LIMITED11299411DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-04-096190032 Sussex Drive Chatham ME5 0NP
GM AIRFIBRE LTD12183460DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-02619009 Stoughton Road Oadby Leicester LE2 4DS
GMP TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES LIMITED4866894DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062003-08-1461900112 Urmston Lane Stretford Manchester M32 9BQ
GO2 COMMS LIMITED12568433DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-04-2261100 61900 62020 62030Unit 2 Daleside House Park Road East Calverton NG14 6LL
GO4 COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED8916362DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132014-02-2861900Building No 5 Crossford Court Dane Road Sale M33 7BZ
GODFREY DE MARIVAL LTD12060077DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022019-06-1961200 62012 6311022 Notting Hill Gate Kensington W11 3JE
GODWIN COMMUNICATIONS LTD6330964DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202007-08-0161900Unit 1, Freemantle Business Centre, 152 Millbrook Road East Southampton SO15 1JR
GOHAR MOBILITY LIMITED5585714DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092005-10-0661900Tenby Place, 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
GOL CONSTRUCTION LTD11947916DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-156110013 Dart Road Bettws Newport NP20 7BT
GOLIVE.SO LTD12548990DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-04-0661900Merlin, Flat 6a The Concourse London NW9 5XP
GONZANET LIMITED11774792DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-01-186190022 Colomb Street London SE10 9EW
GORILLABOX LIMITED6258762DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082007-05-246190011 Castle Hill Maidenhead Berks SL6 4AA
GPT ENTERPRISERS LTD.10203716DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212016-05-2761900Flat4 6a St. John Street Coleford GL16 8AR
GRAPEVINE UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS LTD7577175DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262011-03-2461100 61200Unit 10 Yeo Business Park Clyst St Mary Exeter EX5 1DP
GRAPHICALL LIMITED3858620DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-061999-10-1361900 62090 71129Jmh House 481 Green Lanes London N13 4BS
GREAT BRITISH BROADBAND LTD12327554DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-11-2161100 6190013 Salters Road London E17 3PQ
GREEN BOX TELECOM LTDSC619176DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072019-01-246110068 Scooniehill Road St. Andrews KY16 8HD
GREEN COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11415964DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-06-14619001 Redington Road Liverpool L19 4UB
GREENFONE LIMITED6895016DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272009-05-056120024a Crown Street Brentwood CM14 4BA
GRIDLINKED CONSULTING LIMITED9183185DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122014-08-2061900 9999914 Beagleswood Road Pembury Tunbridge Wells TN2 4HX
GRINNELL MARKETING LTD11912455DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-03-28619007 Highfield Close Highfield Close Droitwich WR9 8JZ
GRIP YOUR KIT LIMITED8688051DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302013-09-1261900Hamilton House Hamilton Terrace Milford Haven SA73 3JP
GROUP TELECOM LTD12222912DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-236120019 Kestrel Avenue Stoke-On-Trent ST3 7RD
GRP CONSULTANCY LIMITED8473905DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012013-04-046190040 Wilson Street Guisborough TS14 6NA
GSR OTOOLE LIMITED6198120DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192007-04-0261900123a Allerton Road Mossley Hill Liverpool L18 2DD
GT SIMPLE TECH LIMITED12210091DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-1647429 61100 61200 6190027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
GTEQ MOBILE LIMITED7386221DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022010-09-236190062-66 Deansgate Manchester M3 2EN
GTR COMMS LTD9428802DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172015-02-096190028 Chester Road Huntington Chester CH3 6BW
GTTW CONSULTANCY LTD12243818DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212019-10-0461900 62020 63120 702292 Barnfield Crescent Exeter EX1 1QT
GTY IFIXED LIMITED11199705DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282018-02-126190020 Burrowfield Welwyn Garden City AL7 4SR
GUAPAMANO LTD6070619DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082007-01-2661900 62030Dept 302 43 Owston Road Carcroft Doncaster DN6 8DA
GUARD4NET LTD11050880DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302017-11-0761200 62020 7112923 Mortham Street London E15 3LS
GUATEL LIMITED8873646DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182014-02-036190059-60 Grosvenor Street London W1K 3HZ
GUERRILLA TELECOM LIMITED12659253DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-06-1061900Flat 1, Lindon Court Grayshott Road Southsea PO4 8BP
GUNNERDEAN LTD10709197DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172017-04-0461900PO BOX Apt23446 Chynoweth House Blackwater Truro TR4 8UN
GWATIDZO LIMITEDSC381037DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-232010-06-2561200 62020 64191 96090Gwatidzo Fallaws Farm Cottage Arbirlot DD11 2PR
GYM FACE LTD12010168DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-226120014 Spiers Crescent Evesham WR11 2RU
GYMVITE LTD11594697DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052018-09-286120092 The Chase Wallington SM6 8LY
H PADWICK LTD11728865DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152018-12-1452290 611006 Spackman Close Thatcham RG19 3FE
H&B DATA SOLUTIONS LTD12745167DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-07-1561100 61200 61300 61900Flat 6, Swan Court Main Road Edenbridge TN8 6HW
H&H CONNECTIONS LIMITED12322269DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-11-1942220 6190044 Whatley Drive Whatley Drive Pewsey SN9 5AR
H2H INTERNATIONAL LTD11871086DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082019-03-0861900 62090136 Kensington Church Street London W8 4BH
H5E LTD12499659DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-03-0561900 62020 63110 6399020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
HA TELCOMS LTD12960408DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012020-10-1961100242 Granville Road Sheffield S2 2RR
HADLAND COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11467442DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-07-1761900Units 8/9 Welbury Way Aycliffe Business Park Newton Aycliffe DL5 6ZE
HAKIRO ELECTRONICS PTY LTD12263662DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-10-15612002nd Floor College House 17 King Edwards Road Ruislip HA4 7AE
HALE FURNITURE LIMITED12986289DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-10-3047599 61100 683205 Blyth Avenue Manchester M23 0DQ
HALEMARK PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT LTD8501151DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212013-04-2361100White Lodge The Friary Old Windsor SL4 2NS
HAMBLE DRIVE BROADBAND COMMUNITY LTD12488854DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-2861900 620909 Sympson Road Tadley RG26 3UU
HAMZA ALL MOBILES LTD13370630DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072021-05-0361900438 Holloway Road London N7 6QA
HAPPY BLOCKS LTD.11230700DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152018-02-2846900 61100 63120 8299017 Barness Court 6-8 Westbourne Terrace London W2 3UW
HARGAT ENTERPRISES LIMITED11130967DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212018-01-036190016 Kingsway Mews Ossett WF5 8BU
HARPSKIE72 LTD11484644DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-07-26619003 Larkhill Ashurst Skelmersdale WN8 6TE
HARRIS DEFENCE LIMITED2803090DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-011993-03-2432990 61200 74909 84220Unit 1 Dingley Way Farnborough GU14 6FF
HARTFOREST LIMITED10897503DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262017-08-0361900Academy House 11 Dunraven Place Bridgend CF31 1JF
HATTON TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES LIMITED4162169DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062001-02-16612005 Croftside Close Seacroft Leeds LS14 6DU
HAYTOWN LTD12335033DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-11-2642120 61100 61200Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
HAYWARDS COMMUNICATION LTD9859379DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032015-11-056190072 Edinburgh Street Swindon SN2 8DE
HAZEL IT CONSULTANCY LTD12123637DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-07-2661900 62012 62020 6209017 Green Lanes London N16 9BS
HD TELESALES CHESTER LTD12167576DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-08-216190088 Darlington Crescent Saughall Chester / Cheshire CH1 6DB
HDAV LIMITED10057386DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242016-03-1161900Unit 1, Commerce Park Campbeltown Road Birkenhead CH41 9HP
HEANCO LTDNI664469DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-09-1859111 61200 62012 631206 Claragh Hill Park Kilrea Co. Derry BT51 5YW
HEART COMMUNICATIONS LTD8834078DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042014-01-076190034 New House 67-68 Hatton Garden London EC1N 8JY
HEATHFIELD TELECOMMUNICATIONS UK LIMITED8812767DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232013-12-126190015 Heathfield Vale South Croydon CR2 8AG
HELIAC COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS LTD5544071DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-212005-08-2361900 62020The Pinnacle 3rd Floor 73 King Street Manchester M2 4NG
HELIX COMMUNICATIONS LTD11431837DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272018-06-256190014 Burrows Crescent Chipping Norton OX7 5TZ
HELLO BROADBAND LIMITED12989788DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202020-11-0261200Hilton Hall Hilton Lane Essington WV11 2BQ
HELPAR TECHNOLOGY LIMITEDSC482640DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142014-07-226120016 Long Craig Walk Kirkcaldy KY1 1SJ
HETHERINGTON TELECOMS LTD11884123DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-1561900Flat 12 Sewall Court Sewall Highway Coventry CV6 7JQ
HGI COMMUNICATIONS LTD12466576DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-02-176190089 Rushes Mead Harlow CM18 6QD
HI-TECH ICT SOLUTIONS LTD11093813DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302017-12-0461900 62012 62020 8299027 Hartington Road Bolton BL1 4DP
HIDDNFIELD LIMITED10299267DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122016-07-27619006 Laxton Close Luton LU2 8SJ
HIGH CHART FTTP COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY13206147DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032021-02-1761900Scearnbank Kent Hatch Road Oxted RH8 0TB
HIGH SPEED TRANSMISSION SOLUTIONS LIMITED9506435DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-302015-03-246190011 Roman Way Business Centre Berry Hill Droitwich WR9 9AJ
HIGH-TRACK COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED2179587DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-011987-10-16619004 Highbury Place London N5 1QZ
HIGHFIELD SOLUTIONS LTD7758639DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232011-09-01612008 Dove Close Fenstanton PE28 9LX
HIGHTECHCOMMS LIMITED11819105DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172019-02-1161200Union House 111 New Union Street Coventry CV1 2NT
HITALK LTD13074213DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-12-09619004 Parklands Rise Porth CF39 8QA
HJK INTERNATIONAL LTD8629778DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-282013-07-3061200 82990Carlton House Cable Street Wolverhampton WV2 2HX
HLF COMMS LTD7316028DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132010-07-1561200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
HME1983 LIMITED9116841DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072014-07-046110024 Coopers Lane London E10 5DG
HOBBSCOM LTDSC612604DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-11-026120086 Pilton Park Edinburgh EH5 2JB
HOGS BACK COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED5748935DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062006-03-2061200Poyle Place, Poyle Road Tongham Farnham GU10 1BS
HOLLY FAIRBAIRN LTD11231904DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252018-03-056190043 Blackberry Walk Lychpit Basingstoke RG24 8SN
HOME OF FINANCIAL BETA LTD11037184DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302017-10-3035230 6190011 Mostyn Road Handsworth Birmingham B21 9DY
HOMESENSOR LIMITED11236413DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242018-03-066190029 Beach Hill Milford Haven SA73 2QN
HOOOLY LTD12632690DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-05-2961200 62020 62030 631202nd Floor College House 17 King Edwards Road Ruislip HA4 7AE
HORAO LIMITED11117095DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222017-12-1961900Orwell House 50 High Street Hungerford RG17 0NE
HORIZON ENERGY SERVICES LIMITEDSC621107DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-02-1309100 61900 62090 71121449 Gilmerton Road Edinburgh EH17 7JG
HORIZON VOIP LIMITED12228761DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-2646520 61200 61900Grove House Grove Place Bedford MK40 3JJ
HOSTED TELCO LIMITED10309122DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152016-08-0361900Electric Works 3 Concourse Way Sheffield S1 2BJ
HOTPLANET LIMITED5615632DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092005-11-08612004 Richman Close Earley Reading RG6 7JL
HP INTERACTIVE MEDIA LTD12400762DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202020-01-1358290 61200 62011 62030Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
HSM CONSULTING LIMITED9800630DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302015-09-2961200 62020 90020Wayside House Holmbury St. Mary Dorking RH5 6NH
HSW NETWORKS LIMITED4113666DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272000-11-246190026a Langlands Lavendon Olney MK46 4EL
HUBTECSYSTEMS LTD11801797DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-02-016110046 Fraser Street Bristol BS3 4LY
HUE TECHNOLOGY LTD12734393DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-07-106190045 Macgregor Road London E16 3LL
HUGHES NETWORK SOLUTIONS LIMITED10274448DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292016-07-126190048 Rodger Road Woodhouse Sheffield S13 7RH
HUKINS TELECOM LIMITED8776402DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132013-11-15619006a St Andrews Court Wellington Street Thame OX9 3WT
HULK MOBILE LIMITED10507317DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272016-12-0161900Palladium House 1-4 Argyll Street London W1F 7LD
HUMBERTECH LTD6984895DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132009-08-0761200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
HUMM SOFTWARE LIMITED11566023DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-09-1261900Imperial House 8 Kean Street London WC2B 4AS
HURRELLS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LIMITED8866400DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222014-01-2961200156 El Alamein Way Bradwell Great Yarmouth NR31 8SY
HURST COMMUNICATIONS LIMITEDSC617000DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252018-12-2861100 61200 61300 6190011 Caroline Gardens Edinburgh EH12 6XJ
HURSTBOURNE PRIORS ENTERPRISES LIMITED11699500DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202018-11-2761900New Barn Farmhouse Hurstbourne Priors Whitchurch RG28 7RU
HUTCHINSON TELECOMS LIMITEDNI657417DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212018-11-28611007 Donegall Square West Belfast BT1 6JH
HUTTON VILLAGE FIBRE CIC12072230DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152019-06-276110013 Hutton Village Guisborough TS14 8EP
HYBRID CONNECT LTD12719810DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-0561200 6311015 Julia Gardens Barking IG11 0UJ
HYDE UTILITIES LTD12006680DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-206190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
HYGGE NETWORK LTD11792531DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-01-2861900 62090Flat 3 27 Broadwater Down Tunbridge Wells TN2 5NL
HYPERTRINICA LIMITED9096648DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-012014-06-2361200 61900Iuvo House 46 Cookson Street Blackpool FY1 3ED
I WORKSMART IT LTD11799197DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032019-01-316190022 Robert Owen House Fulham Palace Rd London SW6 6JA
I4ICO LIMITED12505887DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152020-03-096190029 Gurney Drive London N2 0DF
IAN BAKER TELECOMS LTD6913031DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212009-05-2161900The Counting House, 4a Moss Lane Swinton Manchester M27 9SA
IAN MCKINNON LIMITEDSC472977DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062014-03-206190060 Milverton Avenue Bearsden Glasgow G61 4BG
IAN REYNOLDS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES LTD.9615052DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262015-05-296120025 Grovelands Bolton Bradford BD2 4HH
IAPRICOT LIMITED10440546DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162016-10-2161900Unit 16 & 17 Evolution Hooters Hall Road Newcastle Under Lyme ST5 9QF
ICA (MK) LIMITED5362991DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292005-02-146120016 Grovelands Road Reading RG30 2NY
ICE TELECOMMUNICATIONS (BIRMINGHAM) LTD12267559DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-10-1761200Crewe House 4 Oak Street Crewe CW2 7DB
ICHARGE WIRELESS SOLUTIONS LIMITED12139622DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-08-0561200Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
ICM TELECOMS LTD7704963DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062011-07-1461900121 Hursley Road Chandler's Ford Eastleigh SO53 1JE
ICMNETWORKS LTDSC637561DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-31611007 Glebe Terrace Haddington EH41 3LL
ICOMPARETECH LTD11815994DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142019-02-086190073 Park Road Leek ST13 8JU
ICON DATA SYSTEMS LTD8154705DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252012-07-2461900 6202040 Red Lion Court 40 Red Lion Court Bishop's Stortford CM23 3YL
ICONNECT TELECOM LIMITED12252749DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-10-09619008 Jasper Avenue Rochester ME1 2LA
ICT PROJECT LIMITED5998031DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302006-11-146190033 Reeve Way Godmanchester Huntingdon PE29 2PH
IDAT GLOBAL LTD6838253DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072009-03-05619001 Caro Lane Hemel Hempstead HP3 8NA
IDENTIPHONE SOLUTIONS LIMITED7180073DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162010-03-056190010 Meyseys Close Headington Oxford OX3 7SF
IDST LTD11792537DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-01-2861100 6120022 Church Lane Thorngumbald HU12 9PA
IDT ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD12102698DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-07-1561900 9609020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
IFACE SOLUTIONS LTD10671819DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-172017-03-1561900The Granary Manor Business Park East Drayton Retford DN22 0LG
IFUSE HOSTING LTD7063214DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292009-11-0261100Hugletts Wood Farm Grovelye Lane Dallington Heathfield TN21 9PA
IJP NETWORKS LTD12108458DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-07-176190065 Silverfield Broxbourne EN10 6PD
IKBS LTD11111287DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012017-12-1461900The Coach House Powell Road Buckhurst Hill IG9 5RD
ILOMOND LIMITEDSC326518DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072007-06-2861900 62020 62090 95110East Dualt, Stockiemuir Road Near Killearn Glasgow G63 9QW
IMPERIAL ELECTRONICS LTD9897451DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272015-12-016190018 Wakehams Hill Pinner HA5 3BQ
IMSIMARKET LTD11668095DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-11-0861200International House Constance Street 12 London E16 2DQ
IN TOUCH COMMUNICATION CABLING LIMITED3282783DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-131996-11-2243210 6110081 Station Road Marlow SL7 1NS
IN TOUCH NETWORKS AND TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED6429326DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222007-11-1661900 63990Communications House Station Court, Station Road Great Shelford Cambridge CB22 5NE
IN-CAR COMMS LTD8500963DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072013-04-2361900Heritage Barn Cut Throat Lane Hockley Heath Birmingham B94 6SE
IN-SIGHT DIGITAL LTD7204523DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182010-03-2643210 61100Flat B 11 Victoria Street Gosport PO12 4TX
IN2TEL LIMITED5848169DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302006-06-1561900Roseway Icknield Street Alvechurch Birmingham B48 7EW
INDEX-IT LIMITEDSC631287DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-05-2361100SC631287: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Edinburgh EH3 1FD
INDIGO WIFI LTD12701731DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-29612001 The Heath Gamlingay Sandy SG19 2JH
INFINIA LTD10660312DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012017-03-0861900Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
INFINITE FUTURES LTD11731446DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-12-1861900 6312012 Armadale Close London N17 9PJ
INFOZILLION LIMITED9044230DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192014-05-1661900Suite 9 Normanby Gateway Lysaghts Way Scunthorpe DN15 9YG
INFRA TELECOM & ENGINEERING SERVICES LTD11640778DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-10-2461100 7112936 Upland Road London SE22 9EF
INFRASTRUCTURE COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS LTDSC634045DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022019-06-216190069/71 Hamilton Road Motherwell ML1 3DG
INLUDLOW LTD12691455DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-06-236120031 Parkwood Avenue Roundhay Leeds LS8 1JW
INNOVATION TRADE LIMITED12020763DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-2961100International House 12 Constance Street London E16 2DQ
INSIDETRAFFIC LTD12979396DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-10-276190041 Portland Street Hereford HR4 9JE
INSPIRE NET LIMITED11714516DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042018-12-06619001 Castle Close Killinghall Harrogate HG3 2DX
INSTALLITCOM LIMITED8245939DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-182012-10-0961100 61200 71129MHA MACINTYRE HUDSON 6th Floor 2 London Wall Place London EC2Y 5AU
INTEGRA NATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS LTDSC505241DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022015-05-0661900Titanium 1 Kings Inch Place Renfrew PA4 8WF
INTELGEN LTD12256194DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132019-10-116190018b East Cliffe Road Tunbridge Wells TN4 9AE
INTELLIGENT COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS LTD8471775DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-092013-04-03619004th Floor Cathedral Buildings Dean Street Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 1PG
INTELLIGENT SYSTEM SOLUTIONS LTD12349756DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-12-0561200 61900Manor Court, Flat 29 Aylmer Road London N2 0PJ
INTELLIGENT TELECOM LTD11759225DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012019-01-106120020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
INTELLIPHONE LIMITEDSC152706DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-121994-08-25619006a The Glebe East Saltoun EH34 5HG
INTENTNETWORKS LIMITED11697537DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152018-11-26619002 Meadow Way Carterton OX18 1JP
INTERACTIVE MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED6169289DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-252007-03-1961900Lawrence House St Andrews Hill Norwich NR2 1AD
INTERNATIONAL TELECOMS CO LTD8435827DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142013-03-086190056 Redwick Road Pilning Bristol BS35 4LU
INTERNATIONAL TELECOMS INSTALLATIONS LTD10879982DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262017-07-2461100 6120028 Moorside Avenue Bradford BD2 3HG
INTERSTICE UK LIMITEDSC369328DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282009-11-27611004 Cypress Avenue Bridge Of Don Aberdeen AB23 8LA
INTERTEC DESIGNS LIMITED12475294DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-20611006-9 The Square Stockley Park Uxbridge UB11 1FW
INTESTRUCTURE LIMITED11899974DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-2241201 43290 611002 Gillian Park Road Sutton SM3 9JT
INTOUCH TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTDNI670535DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-2561100Unit 80, Cido Business Complex Carn Drive Portadown Craigavon BT63 5WH
INTOUCHUK.COM LIMITED3896273DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-051999-12-1761900Dalton House 60 Windsor Avenue London SW19 2RR
INTRO SOLUTIONS LTD11963419DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-04-2561200 62011 62012 6311041 Chantry View Road Guildford GU1 3XW
INVADER ELECTRONICS LIMITED5578699DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202005-09-296190055 Aynsley Gardens Harlow CM17 9PD
INVENTRAIL LIMITED11811917DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-02-0761200130 Old Street London EC1V 9BD
INVICTA-INGARD LIMITED7488015DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192011-01-116190022 Pall Mall Liverpool L3 6AL
ION TECHNOLOGY GROUP LTD12249834DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132019-10-0843210 61100 62020 62090Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
IONET UK LTD10576223DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222017-01-2361200 62020 63110 71122175 Stourbridge Road 175 Stourbridge Road Dudley DY1 3EQ
IOT LOGIC LIMITED11599830DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072018-10-02612002-4 Packhorse Road Gerrards Cross SL9 7QE
IOTECNIX LTD12295023DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-11-04612003a Wentworth Way Tankersley Barnsley S75 3DH
IPDTV SYSTEMS CO. LIMITED11834544DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-02-19619002nd Floor College House 17 King Edwards Road Ruislip HA4 7AE
IPDTV SYSTEMS LIMITED11857514DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-04619002nd Floor College House 17 King Edwards Road Ruislip HA4 7AE
IPHIX NEWRY LTDNI637977DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072016-04-216120062 Hill Street Newry BT34 1BE
IPOP TELECOM LTD8679160DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192013-09-05619003 Rd Floor 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH
IPX VOICE LIMITED4369958DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012002-02-0861900Ahq 17 Mann Island Liverpool Waterfront Liverpool L3 1BP
IQ CHANNELS LTD7699328DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132011-07-1161900C/O Clarke Bell Limited 3rd Floor, The Pinnacle 73 King Street Manchester M2 4NG
IRIS ADVANTAGE LTD9583805DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302015-05-116190035 Spruce Park Cumberland Road Bromley BR2 0EH
IRISS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED11746978DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-01-02612001 Trading Estate 1 Mucklow Hill Halesowen B62 8DF
ISA PROJECT SERVICES LIMITED5095141DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082004-04-0561100 61900 6202020 Silver Birch Drive, Wyke Bradford West Yorkshire BD12 9ES
ISEC SECURITY SURVEILLANCE DORSET LIMITED11988925DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-05-106190032 Gilmour Drive Canford Heath Poole BH17 8AB
ISEC SECURITY SURVEILLANCE LIMITED11987094DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212019-05-096190032 Gilmour Drive Canford Heath Poole BH17 8AB
ISIS NETWORK LTD11866726DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-03-0761100 61900 62012 62020Unit 23, City Business Centre Lower Road London SE16 2XB
ISWAC LIMITED12097718DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102019-07-1161900Onyx Court 195a Kenton Road Harrow HA3 0HD
IT EXPERTS LTD8557134DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012013-06-05619002 Beverley Close Nottingham NG8 2JH
IT PLEXUS LIMITED11245653DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-03-0961100483 Green Lanes London N13 4BS
IT SUPPORT 1 LTD12071270DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092019-06-2661900 62011 62020 62090Hova House 1 Hova Villas Brighton & Hove BN3 3DH
IT ZONE LIMITED9395054DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-192015-01-1961200Craftwork Studios 1-3 Dufferin Street London EC1Y 8NA
ITEL GROUP LTD12512709DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142020-03-1160100 60200 61200 61900Unit F, Winston Business Park Churchill Way #53195 Sheffield S35 2PS
ITEX GLOBAL LIMITED12577545DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-2961900 6202064 Fennells Harlow CM19 4RN
ITHOUSE COMMS LTD8445238DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032013-03-14611009 Greenwich High Road London SE10 8JL
IVY TELECOMS LIMITED11195599DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072018-02-086120020 Marled Hey Liverpool L28 0QL
IWIW MEDIA GROUP LIMITED12546090DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-0361900 62020 70221 731109 Gaylor Road Tilbury RM18 7AS
IXLINCOLN LTD12379083DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-12-30619007 Eastoft House Carrington Drive Lincoln LN6 0BZ
IXS NETWORKS LTD11768395DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-01-1561900 62090Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
J & C HOLDINGS LIMITED4580150DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062002-11-0161900Ahq 17 Mann Island Liverpool Waterfront Liverpool L3 1BP
J & CO ENTERPRISE LIMITED12517129DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142020-03-136190096 Silhill Hall Road Solihull B91 1JS
J BURKITT LIMITED7533201DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282011-02-176190076 Newport Road Moulsoe Newport Pagnell MK16 0HP
J GRIFFITHS CONSULTANCY LIMITED9137127DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092014-07-1861900Lowe Cottage East Street Hett Durham DH6 5LP
J I VOICE & DATA SERVICES LIMITED7139378DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-152010-01-28619003rd Floor, 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH
J M COMMS LIMITED12143246DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282019-08-076190098 Brandearth Brandearth Hey Liverpool L28 1SD
J T TELECOMS LTD12723480DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-07-0661100 6190015 Edward Street Treharris CF46 5LF
J TELECOMS LTD11902722DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082019-03-256190092 Alexandra Road Six Bells Abertillery NP13 2LQ
J. A. P SERVICES LIMITED11262315DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122018-03-19619001 Stable Court Business Centre Water Lane Tarbock Green Prescot L35 1RD
J. GLOBAL LIMITED12253933DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132019-10-106190022 The Avenue Poole BH13 6AA
J.E TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11480719DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212018-07-2461900112 Boode Croft Liverpool L28 4EQ
J.I.S TELECOMMUNICATIONS. LIMITED12021853DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-05-2961100Yew Tree Farm Oglet Lane Hale Village Liverpool L24 5RJ
J.S LEROY LTD10271174DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152016-07-1161900C/O C&M Accountants 33 The Courtyard Woodlands Bristol BS32 4NH
J&M MARKETING LTD12665895DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-06-12619001 California Road Huntingdon PE29 1DA
J1H SOLUTIONS LTD6721464DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162008-10-136190026 The Green Kings Norton Birmingham B38 8SD
J4P LTD4458751DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112002-06-1161200 7810928 Dubbs Knoll Road Guilden Morden Royston SG8 0LA
JAC TELECOMS LTD6527050DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102008-03-076190022a Burton Street Melton Mowbray LE13 1AF
JACOM DCS LTD11915352DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-03-3061100 612004 Hodgson Court Eston Middlesbrough TS6 9TD
JAMALE LTD5325179DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172005-01-0661900Fourth Floor Warwick House 65-66 Queen Street London EC4R 1EB
JAMES FIBRENET LIMITED9125446DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172014-07-10619004 Carisbrooke Close Caversham Reading RG4 6SB
JAMES R HASSALL LIMITED5613439DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072005-11-04611004 Eastgate Business Centre Eastern Avenue Stretton Burton-On-Trent DE13 0AT
JAMIE FAIRLESS LIMITED9925380DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062015-12-2261900The Granary Dunham On The Hill Frodsham WA6 0LU
JASYS LTD10363801DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162016-09-0761900 6202011 Caeau Duon Pencoed Bridgend CF35 6SW
JAYA DIGITAL (UK) LIMITED10271691DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142016-07-1161200 6201261 Barras Lane Coventry CV1 4AQ
JB CALL MEDIA LTD12434139DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032020-01-3047429 6190071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
JBJ NETWORK SOLUTIONS LIMITED12188355DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-0461100 61200 6190011 11 Gray Close Lingfield RH7 6DJ
JBLYTH LIMITED6996867DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162009-08-2061900The Old Brewery 8 Tetbury Street Minchinhampton GL6 9JG
JBRSS LTDSC562489DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152017-04-046190011 Station Road Inverkeilor Arbroath DD11 5RT
JC COMMS LTD12527674DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-03-206120084 Waldgrave Road Liverpool L15 7JW
JC CUMPANASU LTD11419514DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222018-06-1861900Riverside House 1-5 Como Street Romford RM7 7DN
JC NETWORK SERVICES LIMITED11550209DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-09-03619002 Sophia Cottages Kelly Lifton PL16 0HJ
JCC TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11168863DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-01-256110025 Oak View Rise Harlow Wood Mansfield NG18 4UT
JCM TELECOMS LTD10457496DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162016-11-02611003 Redhill Lodge Road Newhall Swadlincote DE11 0NZ
JCS CABLING LTD11773434DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092019-01-17611004 Wesley Close Loughborough LE11 4FA
JDK NETWORK SERVICES LTD12526401DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-03-1961100 61200 6190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
JENKO COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11910424DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-03-2861100203 Lichfield Street Fazeley Tamworth B78 3QF
JESKO MOBILE LTD11261995DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202018-03-19619001 Brampton Road Hereford HR2 7DE
JETT COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED3760076DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-071999-04-2761900C/O J W Atkinson Ltd. One Elmfield Park Bromley BR1 1LU
JG APP SUPPORT LIMITED8463471DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162013-03-2761200Bollin House Bollin Link Wilmslow SK9 1DP
JGJ ENTERPRISES LIMITED8837511DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092014-01-08619004 Capricorn Centre Cranes Farm Road Basildon SS14 3JJ
JHTELECOM LIMITED10383006DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132016-09-196110034 Templeton Close Hartlepool TS27 3RB
JIBE MOBILE LTD8181598DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-292012-08-1661900C/O Kpmg Llp 8 Princes Parade Liverpool L3 1QH
JIGSAW SYNERGY SOLUTIONS LTD12709932DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-016190045 Heol Y Waun Abertawe SA4 9EW
JKD SERVICES LTDSC706540DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212021-08-1243210 43390 6190045 Baillie Crescent Alford AB33 8EZ
JL DATA SOLUTIONS LTD11536349DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262018-08-2461100 61200 6190011 Gray Close Lingfield RH7 6DJ
JLK MIRA SERVICES LIMITED12065880DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-246110046 The Poplars Leicester LE9 7ET
JLW MARKETING LTD12662516DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-06-116190061 Moorland Road Langho Blackburn BB6 8HA
JMF SALES LTD7532188DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232011-02-16612003 Hardman Street Manchester M3 3HF
JMM TECHNOLOGY LIMITED12635573DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-05-3061100 711295 North Holme Court Northampton NN3 8UX
JMOBILE CONSULTANCY LIMITED8899225DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152014-02-1861900Sg House 6 St. Cross Road Winchester SO23 9HX
JMORRIS DATA LTD12498404DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032020-03-046110029 Tiverton Close Liverpool L36 6EN
JMS TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD12139526DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-056110020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
JMWW PMCS LTD.SC497832DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302015-02-1361900 74202100 Macindoe Crescent Kirkcaldy KY1 2JQ
JNN COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED10992507DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302017-10-0361100 61200 619004 Rookwood Gardens London E4 6DY
JOD TRADERS LIMITED12814709DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-08-14612001a New Goulston Street London E1 7QD
JOE D-TELECOMS LTD8718497DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032013-10-046190022 Ward Close Westbrook Warrington WA5 8XY
JOHN FAULDS LIMITED5619054DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162005-11-1061900Progress House, 396 Wilmslow Rd Withington Manchester M20 3BN
JOHN HENRY BISCOMM LIMITED7490246DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272011-01-1261100The Mount, The Sidings Station Road Longstanton CB24 3DS
JOIN5G TELECOMMUNICATIONS LABORATORIES LIMITED12354632DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-0946520 61100 61200 6130012354632: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
JOJO TELECOM SERVICES LTD11714270DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292018-12-0661900Suite S8, Oaklands Business Centre Hooton Road Hooton Ellesmere Port CH66 7NZ
JONE NUTE LTD12242634DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-10-036190015 Strouds Close Swindon SN3 1FD
JONES BILLING SERVICES LTD12153637DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-08-136190027 Ward Road Southsea PO4 9PA
JONES FIBRE LIMITED8401741DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122013-02-13619001st Floor 87/89 High Street Hoddesdon EN11 8TL
JOSEPH COMMUNICATIONS LTD6874061DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182009-04-0861200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
JOURNEY MOBILE LTD11823782DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-02-1361900Grindleton Business Centre Grindleton Clitheroe BB7 4DH
JP SECURITY AND COMMUNICATIONS LTD12250925DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-10-0942220 61100 61900 8020025 South Avenue Eastbourne BN20 8PD
JP TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD12015984DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-05-2442220 6110010 Ashtree Gardens Millhouse Green Sheffield S36 9AD
JPC COMMUNICATIONS LTD12709941DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-016190063a Old Woking Road West Byfleet KT14 6LF
JPE TELECOMS LTDSC653027DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102020-01-29619005 Wheatland Pitmedden Ellon AB41 7GG
JR NETWORKING LTD12135984DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-08-026190011 Cross Lane Huthwaite Sutton-In-Ashfield NG17 2JJ
JSK IT SOLUTIONS LTD12693276DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-06-2361100 61200 620201 Fairfield Road Wraysbury Staines-Upon-Thames TW19 5DU
JSR NETWORK SOLUTIONS LIMITED10954594DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142017-09-08611006 Sycamore Lane Great Sankey Warrington WA5 1JN
JTJUK LTD10694724DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082017-03-286190073 Gilbert Road Camberley GU16 7RD
JTS GROUP LTD.9726589DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112015-08-1161100Unit 9 John Smith Enterprise Hub Brian Clough Business Centre Cotton Lane Derby DE24 8GJ
JUBILEE CONTRACTS (HYTHE) LTD7940663DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152012-02-08619004 Jubilee Close Hythe CT21 6NQ
JULES TVN LTD12161005DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-1635140 35230 61900 80100483a Bromley Road Bromley BR1 4PQ
JUROKU COMPANY LTD10520204DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052016-12-1261200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
JUST TALK LTD8353346DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182013-01-0961900Labyrinth Lodge Long Lane Walton Liverpool L9 7AA
JUST UTILITIES LIMITED4105845DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072000-11-1061100Gibson House Hemswell Cliff Gainsborough DN21 5TL
JVD NETWORKS LTDSC657336DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142020-03-1361100 61200 61900105 Hall Street Hamilton ML3 6RY
JVL COMMS & SERVICES LTD7050024DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062009-10-2061900323 Wey House 15 Church Street Weybridge KT13 8NA
JVNH HOLDINGS LTD11093797DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012017-12-0461900Stuart Mcbain Ltd 18 Century Building, Tower Street Liverpool L3 4BJ
JWJ ROGERS LIMITED10486029DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072016-11-18619002 Church Road Little Gaddesden Berkhamsted HP4 1NX
K J BUSINESS NETWORK LTD7990722DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-242012-03-1438320 46900 61900C/O KEVIN BROWN ADVISORY 500 High Road Woodford Green IG8 0PN
K-COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED6847405DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142009-03-166120026 The Farthings Kingston Upon Thames KT2 7PT
K&M KHAN LTD11836374DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212019-02-20612001 Henley Grove Bradford BD5 8EX
K&QMB LTD12206668DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242019-09-1359112 61900 79110 8219006 Granville Road Luton LU1 1PA
K&T TELECOMS LTD11946173DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072019-04-156110062 Priory Crescent London SE19 3EE
K2-NET LIMITED11565599DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182018-09-12619001 Richmond Road Lytham St Annes FY8 1PE
K4S COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED7468261DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272010-12-13619008 Old Hall Road Sale M33 2JA
KAASHIF HUSSAIN LTD11527482DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262018-08-20619009 Aubrey Road Small Heath Birmingham B10 9DQ
KAFLAN CONSULTING LTD8047987DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162012-04-266190097 Spey Road Reading RG30 4JA
KALLIBRE LTD11334276DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-04-2746510 46520 47540 6120027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
KALMIA PROJECT SERVICES LIMITED8145030DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232012-07-1661900Kalmia 1 Rochester Grove Hazel Grove Manchester SK7 4JD
KAP COMMUNICATIONS LTD11865485DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-0661900114 Fairchildes Avenue New Addington Croydon CR0 0AN
KAPITI CONSULTANCY LIMITED7050956DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262009-10-206190011 Peel Close Charlton Kings Cheltenham GL53 8QH
KARICK SERVICES LIMITEDSC567432DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212017-05-316190018 Young Street Edinburgh EH2 4JB
KARMA TELECOM LTD12195635DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-0958290 6120071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
KASCHY LIMITED7873144DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162011-12-066120014 Chestnut Avenue Andover SP10 2HE
KASH'S PRODUCT TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD11124385DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272017-12-2761900 62020 620907 Austin Way Bracknell RG12 9HQ
KASKAP LTD11935670DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-04-096190023-25 Unit 210 Astral House, 23-25 Arklow Road London SE14 6BY
KAVKOM LTD12012409DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-2261900Elscot House Arcadia Avenue London N3 2JU
KAZAM ONLINE LIMITED6206967DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262007-04-1061200Jubilee House Townsend Lane London NW9 8TZ
KDATA LTD11851457DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-02-2861100 62012 6311020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
KEIFAR SOLUTIONS LTD12289440DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-10-306190070 Hartley Road Birmingham B44 0RD
KELTEL LIMITED12573528DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-04-276190071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
KENDA TECHNOLOGIES LTD10289811DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042016-07-2161200 62011 63110Oxford Centre For Innovation New Road Oxford OX1 1BY
KENTEL COMMUNICATIONS LTD7788179DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202011-09-276190051 Duxford Road Great Barr Birmingham B42 2JD
KEREMCOMM LIMITED5746640DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162006-03-1761200Tenby Place, 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
KERNOW COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED3659933DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-191998-11-0261900Millstone Cottage Nanstallon Bodmin PL30 5LB
KERRY TRADERS LTD12087380DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-07-056190020 Herbert Road London E12 6AY
KETTON LINK LIMITED11581148DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-09-2161900 87200Flat 16 Calcott Lodge Aeerlea Close, Netherfield Milton Keynes MK6 4JW
KEVIN SMITH PLANNING LIMITED10474751DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182016-11-11619004a Roman Road London E6 3RX
KEY RADIO LIMITED6688228DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242008-09-0361200Highlode Industrial Estate Stocking Fen Road Ramsey PE26 2RB
KEY RADIO SYSTEMS LIMITED6995199DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242009-08-1961200Unit 1 Highlode Industrial Estate Stocking Fen Road Ramsey PE26 2RB
KEY WEB SOLUTIONS LTD12462694DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222020-02-1461900 62020 62090 6311071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
KH COMMUNICATIONS LTD12207907DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-166190064 Pitt Street Oldham OL4 1AL
KHOLIA CATERING LTD12048303DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-1346520 61900176 Conway Crescent Perivale UB6 8JF
KIKA TECHNOLOGIES LTD11998195DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072019-05-15612003 Holmes Road Whitnash Leamington Spa CV31 2RF
KILMISTER LTD10949553DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302017-09-0661200 6202016 Wake Close Guildford GU2 9LA
KILOCOM LTD12566488DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-04-2135130 61200 62011 7311071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
KINETICELL LTD10732708DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142017-04-206120032 Carclaze Road St. Austell PL25 3AQ
KINGDOM UNITED LTD11904064DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-03-25619004a Brudenell Road Canford Cliffs Poole BH13 7NN
KINGFISHER TELECOM LIMITED7251775DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062010-05-1261900Kingsley House Eaton Street Crewe CW2 7EG
KJD COMMS LIMITED6714515DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152008-10-036190013 Emerson Drive Hornchuch RM11 1XH
KJE SECRETARIES LIMITED5557182DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302005-09-08611007 Duncombe Street Kempston Bedford MK42 8ED
KLBCOMMS LTD12395752DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-096190017 Bede Grove Hartlepool TS25 5PB
KLI TECH LTD10796465DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122017-05-3161900Connect Business Village 24 Derby Road Unit 5, 1st Floor Liverpool L5 9PR
KMK SOUTH LIMITED7244046DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182010-05-05611001a Williams Road Bosham Chichester PO18 8JR
KMS POLING LIMITEDSC676139DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172020-09-3061100113 Main Street Uddingston Glasgow G71 7EW
KMT MARKETING SOLUTIONS LIMITED11888805DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-1861900Hebe Cottage Clifton Road Bowers Gifford Basildon SS13 2LF
KN FIBRE LIMITED12578187DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-296120013 Cardigan Close St. Helens WA10 3XW
KOB COMMS LIMITED11484444DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-07-266190016 Alderney Road Liverpool L5 8YW
KODIAK SOLUTIONS LIMITED11217976DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072018-02-2142990 43290 61900 71122320 Firecrest Court Centre Park Warrington WA1 1RG
KOKOTT CONSULTANCY LTD12108422DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-07-176190017 Redwood Croft Nuneaton CV10 7HY
KOMODO CONNECT LTD12173877DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122019-08-2661100 61200 62030 6209021 Lime Tree Avenue Killamarsh Sheffield S21 1FQ
KONNECT COMMS LTD12148895DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-08-0961100325 Highfield Road Hall Green Birmingham B28 0BX
KONNECT PLATFORM LTD11953224DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-04-1861900 63120 6399071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
KORRESPOND LIMITED11940850DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-04-1161200Nine Westrovia Court 5 Moreton Street London SW1V 2PW
KOVALEX LTD10627636DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172017-02-2061100 619008 Brettenham Road London E17 5BA
KP COMMS LTD12189505DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-09-046190020 Whaddon Road Newton Longville Milton Keynes MK17 0AW
KP TELECOMMS LTD6947383DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102009-06-2961200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
KR INFOTECH LIMITED11915623DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-03-3061200 6202045 Draycott Hollinswood Telford TF3 2DN
KR SECURITY LTD12943769DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-10-1261100 61900 620204 Church Lane Finghall Leyburn DL8 5NA
KRONOS PROJECTS LIMITED6637310DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262008-07-0361200 6209038b High Street Keynsham Bristol BS31 1DX
KRZYSZTOF KLUNDER LIMITED10912687DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262017-08-146190011 Cannon Streetr Cannon Street Swindon SN1 3DD
KSL TELECOM LTD9701962DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112015-07-246120047 Woodward Close Winnersh Wokingham RG41 5NW
KSP TELECOMS LIMITED12349572DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-05619002 Juniper Court Chester CH2 3EH
KUBLA MEDIA C.I.C.12535721DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-03-26619003 Croye Close Andover SP10 3AF
KUIKEU LTD12432709DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032020-01-29619001 Union Street Bedford MK40 2SF
KWML COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12209882DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252019-09-1661900Suite 3 91 Mayflower Street Plymouth PL1 1SB
KYLELUCASXXX LTD12027395DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-05-3161900 73110 80100 9609052 Cambridge Road Bootle L20 9LQ
L BERNARD'S TELECOMMS LTD12222812DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092019-09-2361900Unit 1 Queensway Trading Estate Waterloo Road Widnes WA8 0FD
L K P TELECOMMS LIMITED12590892DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272020-05-0761100River Mead Kidderminster DY11 5SG
L6S SOLUTIONS LIMITED7708447DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062011-07-1861100Kd Tower Plaza Suite 9 Cotterells Hemel Hempstead HP1 1FW
LA TECH LTD9830695DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212015-10-19619008 Spinney Close Selsey Chichester PO20 9JD
LA TELECOMS CONTRACTING LTD11711067DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272018-12-046190013 Hood Road Southampton SO18 5PB
LALA SOLUTIONS LIMITED11598392DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-10-016190042 Wentworth Way Ascot SL5 8HU
LAN CORE GLOBAL LIMITED12441146DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102020-02-0461900130 Old Street London EC1V 9BD
LANAHAN PROJECTS LIMITED12180686DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142019-08-296190090 Darwen Road Bromley Cross Bolton BL7 9BQ
LANGQINXUAN LIMITED11534201DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162018-08-2361900 62030Studio 210 134-146 Curtain Road London EC2A 3AR
LANSPEED LIMITED9840927DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062015-10-2661900125 Stourvale Road Bournemouth BH6 5HE
LASERGRAPH LTD12388889DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-0761900Applegarth Lower End Hartwell Northampton NN7 2HS
LAT TRADERS LTD12684330DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092020-06-1961200118 Macoma Road London SE18 2QL
LATIMER FIBRE LTD11543891DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212018-08-30611009 Jackson Close Bracknell RG12 7JG
LATLINK LIMITED9339580DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182014-12-0361900Barnard Sampson, Chartered Accountants, 3a Quay View Business Park Barnard's Way Lowestoft NR32 2HD
LAUNCH COMMS LIMITED11829265DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-02-1558290 61900 62020 62090Unit 5 Kingsmead Business Park Gillingham SP8 5FB
LAVIN CONSULTANCY LTD11679315DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032018-11-156190038-42 Newport Street Swindon SN1 3DR
LCD BUYBACK LTD11802346DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132019-02-0161900Floor 2 Apollo Centre Desborough Road High Wycombe HP11 2QW
LCD HUT LIMITED10349999DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302016-08-276190093 Chatterton Road Bromley BR2 9QQ
LDLINSTALLATIONS LTD11373165DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-05-216190085 Priory Road Hall Green Birmingham B28 0TG
LEA BEVEN LTD11618136DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-10-1161200 68310 74901 856002 Swan Street Swan Street Broseley TF12 5HW
LEAD PLUS LTD11822787DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-02-1261900 62090Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
LEAD'HEURE LTD12200352DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-1161900 63110 63120 6391071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
LEAMINGTON ROAD CONSULTING LIMITED12801111DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-08-106190066b Smith Street Warwick CV34 4HU
LEANERBUSINESS.COM LIMITED4652528DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032003-01-3035130 47990 61900 68100Parchment Hall Mickleton Barnard Castle DL12 0JR
LEBARA DEUTSCHLAND LIMITED11986832DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212019-05-0961900Import Building Clove Crescent London E14 2BE
LEGAL TELECOMS LTD11449471DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072018-07-0561100Unit 4 Hurricane Drive Hurricane Business Park Liverpool L24 8RL
LEOPARD SERVICES LTD12655798DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-06-0961200 70229917 Alum Rock Road Birmingham B8 2LX
LET'S CHAT CHIT LTD12031452DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-0461200177-181 Farnham Road Slough SL1 4XP
LEVANDAR LTD12750050DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-07-1761200 61900 63120 960902nd Floor College House 17 King Edwards Road Ruislip HA4 7AE
LEWING CONSULTS LIMITED9471250DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032015-03-046190010 The Riverbank Off Eastfield Road Louth LN11 7DT
LEXX PETROLEUM GROUP LTD12464804DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-146190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
LFE FACILITIES MANAGEMENT LTD12261846DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-10-1533140 43220 61100 6120020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
LG MORRIS LTD12500987DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-03-056110029 Tiverton Close Liverpool L36 6EN
LIBERTY ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED8640182DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272013-08-0661900Palladium House 1-4 Argyll Street London W1F 7LD
LIBERTY LIVING SOLUTIONS LIMITED8258785DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032012-10-1861900Sterling House 31/32 High Street Wellingborough NN8 4HL
LICT LIMITED12235411DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-09-3061100 61200 61300 61900658 Leigh Road Leigh WN7 1UB
LIGHTHOUSE CONSULTING (UK) LIMITED8276568DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232012-11-0141100 41202 61900 6202055 King Charles Road Surbiton KT5 8PF
LIGHTWAVES TELECOM LTD12685925DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-2061100 6190031 Sebert Road London E7 0NG
LIKEWAYS LIMITED12281177DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072019-10-2561900Northside House Mount Pleasant Barnet EN4 9EE
LIME CAPTURE LIMITED12058317DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-06-1959200 619001a Wynne Road London SW9 0BB
LIME TELECOM LTD7446394DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142010-11-226190065a Wingletye Lane Hornchurch RM11 3AT
LIME TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11517408DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262018-08-1461100 61200 6190041 Edward Road Gainsborough DN21 2QP
LIMITLESS TELECOMS LIMITED12306214DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162019-11-0861900C/O Fortis Accountancy Flex Business Centre Middlesbrough TS6 6UT
LINIMEX 2 LIMITED12346538DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-12-03611002 Eastbourne Terrace London W2 6LG
LINK PROJECT MANAGEMENT LTD11486771DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132018-07-27619002 Blacks Cottages Slough Road Allens Green Sawbridgeworth CM21 0LR
LINK-UP IT SERVICES LTD12682024DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172020-06-1961100 61200 62020 6209071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
LINX COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED3753582DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-151999-04-166110042 Ounsdale Road Wombourne Wolverhampton WV5 9JF
LITEBEAM NETWORKS LIMITED12317864DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-11-1561100Suite 1, Commer House Tadcaster Enterprise Park Station Road Tadcaster LS24 9JF
LITTLE DROP LTD8710435DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052013-09-3061900127 Fencepiece Road Ilford IG6 2LD
LIVEWIRE ASSOCIATES LIMITED4299439DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162001-10-0461900 62020 62030 6209033 Herrick Road London N5 2JX
LJK ELECTRONICS LIMITED5706116DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122006-02-1061900367b Church Road Frampton Cotterell Bristol BS36 2AQ
LJM UTILITIES LTD13158175DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072021-01-266190079 Beech Tree Lane Cannock WS11 1AY
LKS COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED7427959DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-052010-11-0361100C/O Frp Advisory Llp 4 Beaconsfield Road St Albans AL1 3RD
LL CONSTRUCTION LTDSC614168DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072018-11-20619007c Station Road Galston KA4 8HS
LLG GROUP ENTERPRISES LTD11624637DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292018-10-1661900463 Werrington Road Stoke-On-Trent ST2 9DL
LM CONSULTANTS (NORTH) LIMITED10509730DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042016-12-0561900665 Prescot Road Old Swan Liverpool L13 5XD
LMC COMMS LTD10039280DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072016-03-026190012 Chaucer Drive Galley Common Nuneaton CV10 9SD
LMG COMMS LIMITED10898711DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152017-08-036110014 Graygarth Road Berwick Hills Middlesbrough TS3 7QW
LMJ TELECOMS LIMITED12662895DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-06-116120026 Grove Lane Coventry CV7 8PN
LONDON EDGE CLOUD LTD11865829DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272019-03-0761900Flat 3 12 Pembridge Square London W2 4EH
LONDON PROPERTY CONNECTIONS LIMITED12502661DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-03-0635130 35140 61900Kingsnorth House Blenheim Way Birmingham B44 8LS
LONDON TELECOM & DATA ENGINEERS LIMITED7814224DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252011-10-1833190 61100 62020 951203 Pebworth Road Harrow HA1 3UB
LONDON TRADERS (UK) LIMITED6724565DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232008-10-1561900Unit 3a 67 Watney Street London E1 2QU
LONE WORKER LIMITED6998799DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042009-08-24619002c Crown Business Park Cowm Top Lane Rochdale OL11 2PU
LONGBOW SYSTEMS LIMITED6534739DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212008-03-146190022 St. John Street Newport Pagnell MK16 8HJ
LOOFT LTD12672985DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122020-06-1561100 61200 61900 620901 Balsan Close Basingstoke RG24 9SY
LOOP GROUP LTD12322922DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-11-1961100 61200 61900Hub 26 Scandinavia Mills Hunsworth Lane Cleckheaton BD19 4LN
LOOPBACKZERO LIMITED12714259DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-0261900118 Park Road Ilford IG1 1SG
LOTICA LTD11615596DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152018-10-1061100 6202095 Greendale Road Port Sunlight Wirral CH62 4XE
LOUISE HITCHEN LIMITED12545572DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-036120025 Windsor Road Ashton-In-Makerfield Wigan WN4 9EP
LOW LOSS COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED10764218DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172017-05-106190091 Loudon Avenue Coventry CV6 1JN
LP HIGHSTEADS LIMITED12245943DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-10-07611005 Highsteads Medomsley Consett DH8 6QA
LP TELECOMS LTD11728776DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062018-12-1461100Benedict's Cottage Paradise Painswick Stroud GL6 6TN
LT TELECOMS CONTRACTING LTD11725013DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062018-12-1261900196 King Georges Avenue Southampton SO15 4LB
LTT ASPAC LIMITED5692856DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032006-01-3161100Hugletts Wood Farm Grovelye Lane Dallington Heathfield TN21 9PA
LTT ATLANTA LTD7228552DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282010-04-2061900Hugletts Wood Farm Grovelye Lane Dallington Heathfield TN21 9PA
LTT EMEA LTD7293964DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302010-06-2461900Hugletts Wood Farm Grovelye Lane Dallington Heathfield TN21 9PA
LTT LOS ANGELES LTD7282668DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162010-06-1461900Hugletts Wood Farm Grovelye Lane Dallington Heathfield TN21 9PA
LUMA VENTURES LIMITED11111456DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062017-12-1461900Flat 4, Telegraph House 1-2 Rutland Gardens London SW7 1BX
LUMAX SERVICES LTD10949391DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132017-09-066110063a Headley Drive Ilford IG2 6LU
LUNA TELECOM SOLUTIONS LTD11454462DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-07-09619005 Kitchener Gardens Worksop S81 7RJ
LUVWIFI LTDNI658905DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-02-116190013 Kenard Avenue Belfast BT11 8LY
LYCA LIMITED10208439DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042016-06-016120024 Maypole Crescent Ilford IG6 2UH
LYLE HILL DESIGN LIMITEDSC501667DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282015-03-2661900112 Lyle Road Greenock PA16 7AP
M & R TECHNICAL LIMITED10368569DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302016-09-096190019 Thackeray Drive Tamworth B79 8HY
M A TELECOM CONSULTANTS LIMITED6632679DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082008-06-2761200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
M.E. BRIGHTON LTD7592917DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272011-04-056120011 Groves Way Hartlebury Kidderminster DY11 7TU
M.E.A INTERNATIONAL LIMITED10164841DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302016-05-0561900120 Holland Road 120 Holland Road London East Ham E6 2EP
M.I.C CONSULTANCY LTD10059860DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142016-03-136190011 Chapmans Crescent Chesham HP5 2QU
M&EMJ LTD7130593DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132010-01-2061900Framework House 1-3 Church Lane Snaith DN14 9HN
M&F TELECOM LTD12634133DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-05-3027310 42990 619003-7 Temple Avenue Suite 140, Temple Chambers London EC4Y 0DA
M2M - IQ LTD8473175DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082013-04-0461900The Shrubbery 14 Church Street Whitchurch RG28 7AB
MABULAZO LTD11971081DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-04-3046190 46900 61900 6209034 Wern Bank Neath SA11 2NB
MAC COMMS LIMITED11789458DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-01-2861100230 Doncaster Road Rotherham S65 2UE
MACHINA OPERATIONS LIMITED12419490DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132020-01-2243210 61100 62030 62090Butterworth Hill Barn Butterworth Hill Outlane Huddersfield HD3 3YZ
MACKINLAY2MANAGEMENT LTDSC660799DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-05-116190012 Cairndow Avenue Glasgow G44 3JQ
MACLEAN TELECOM UK LTD10892996DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012017-08-016110071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
MACTEL LTD12232416DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-09-3061100 6120018 Savile Row London W1S 3PW
MADHOUSE COMMUNICATIONS (2018) LTD11519689DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-08-1561100 6120021 New Cross Road Headington Oxford OX3 8LP
MAFIA LEADER LTD12555135DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-04-146190086 Willows Crescent Birmingham B12 9ND
MAGI.TEL LIMITED4216232DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152001-05-1461200294 Oxford Road Kidlington Oxfordshire OX5 1ED
MAGIC INSTALLATIONS LIMITED7884012DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032011-12-1561900Owl Lodge Tubwell Lane Crowborough TN6 3RJ
MAHAMMAD LIMITED11992137DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-05-136190028 Windsor Road Ilford IG1 1HQ
MAHB COM LTD12701547DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-06-2961900141a High Street Walthamstow London E17 7DB
MAHFIELD SERVICES LIMITED11837754DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242019-02-2061900 62012 62020 96090Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
MAIDEN TECHNOLOGY LIMITEDNI606943DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162011-04-04619008 Andrew Avenue Larne BT40 1EB
MAISON DU DIGITAL LTD12379049DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-12-3061900 62011 62020 62030Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
MALGA LTD11854186DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-03-0161100 61900 62020 6312012 Framlington Court Runcorn WA7 2SR
MALONEY WIRING LIMITED12365487DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-166110018e Bromley Road Beckenham BR3 5JD
MAMMON LTD12159453DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-166110071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
MANAGED COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTIONS LIMITED8136634DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302012-07-106190079 College Road Harrow HA1 1BD
MANCHESTER TELECOM LTD12172244DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-08-2361100 61200 619006 The Chaddock Level Worsley Manchester M28 1UW
MAPLEREED LIMITED10839118DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232017-06-2861900Level 1 1 Mayfair Place London W1J 8AJ
MARCHES MEDIA LTD7737195DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142011-08-1161900 620204 Millfield Canon Frome Ledbury HR8 2TH
MARDAN NETWORK SERVICES LTD7757581DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192011-08-316120021 Ann Place Little Horton Lane Bradford BD5 0BY
MARGAUX CONSULTING LIMITED3123975DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-051995-11-0956290 61900 6202013 Alexandra Road Kew Richmond TW9 2BT
MARINE INTERNET LTD12637979DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-06-016120027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
MARSH TELECOMM LIMITED5833642DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042006-05-31619004 Addington Close Henlow SG16 6LX
MARTCOM LIMITED8817417DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222013-12-17619002a Shire Ridge Walsall Wood Walsall WS9 9RB
MARTIN J CLIFFORD LTD12469061DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-186110032 Corder Road Middlesbrough TS5 4AS
MARTINBARNES95 LIMITED12106425DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-07-16619001 Bath Hill M P Watson & Co Accountants Great Yarmouth NR30 2LQ
MARTINSEND FIBRE BROADBAND COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY12341701DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272019-11-2961100Woodside House Martinsend Lane Great Missenden HP16 9HR
MASTERCOMM LIMITED10462149DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222016-11-0361100The Hangar Hadley Park East Telford TF1 6QJ
MASUHR LTD11786463DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-01-2461100489 Mather Avenue Liverpool L19 4TE
MATCHBOXHQ LIMITED8066441DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282012-05-1156290 61200 73110 73200Southgate House 72 Thornton Road Bradford BD1 2DG
MATHESON WILLIAMS LTD12435184DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032020-01-316190069 Woodland Grove Epping CM16 4NF
MATT TELECOMM SERVICES LIMITED6877301DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072009-04-1561200The Meeting House Little Mount Sion Tunbridge Wells TN1 1YS
MATT.HEALY LTD11679916DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062018-11-15619001 Mayfair Crescent Wilpshire Blackburn BB1 9PY
MATTA TELECOM LIMITED9078354DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032014-06-10619006 Brockhurst Drive Birmingham B28 0YD
MATTCOM DATA COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED3104918DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-161995-09-216190014 Rainsbrook Close Southam Warwickshire CV47 1GL
MATTHEW WEBSTER LIMITED11267819DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122018-03-216120016 Cork Drive Pontprennau Cardiff CF23 8PU
MATTKAR LTD12787524DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-08-03612009 Betjeman Grove Liverpool L16 3GG
MAVERICK COMMUNICATIONS LTD9511370DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-272015-03-2661900Tower Bridge House St Katharine's Way London E1W 1DD
MAVERICK CONSULTANCY AND INNOVATION LTD12092365DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-07-0842220 46180 61900 69109Fox Innage Alveley Bridgnorth WV15 6HF
MAXICOMM LIMITED12286716DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-10-29619004 Thirlmere Close Coventry CV4 9PD
MAXINE WYNTER LIMITED12039886DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162019-06-1061900 82990 85600 8899085 Great Portland Street First Floor London W1W 7LT
MAXTE LTD.10793213DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162017-05-30612004th Floor Radius House 51 Clarendon Road Watford WD17 1HP
MAYFAIR TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD11569268DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132018-09-146120057 Berkeley Square, Lansdowne House Mayfair London W1J 6ER
MAYFLOWER TRADING LIMITED6823052DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162009-02-1861900131 Stock Road Billericay CM12 0RP
MB INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED6710572DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-012008-09-3061900Wilson Field Limited The Manor House 260 Ecclesall Road South Sheffield S11 9PS
MBS TRADERS LIMITED12694336DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092020-06-2461200Flat4 Philip Blairman House 3elder Street London E1 6DG
MCA TELECOM CONSULTING LTD7408090DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-02-232010-10-1461900Station House Midland Drive Sutton Coldfield B72 1TU
MCCLEAN ENTERPRISES LIMITED6341049DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302007-08-136190016 Turville Road, Gilmorton Lutterworth Leicestershire LE17 5LZ
MCCORMICK RESOURCING LIMITED8593439DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162013-07-026190053 Falstone Drive Chester Le Street DH2 3ST
MDM NETWORKS LIMITED10836928DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-092017-06-2761100 61900Second Floor Poynt South Upper Parliament Street Nottingham NG1 6LF
MEDDEB LTD8390424DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192013-02-0661900147 Greenham Road Newbury RG14 7SY
MEETUAL LTD.11184472DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-02-0261900 62012 62090 6311032 Townsend Lane Kingsbury London, United Kingdom NW9 7JJ
MEI APP LIMITED12073410DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-2761200 6190071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
MELTRONICS LIMITED3890619DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-191999-12-0826511 61200 62012 7490937 Doggett Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 9LF
MENDAZA LIMITED10262329DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292016-07-0561900Worthy House 14 Winchester Road Basingstoke RG21 8UQ
MERCS CONNECTIONS LIMITED12047247DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-126190066 Toronto Street Bolton BL2 6PE
MERIDIAN TELECOM LTD7115201DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252010-01-0461900Old Chapel Eastmoor Road Eastmoor Kings Lynn PE33 9PZ
MERIDIEN SYSTEMS LIMITED2748747DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-241992-09-1861900Grove House Third Floor 55 Lowlands Road Harrow HA1 3AW
MERVYN BOLLERS COMMS LIMITED11829873DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-02-1561900Brunel House 340 Firecrest Court Centre Park Warrington WA1 1RG
MESH TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED11895518DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-2147429 61200 62020 620901 Fordingley Road London W9 3HE
META4 STUDIOS LIMITED7160508DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212010-02-176110041 Overton Drive London E11 2LW
METRO PLUS LIMITED7008117DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302009-09-0361900170 Mile End Road London E1 4LJ
MEVENA LTD8150346DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302012-07-196190073 Uplands Road Guildford GU1 2RW
MEZEAL.IO LTD12820233DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182020-08-1858290 61900 62012 620209 Perseverance Works Kingsland Road London E2 8DD
MGB CONTRACTING LTD7370685DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162010-09-0961200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
MGC TELECOM LIMITED4374373DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122002-02-146120045 Oakfield Road Llantarnum Cwmbran NP44 3EY
MGK IT CONSULTANTS LTD8060266DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182012-05-086190023 Courtland Avenue Ilford IG1 3DN
MHDATACOMMS LTD11860312DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-056110014 Clandon Close London Acton W3 8RZ
MIA.TELECOMMS LIMITED12714166DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-026190024 Tenlands Drive Prescot Liverpool L34 0BA
MIARMO T/A CALL AGENTS LTD12351280DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282019-12-05619009 Hadfield Croft Birmingham B19 3BS
MICK.GILBERT LTD13339692DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142021-04-166120035 Park Prewett Road Basingstoke RG24 9RG
MICROVOICE HOLDINGS LTD12336968DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-11-27619007 Eastoft House Carrington Drive Lincoln LN6 0BZ
MICROVOICE LTD12330926DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-11-25619007 Eastoft House Carrington Drive Lincoln LN6 0BZ
MIDLAND TELECOM NETWORKS LIMITED11522600DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262018-08-1761900Commercial House 21a Stone Street Dudley DY1 1NJ
MIKE HOWELL LIMITED6795766DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302009-01-20619004 Sanders Green Winterborne Whitechurch Blandford Forum DT11 0HN
MILNES CONSULTING LIMITED11982673DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132019-05-07619004 Heron Way Warwick CV34 6WH
MIMO-NET LIMITEDSC616319DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-12-1761200 63120272 Bath Street Glasgow G2 4JR
MIR NETWORKS LIMITED11326300DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262018-04-246110015 Parc Gellifaelog Tonypandy CF40 1BF
MISSING-LINK TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED11644920DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262018-10-2626512 61200 62020 62090Dmc County Way Barnsley S70 2JW
MISWAQ LIMITED11982732DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-05-0761900 62020 62090 63110791 Kings Delph Lodge Ramsey PE26 2TR
MIXTV INT. LTD12155579DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-1460200 61100 619002nd Floor College House 17 King Edwards Road Ruislip HA4 7AE
MJ BOULTON LTD12250375DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132019-10-0861100 61200 6190046 Westmorland Avenue Kidsgrove Stoke-On-Trent ST7 1AT
MJBM CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED10491791DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162016-11-226110035 Grasdene Road London SE18 2AS
MJE NETWORKS LIMITED11372986DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-05-216110077 The Pewfist Westhoughton BL5 2EN
MJL DATA COMMS LTD11900226DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-226110017 Cherry Close Sittingbourne ME10 2DF
MJM TELECOMS LTD8990320DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222014-04-1061900100 Wyncham Avenue Sidcup DA15 8ER
MJS COMMS LTD11523993DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272018-08-176190028 Nunns Lane Featherstone Pontefract WF7 5HF
MJS TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD12222843DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-2361900Unit 1 Queensway Trading Estate Waterloo Road Widnes WA8 0FD
MKK COMMUNICATIONS LTD7714622DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222011-07-2261900143 Rochdale Road Firgrove Rochdale OL16 3BU
MM BITINVEST LTD12094872DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-1061900 9609020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
MMANN TELE LTDNI665776DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-11-14619001 East Street East Street Donaghadee BT21 0DW
MMZ SERVICES LIMITED12349442DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-056190067 Ley Street Ilford IG1 4BG
MOA INTERNET VENTURES LIMITED12313128DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-11-1361900130 Old Street London EC1V 9BD
MOB5G.NET LTD11836469DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-02-2061200 6190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
MOBAY TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED7453797DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222010-11-296190019 Old Square Warwick CV34 4RU
MOBILE 360 LTD12231110DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-09-276120013a The Highgrove Bolton BL1 5PX
MOBILE ANALYTICS LIMITED5957365DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062006-10-0561900144 Queens Wharf Crisp Road London W6 9PF
MOBILE BRIDGE LTD10838682DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022017-06-2761200Long Roches Farmhouse The Avenue Bucklebury Reading RG7 6NT
MOBILE CASH TRANSFERS (UK) LIMITED5955259DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212006-10-0461900118 Kings Cross Road London WC1X 9DS
MOBILE CLINIC LTD12197911DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-1061100 62020 6203076 A West End Lane Harlington Hayes UB3 5LU
MOBILE CONNECT LTD12721445DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-06619006 Kings Court Kings Drive Wembley HA9 9ES
MOBILE CONNECTIONS LTD11975125DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212019-05-0261200 61900282 Leigh Road Leigh-On-Sea SS9 1BW
MOBILE FIRST EUROPE LTD12362147DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182019-12-136190010 Hillersdon Avenue London SW13 0EF
MOBILE KLINIK IP LTD10161972DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192016-05-046120040 Ranby Road Coventry CV2 4GS
MOBILE LIFECYCLE SOLUTIONS LIMITED11092986DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162017-12-0461900Unit 16 & 17 Evolution Hooters Hall Road Newcastle Under Lyme ST5 9QF
MOBILE SIGNAL PLUS LIMITED11827623DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242019-02-1461200141c Victoria Way Charlton London SE7 7NX
MOBILE WAVE SOLUTIONS LIMITED10313106DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112016-08-0461900 62012Parkway House C/O Ras Sheen Lane London SW14 8LS
MOBILETRONICS LIMITED8881431DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272014-02-076190088 Barbara Avenue Leicester LE5 2AB
MOBILLA TECHNOLOGY LIMITED12347742DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-12-0461900160 Kemp House London EC1V 2NX
MOBITIZE LTD11625101DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-10-166190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
MOBYCOM LTD8026054DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162012-04-1161200 61900Flat 17 Priory Point 36 Southcote Lane Reading RG30 3ES
MODERN CARE SYSTEMS LTD.7200114DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-112010-03-2361900 62020 87300 87900Second Floor, Poynt South Upper Parliament Street Nottingham NG1 6LF
MOEQING NETWORK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED11955532DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-2035140 61100 63110 63120Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
MOMENTUM EVOLUTION LTD13484315DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302021-06-2941100 46730 6190053b Bouverie Road West Folkestone CT20 2SZ
MONITOR TELECOM LIMITED12215725DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022019-09-196120024 Park Avenue Formby L37 6EB
MONKEY & MONKEY LTD11822557DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-02-1261900Sambourne House Sambourne Road Minety Malmesbury SN16 9RQ
MONONYM LTD12376761DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-12-2361100 61200Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
MONSTER TELECOM LIMITED11787525DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-01-2561900Lasyard House Underhill Street Bridgnorth WV16 4BB
MOORTALK LIMITED6763707DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062008-12-0261200290 Moston Lane Manchester M40 9WB
MORETHANCOMMUNICATIONS LTD12192872DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-09-0661100159 Heath End Road Nuneaton CV10 7JB
MORPHCOM LIMITED12508519DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252020-03-1061100The Factory Offices Woodmead Road Axminster EX13 5PQ
MOUNT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED5962140DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192006-10-10612006 Barley Crescent, Shilton Park Carterton Oxfordshire OX18 1FH
MOVIRTU LIMITED6521961DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162008-03-0461200Ground Floor, The Pearce Building West Street Maidenhead SL6 1RL
MP-HOSTING LTD10643560DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-022017-02-2861100 62012 62020 63990F.A Simms & Partners Limited Alma Park Woodway Lane Claybrooke Parva LE17 5FB
MPB CONTRACTING LTDSC583050DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122017-12-0443999 619002 Aird Avenue Kilmarnock KA1 1SJ
MPIRIS TECHNOLOGY NETWORKS LIMITED12146999DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-0842990 61100 61200 61900Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
MRE SERVICES LTD10609493DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232017-02-0861200 7120022 Martins Hill Carlton Nottingham NG4 1AZ
MRTEL GROUP LIMITED12484561DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-02-2646420 46480 6190011 Eastwood Drive Rainham RM13 9HQ
MS CONTACT CENTRE SERVICES LIMITED11994846DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-05-1461900118 Washway Road Sale M33 7RF
MS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LIMITED8093194DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262012-06-0161900 62090 82990130 Chatteris Avenue Harold Hill Romford RM3 8EU
MS TELECOMS LTD12563744DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172020-04-206110071 Womack Gardens St. Helens WA9 5UY
MS WORKS LTD12432646DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032020-01-29611004 Wesley Close Loughborough LE11 4FA
MSHAWA CONSULTANTS LIMITED9042029DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042014-05-1561100 61200 6190020 Thornton Road Bromley BR1 5AP
MSLAK LTD12570539DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172020-04-23619002 Sherrock Gardens London NW4 4JJ
MSLJ LOGISTICS LTD12348324DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-0461900533-537 Lichfield Road Birmingham B6 7SP
MSM RESEARCH LTD11343443DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262018-05-0361100 7219012 The Wharf 16 Bridge Street Birmingham B1 2JS
MT FAKIRA LIMITED12298098DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-11-0561100 61200153 Kildare Road London E16 4AH
MTEC UTILITIES LTDSC623868DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-312019-03-1142220 43320 43390 6110023 Wallacetown Avenue Kilmarnock KA3 6BH
MTG TELECOMS LIMITED12921916DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252020-10-02612006 Lingfield Close Mansfield NG18 3LW
MTP TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED11534969DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282018-08-2426400 61900 62012 6202030b Hickman Road Penarth CF64 2AL
MTS-TELECOM LTD12097766DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-116190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
MTTSSOLUTIONS LIMITED11968189DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-2961900148 Cottingwood Court Newcastle Upon Tyne NE4 5HF
MUIR BOWDEN LIMITEDSC364860DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302009-09-0161900 62090 7490931 Teviot Place Troon KA10 7EE
MULBERRY TECHNOLOGY LIMITED10861770DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132017-07-12612004 Heath Square Boltro Rd Haywards Heath RH16 1BL
MULTIKONNECT LTD12604253DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132020-05-1561900 63120Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
MULTIPOINT DIGITAL LIMITED9685324DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232015-07-1461900Prospect House 5 May Lane Dursley GL11 4JH
MUSIONCHINA LIMITED12515293DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052020-03-1246180 59112 61200 73110Musionchina Limited The Pavillon 2 Merchant Square Paddington London W1 1JS
MUSLIMSIM LTD11432042DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-06-2561200Kemp House 152 - 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
MY APP LTD10570982DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222017-01-1861200338 Lionel Road North 338 Lionel Road North Brentford TW8 9QX
MY COMMUNITY COMMS LTD11923719DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-04-0361100Unit 4, New Yard Cavalry Hill Industrial Park Weedon NN7 4PP
MY MEET CONFERENCE CALLS LTD12534700DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-03-25619001 Osprey Court Osprey Road Walth EN9 3RZ
MY MOSQUE LIMITED9028924DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032014-05-086120037 Caldy Road West Kirby Wirral CH48 2HF
MY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION LTD11966108DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142019-04-2646520 59112 6190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
MY UK ISP LTD12544507DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-0261900Suite 523, 81 Sanford House Skipper Way Little Paxton St. Neots PE19 6LT
MY UK VOIP GROUP LTD12485309DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-02-2661900Suite 523, 81 Sanford House Skipper Way Little Paxton St. Neots PE19 6LT
MY WIFI SUPPORT.COM LIMITEDSC660411DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-05-04612002/3 48 West George Street Glasgow G2 1BP
MYCLOUDPHONES LIMITED11814771DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-02-086190020 Forest Close Newport NP19 8LX
MYCOMM TECHNOLOGIES LTD7060287DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212009-10-2961900 62090Penventon Mill Treviskey Lanner Redruth TR16 6AS
MYRIAD TELECOMMUNICATIONS CONSULTS LIMITED13059220DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-12-0347421 61100 61200 613007 Madrigal House 2 Easdale Street Swindon SN25 2PR
N. BROWN TELECOMS LIMITED10391327DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262016-09-23611001, Stable Court Business Centre Water Lane Farm Tarbock Green Prescot L35 1RD
N.C.E SOLOUTIONS LTD11757962DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-01-09611009 Franklyn Road Franklyn Road Walton-On-Thames KT12 2LF
N.E.T. EUROPE LTD.2128696DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-151987-05-0626200 61900 62090Bray House C/O Ribbon Communications Uk Ltd. Bray House, 4 Maidenhead Office Park Maidenhead SL6 3QH
NAB CONSULTANCY LTD11923551DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052019-04-0361100 61200 61900 6202020 The Green Ruddington Nottingham NG11 6HH
NAHJ TECH CO LTD12262669DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-10-1561100235 Earls Court Road Suite 153 London SW5 9FE
NANA-BAAFI IT SPECIALIST LIMITED9390605DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272015-01-156190035 Weald Rise Tilehurst Reading RG30 6XB
NANOMUS GROUP LTD12258405DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032019-10-12619003 Cranmore Road Shirely Solihull B90 4RZ
NANT CONSULTING LIMITED9947640DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242016-01-1261100Anesis Foel Park Dyserth Rhyl LL18 6BE
NASDIA CONSULTANTS LTD7259717DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152010-05-206190045 Hunters Grove Hayes UB3 3JE
NATIONWIDE COMMS LTD12315373DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172019-11-146190023 Bowness Street Sunderland SR5 4LA
NATURELLA LIMITED12464102DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-1461900100 Victoria Street Gillingham ME7 1EL
NAUTOFY LIMITED10223659DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162016-06-0961900Office 6 Marlowe House Watling Street Leighton Buzzard LU7 9LS
NB CABLING LIMITED7601899DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272011-04-126190011 Westcott Street Hull HU8 8LR
NDSS-UK LTD11896453DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032019-03-2161200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
NEH COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTIONS LTD11905839DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182019-03-266190027 Brighton Avenue Gosport PO12 4BU
NEHARA SERVICES LTD12870345DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-09-1061200 6190071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
NEIGHBOURHOOD NETWORKS LTD12059068DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-06-196190018 Drew Meadow Farnham Common SL2 3JA
NEIL LAFFERTY TECH SOLUTIONS LIMITED11270551DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-03-2243210 61100 61200 7490918 Jubilee Crescent Rothbury Morpeth NE65 7QZ
NEKOCLOUD SOLUTIONS LIMITED12751841DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-07-1761900 62020 62090 63110Aramex House Old Bath Road Slough SL3 0NS
NEM TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORK LTD12955103DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162020-10-156190017b Palace Close Slough SL1 5NG
NERDESK LTD11895191DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-2159140 61200 62012 74209Flat 27 Regent House 36 Denison Road Manchester M14 5RY
NET COMMUNICATIONS LTD6247191DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-122007-05-1561900Craftwork Studios 1-3 Dufferin Street London EC1Y 8NA
NET365 LTD12154893DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-14619007 Eastoft House Carrington Drive Lincoln LN6 0BZ
NETCLOUD SERVICES LIMITED7956490DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182012-02-206110011 Verbena Close Winnersh Wokingham RG41 5ST
NETELECOM LTD12048722DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-1361900130 Old Street London EC1V 9BD
NETMART MARKETING LIMITED4363051DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-122002-01-2961900Whithy Cottage Catcomb Hilmarton Calne SN11 9HR
NETRANGER LIMITEDSC331198DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-272007-09-2061900168 Bath Street Glasgow G2 4TP
NETSUB LTD10769745DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062017-05-1361100 6120034 Bassett Crescent West Southampton SO16 7DZ
NETTEL COMMUNICATIONS LTD6826129DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202009-02-206190054 New Road Ilford IG3 8AT
NETVISL COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11758793DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-01-0961100 61200 62020 631102 Harbourne Close Manchester M28 7UA
NETWORK DR LIMITED11550563DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062018-09-0461100130 Old Street London EC1V 9BD
NETWORKS PM LIMITED10475328DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232016-11-11612002 Hayburn Rd Braydon Mead Swindon SN25 2ET
NEUMANN LIMITED12701453DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-06-2961200 63110 71200 9004039 Pasture Lane Clayton Bradford BD14 6JR
NEURON AUTOMOTIVE LIMITED13383436DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262021-05-1047429 61200 62012 62020Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
NEW ASIA TELECOM LIMITED9262452DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302014-10-146190088 Whitfield Street First Floor London W1T 4EZ
NEW HORIZONS CONSULTING SERVICES LTD11467078DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212018-07-166190024 Crowhill Road Whitestone Nuneaton CV11 6PJ
NEW METHOD LTD12159814DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-1661900 62030 74909 95110Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
NEW WALK SERVICES LTD11712637DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222018-12-0561100 612002 Tressell Way Thorpe Astley Leicester LE3 3RA
NEWTEL COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED4698478DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052003-03-14612004th Floor, Clerks Well House 20 Britton Street London EC1M 5UA
NEWTEL GLOBAL UK LTD10490088DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-242016-11-2261900136 Hertford Road Enfield EN3 5AX
NEWTOWNBREDA COMMUNICATIONS LTDNI665968DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-11-2161200185 Ormeau Road Belfast BT7 1SQ
NEWVOICEMEDIA UK LIMITED4086658DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102000-10-096190025 Canada Square Level 37 London E14 5LQ
NEXGEN COMMS LTD12227093DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092019-09-256190030 Laidon Avenue Crewe CW2 6RU
NEXT GEN TELCO HOLDINGS LTD12300947DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-11-0661900170 Draycott Avenue Harrow HA3 0BX
NEXT GENERATION INFRASTRUCTURE CONSULTANTS LTD7530225DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262011-02-1561100Le Courtillet Rhododendron Avenue Meopham Gravesend DA13 0TU
NEXT-GENERATION COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12378113DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-12-276190014 Fox Grove Fforestfach Swansea SA5 4NY
NEXTGEN IT SERVICES LIMITED10329175DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122016-08-156110011 Dorchester Drive Feltham TW14 8HP
NEXUS CARRIER LIMITED11822742DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-02-1246510 61900 62012 63110Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
NEXUSTECH LIMITED9779852DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242015-09-166120044 Woodmancote Cirencester GL7 7EF
NGM INSTALLATIONS LIMITED10544178DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072017-01-0343210 61100124 124 Chatsworth Drive Mansfield NG18 4QX
NGT TELECOM NO. 1 LIMITED3751494DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-041999-04-096190015 Canada Square London E14 5GL
NICHOLLS COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED10755435DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162017-05-0561900108 Harwood Avenue Hornchurch RM11 2NU
NICOMM TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED10362357DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162016-09-07619005 John Batchelor Way Penarth CF64 1SD
NICRO UTILITIES LTD11828409DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-02-156110013 Hurricane Close Hurricane Way Wickford SS11 8YR
NIDAS CONSULTING LIMITED10904211DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132017-08-0861900840 Ibis Court Centre Park Warrington WA1 1RL
NIGHT MUSIC PRODUCTIONS LIMITED8377338DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222013-01-2858190 60100 61900 8299037 Warren Street London W1T 6AD
NJDCE COMMS LTD12070436DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-2661100 61200 6190014 Japonica Close Bridgwater TA6 4FE
NL COMMUNICATIONS LTD7845507DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-202011-11-116190014 Arnside Crescent Morecambe LA4 5PW
NLT 'NO LONG TING' LIMITED12221672DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-2361200 63110 6499931 Eastdown House Amhurst Road London E8 2AT
NM ELECTRICAL LIMITEDSC320644DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272007-04-1061900547 Holburn Street Aberdeen AB10 7LH
NMC SOLUTIONS LTD10964027DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212017-09-1461100 619002 Bournemouth Close Murdishaw Runcorn WA7 6DS
NNR MARKETING LTD11403100DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-06-0761900Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
NOAYDIA LTD11880751DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272019-03-1361900 62020 7022912 Orchard Court Heron Road Exeter EX2 7LL
NOMAD INC. LIMITED10244545DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192016-06-21619004 Torquay Drive Leigh-On-Sea SS9 1SE
NOMADIAN MEDIA LIMITED12303237DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-11-0761200Pob 5908 Sheffield City Delivery Office Pond St Sheffield S2 9FW
NORDEN TELECOM LIMITED10982801DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062017-09-2661900Bank House 71 Dale Street Milnrow Rochdale OL16 3NJ
NORTH DEVON DATACOMMS LTD11800855DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-02-016190020 Yeo Road Chivenor Barnstaple EX31 4BD
NORTH WEST BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LIMITED5442462DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052005-05-046190021 Bolton Street Chorley PR7 3AA
NORTH WEST FIBRE NETWORX LIMITED9388124DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302015-01-146190036 New Cut Lane Southport PR8 3DW
NORTHEAST COMMS ENGINEERING (NECE) LTD6398379DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012007-10-156190015 Kenmore Close Gateshead NE10 8WJ
NORTHERN RAIL TELECOMS LIMITED9585154DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162015-05-11619004a Roman Road East Ham E6 3RX
NOVATIME LTD12021106DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-2959112 61900 62012 63120Flat 14 Walker Street, 12-16 Walker Street Preston PR1 2RN
NOW EQUITY LTD12373221DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132019-12-206190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
NSB TELECOMS LTD9899858DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122015-12-036190030 Harborough Road Kingsthorpe Northampton NN2 7AZ
NSG TELECOMS LTD11045993DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122017-11-0361900Plaza 9, Kd Tower Cotterells Hemel Hempstead HP1 1FW
NT COMMUNICATIONS LTD12657277DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262020-06-0961200 61900Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
NTECH INVESTMENTS LTD11672080DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292018-11-1261100 61900 62020 6209020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
NTEL CONSULTING LTD11745459DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132018-12-3161100Kingswick House Kingswick Drive Ascot SL5 7BH
NTS SOLUTIONS LTD12547384DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-04-066190017 Archer Crescent Tiptree Colchester CO5 0GS
NUMBERS HELPLINE LTD8677568DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142013-09-0561900Davies & Co 9 Riverside Waters Meeting Road Bolton BL1 8TU
NUTBROWN COMMUNICATIONS LTD11817378DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172019-02-116110020 Field Lane Fazakerley Liverpool L10 0AG
NUTONIX LTD11772780DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-01-1761100Hartfield Place 40-44 High Street Northwood HA6 1BN
NUVA LIMITED6948788DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262009-06-306190015 Rushington Avenue Maidenhead SL6 1BY
NUVU MEDIA LIMITED10921244DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-042017-08-1761200Hill House 1 Little New Street London EC4A 3TR
NXTCOM GLOBAL LTD12042280DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-106190018 Staples Drive Coalville LE67 4GB
NY ASSOCIATES LIMITED9355992DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052014-12-166190037 Cross Walks Road Stourbridge DY9 8BG
O E COMMUNICATIONS LTD11794708DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252019-01-2961900Field House Sessay Thirsk YO7 3BE
O N I GROUP LIMITED3909593DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202000-01-196190024 Crawley Green Road Luton Bedfordshire LU2 0QX
O2 (ONLINE) LIMITED1906156DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-281985-04-1761900 74990260 Bath Road Slough SL1 4DX
O2 LIMITED4330445DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282001-11-2861900 74990260 Bath Road Slough SL1 4DX
OAK TREE CONSULTANTS LIMITED6761926DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162008-12-0161200Oak Tree House Armscote Road Tredington CV36 4NP
OBELO LTD12533337DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-03-2561200Stuart Mcbain Ltd 18 Century Building Liverpool L3 4BJ
OBIT LTD13371198DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072021-05-036110019 Clydesdale Road London W11 1JS
OBSESSIVE COMMUNICATIONS LTD12003231DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172019-05-176190014 Smeaton Close Aylesbury HP19 8HL
OBSESSIVE GROUP LTD12003115DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172019-05-176190014 Midshires House Smeaton Close Aylesbury HP19 8HL
OCTOBER HOUSE CONSULTANCY LIMITED5180714DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162004-07-1561900Camelot 32,Diddington Lane Hampton In Arden Solihull B92 0BZ
OGAR CONSULTING LTD5690828DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262006-01-3061100 61200 61300 62020New Bond House 124 New Bond Street London W1S 1DX
OGAR CONSULTING LTD5690828DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262006-01-3061100 61200 61300 62020New Bond House 124 New Bond Street London W1S 1DX
OJEM COMMUNICATIONS LTD12110502DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082019-07-1861900 620908a Matlock Gardens Hornchurch RM12 6HX
OKCOMPANY LIMITED11805287DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-02-0443290 61900 71129 7120064a Whetstone Road London SE3 8PZ
OLIVER HARRY HOLDINGS LTD.10248562DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-022016-06-2361200 62020Savants 83 Victoria Street London SW1H 0HW
OM TECH TWO LTD11082867DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262017-11-2747429 6190076 High Street Chesham HP5 1EG
OMEGA CONNECTED LTD.8689828DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302013-09-1361900Leverton House 461-463 London Road Sheffield S2 4HL
OMNITEC SOLUTIONS SERVICES LIMITED8892363DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-152014-02-1361100 61200 62020Begbies Traynor 1 Old Hall Street Liverpool L3 9HF
OMWORK LTD12175317DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092019-08-2746310 56290 59131 6190027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
ON DIVERSITY LTD11983663DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212019-05-0861100 62012 62020 6311020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
ONA KVILIUTE LEGAL AFFAIRS LTD10789995DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282017-05-2561900 69109 7022945-47 Leinster Square London W2 4PU
ONE CALL TELECOM LIMITED10645256DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122017-03-0161200C/O Hillier Hopkins Llp 249 Silbury Boulevard Milton Keynes MK9 1NA
ONE COM CALL LTD12818586DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302020-08-176190036 The Oval Guildford GU2 7TZ
ONE KONECT LTDNI072596DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052009-05-1347421 6120040 Bachelors Walk Lisburn BT28 1XJ
ONE STEP MANAGEMENT LTD12230594DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-09-276190065 Carlingford Drive Westcliff-On-Sea SS0 0SD
ONELINK SERVICES LTD11731010DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292018-12-176110033 Westcombe Drive Barnet EN5 2BE
ONESAT CORPORATION LIMITED12718826DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-0461200 61300 62090 6499927 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
ONESIXTY LTD6610697DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-312008-06-04612003rd Floor 37 Frederick Place Brighton BN1 4EA
ONYXWEB LTD12002641DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-05-1761900 62020 63120 7311027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
OPAL CONNECT LIMITED5727462DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222006-03-0261900Soapworks Ordsall Lane Salford M5 3TT
OPCOM SOLUTIONS LTD8914912DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102014-02-27619003 The Paddocks Cusworth Doncaster DN5 7TW
OPEN SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS LIMITED11233410DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272018-03-0561100 6209016 Avery Hill Road London SE9 2BD
OPEN TELECOM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED5213517DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-022004-08-2461900CVR GLOBAL LLP 5 Prospect House Meridians Cross Ocean Way Southampton SO14 3TJ
OPENCLUSTER TECHNOLOGIES LTD12153253DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282019-08-1361200 6202020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
OPENLINKCOMMUNICATIONS LTDSC666256DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-0361100 61900 68201 9800013 Redcroft Road Danderhall Dalkeith EH22 1FQ
OPENREACH CONTRACTORS LIMITED12052872DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-176110024 Branch Street Huddersfield HD1 4JL
OPERATIONS PROJECTS AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT LIMITED6781631DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042008-12-3161900 84240 84250 95120Fresh Fields Frittenden Road Biddenden TN27 8LG
OPIT CONSULTANCY LTD11926930DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052019-04-0461100Garden Flat 56 Shooters Hill Road London SE3 7BG
OPSOL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED11063127DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222017-11-1461900 62020311 Regents Park Road London N3 1DP
OPTI-TEC OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONS LTD12636865DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-06-0161100 619008 Peartree Mews Sunderland SR2 7SL
OPTICAL FIBRE SERVICES LTD12720829DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-0561100Demar House 14 Church Road East Wittering Chichester PO20 8PS
OPTICE LTD12593170DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-05-116190071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
OPTICTELECOMS LTD12728727DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-07-086110016 Brenda Crescent Liverpool L23 4TZ
OPTIKAL LIMITED6584671DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202008-05-0661100112 Fleetwoods Lane Netherton Liverpool L30 0QQ
OPTINET U.K. NETWORKS 2 LIMITED11602775DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272018-10-0361900Skyline Plaza Victoria Avenue Southend-On-Sea SS2 6BB
OPTINET U.K. NETWORKS LIMITED11266602DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272018-03-2161900Skyline Plaza Victoria Avenue Southend SS2 6BB
ORANGE SMART AUTOMATION LTD12631704DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-05-296190040a Market Square High Street St. Neots PE19 1JA
ORIGIN BROADBAND INFRASTRUCTURE LTD12091598DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-07-0861900Callflex Building 7 Doncaster Road Wath-Upon-Dearne Rotherham S63 7EF
ORIONGROUP INTERNATIONAL LIMITED12054317DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-1761900 74909 85590 9609077 Ridgley Road West Midlands West Midlands CV4 9JZ
ORMEROD COMMUNICATIONS LTD12271757DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-10-216190026 Birch Tree Avenue Hazel Grove Stockport SK7 6AP
ORTV INTERNET LIMITED13382911DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212021-05-0761900 856002 Diamond Close Cambridge CB2 8AU
ORYX MOBILE LTD11727264DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222018-12-14619001st Floor 2 Woodberry Grove Finchley N12 0DR
OTP SOLUTIONS LTDSC664943DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-232020-06-2261200International House 38 Thistle Street Edinburgh EH2 1EN
OUT SIDE PLANT SOLUTIONS LIMITED11259266DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-03-16611003 Warners Mill Silks Way Braintree CM7 3GB
OVATE SOLUTIONS LTD8794322DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122013-11-2861900Flat 84 Dennison Point Gibbins Road London E15 2LZ
OVER TECH SOLUTIONS LTD12482789DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-02-256120015 Axmouth Drive Nottingham NG3 5SX
OWL MARKETING LIMITED12629708DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-05-2861200 61900 6492236 Highgate Crescent Appley Bridge Wigan WN6 9JE
OZON GRID LTD12077420DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052019-07-0161200 61900 62090 8690071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
P & B JAMES TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11338508DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072018-05-016120035 Pot House Road Wibsey Bradford BD6 1UE
P EASTWOOD CONSTRUCTION LTD9643514DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132015-06-17611007 Glorney Mead Badshot Lea Farnham GU9 9NL
P J GALLAGHER LIMITED11666664DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072018-11-086190013 Keith Park Crescent Biggin Hill Westerham TN16 3ER
P KNIGHT COMMS LIMITED10257971DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062016-06-3061900Assist House 25 Lombard Road London SW19 3TZ
P M AUDITS LTD12544554DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-02619006 Heol Glannant Caerfyrddin SA31 3JD
P STRIDE LIMITED6354765DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122007-08-296190044 Selangor Avenue Emsworth PO10 7LT
P.C. TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED10877404DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262017-07-21611009 Roydwood Terrace Cullingworth Bradford BD13 5HL
P&L.MORGAN LIMITED12188101DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-09-046110034 Starbeck Drive Little Sutton Ellesmere Port CH66 4TR
P&NG LIMITED8206117DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022012-09-07619004 Kiln Ride Finchampstead Wokingham RG40 3JL
PA FORBES LIMITED11543279DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252018-08-306190018 Moorwood Close Carlisle CA1 2LB
PA PAL LIMITED12069373DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-256190032 32 Dickinson Av Croxley Green Rickmansworth WD3 3EX
PAC COMMS LIMITED7840246DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072011-11-09619001 Bank House Close Tyldesley Manchester M29 8RB
PACE SWINDON LIMITED9618682DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082015-06-02612002nd Floor The Port House Port Solent Portsmouth PO6 4TH
PACKET DATA SYSTEMS LIMITED2869145DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-301993-11-046190012 Mallards Reach Thatcham RG19 4AR
PADDOCKHURST BROADBAND LTD11557579DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282018-09-07611002/4 Ash Lane Rustington Littlehampton BN16 3BZ
PAGE 4 COMMS LTD10488168DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162016-11-2161900White Hart House Silwood Road Ascot SL5 0PY
PAKSTAR LIMITED8983399DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012014-04-076120024 Huntley Road Manchester M8 4JF
PALDIN LTD8963181DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142014-03-276190041 Stonard Road London N13 4DJ
PAMEX LIMITED12500505DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-03-056190077-79 Farringdon Road London EC1M 3JU
PAMUSUO LIMITED11434276DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-06-2661200227a Greenwood Road Nottingham NG3 7FU
PARACOM LTD12684816DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-206110030 Wellesley Drive Crowthorne RG45 6AL
PARAGON INFO SOLUTIONS LIMITED7089245DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062009-11-27612001 Augusta Close West Molesey KT8 2TL
PARCHMENT COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12469611DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-1861100100c City Road Bristol BS2 8UH
PARTNER COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11527243DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-08-2061200198 Finchampstead Road Wokingham RG40 3HB
PARTNER TELECOM LIMITEDSC355235DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142009-02-186190032 Deanston Avenue Barrhead Glasgow G78 2BP
PATITEL LTD11868668DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-0861900 62090 63110Apt 29430 Chynoweth House Trevissome Park Truro TR4 8UN
PATRICKS & BRITTO LYRA LTD12657059DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-06-096110016 Beech Court Station Road Broxbourne EN10 7AG
PAUL FERGUSON LTDSC657740DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142020-03-186190020 Hillhouse Avenue Bathgate EH48 4BQ
PAVIT LTD12141067DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-08-0661100 61300 61900 6202020 Rowland Close Wallingford OX10 8LA
PAYNE NETWORKS LTD12091324DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-07-08619004 Capel Close Warmley Bristol BS15 4LS
PCN MACE LTD11886657DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-03-186120024 Appledore Drive Oakwood Derby DE21 2LN
PD & CO TELECOMS SOLUTIONS LTD12595304DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-05-1161100 61200 6190041 Marsom Grove Luton LU3 4BH
PDWI LIMITED7352927DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-302010-08-2361900Cvr Global Llp Town Wall House Balkerne Hill Colchester CO3 3AD
PEACE OF MIND TELECOMMS LTD12821612DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-08-1861100Flat 2 3 Haymans Green West Derby Liverpool L12 7JG
PEACHWOOD CONSULTING LIMITED10848750DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262017-07-0461100 61200Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
PEAK INTELLIGENCE LIMITED5142895DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232004-06-0261900 70229Westway Hallmoor Road Darley Dale Matlock DE4 2HF
PEAKCROSS LIMITED10700875DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272017-03-3146520 6190073 Hainault Road Romford RM5 3AD
PEANUT'S WORLD LTD12254094DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132019-10-1061900Pbs Ltd , Office 11, Clydesdale House 11 Cumberland Place Southampton SO15 2BH
PEARL VALLEY LIMITED12513539DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-03-126190043 Petersfield Road Birmingham B28 0AU
PEBBELL LTD11632972DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142018-10-19619001 Harley Street London W1G 9QD
PECTEL SERVICES LTD7978347DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272012-03-0661200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
PEDRO COMMUNICATIONS LTD12203620DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-126190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
PEGR SERVICES LTD9698497DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172015-07-22611003 Brookdene Swindon SN25 1RN
PENARTH COMMUNICATIONS LTD10787790DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052017-05-2461200139 Westbourne Road Penarth CF64 5BS
PENTATOPE LTD10396843DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102016-09-2761900 6202047 St. Benets Grove Carshalton SM5 1AY
PERCEPTIVEUAS LTDSC467960DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112014-01-2128990 6190011-15 Thistle Street Mha Henderson Loggie Edinburgh EH2 1DF
PERFORMANCE TELECOM HOLDINGS LTD8108599DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132012-06-1861900Redfern House 105 Ashley Road St Albans AL1 5GD
PERKSKICK GROUP LIMITED13323796DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072021-04-0858290 61200 62012 6209037 Warnington Drive Doncaster DN4 6ST
PERRYTHORN LIMITED10872486DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232017-07-1861900Level 1 1 Mayfair Place London W1J 8AJ
PERVAZIVE LIMITED11803387DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102019-02-0461100 61200 613007 Standen Road Clitheroe BB7 1JY
PET TRACKER LIMITED12012255DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-226120014 Bodley Way Weston-Super-Mare BS24 7HD
PETRONAP LIMITED10183918DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142016-05-1761900207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH
PHA COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED4028043DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102000-07-0661900Unit E3 Pitts Cleave Industrial Estate Tavistock PL19 0PW
PHANCOM LTD12802851DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-08-1061900 62090 63990 72190Apartment 302 8 Walworth Road London SE1 6EE
PHASE DSCS (UK) LIMITEDSC502663DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142015-04-0761100 61200 62020 74909Regent Court Suite 19 West Regent Street Glasgow G2 2QZ
PHILLIPS DATA COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED10863682DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192017-07-136110081 Holdenhurst Avenue Finchley London N12 0HY
PHITECH LIMITED3269508DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-271996-10-2526511 61200 62090Hurtwood Poplar Lane Bransgore Christchurch BH23 8JE
PHOENIX24-7 LTDSC363502DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-092009-08-046190025 Bothwell Street Glasgow G2 6NL
PHONE FIXER FRIEND LTD11379706DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-05-24619003 Eastbank Street Southport PR8 1DW
PHONEPERFORM LTD12053724DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-1761100 62030 63910 6399029 Astwood Road London WR3 8ER
PIATEK TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES LIMITED6013471DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182006-11-296190019 Head Down Petersfield GU31 4PS
PICKFORD TELECOM LTD13068928DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032020-12-076190086-90 Paul Street London EC2A 4NE
PICTONCOM LTD11386484DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262018-05-296190013 Maids Cross Hill Lakenheath Brandon IP27 9EJ
PIER 8 PROJECTS LIMITED6986151DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072009-08-10619001201 Sovereign Point Salford Quays Salford M50 3AY
PILOT GREEN LIMITEDNI635451DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272015-12-176190017 Hollywood Gardens Newry BT34 1BW
PINK TELECOMS LIMITED7440097DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232010-11-1561900 62090278 Chase Road London N14 6HA
PINNACLE TRADING LTD9623345DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192015-06-046190055 Links Avenue Links Avenue Romford RM2 6NH
PIP TELECOMS LIMITED10543280DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062016-12-3061200 62020Mountain Ash Thorndown Lane Windlesham GU20 6DD
PITCOM LIMITED11673298DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062018-11-126110027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
PJK COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED10896812DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302017-08-026120014 14 Crossbank Avenue Lees Oldham OL4 4SB
PKA CABLE INSTALLATION LTDSC621803DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-02-206110023 Kingsbridge Crescent Glasgow G44 4JX
PKCOMMS LIMITED7982390DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192012-03-086190050 Priory Road Campton Shefford SG17 5PG
PKMT LTD11949037DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-1661900Monk Soham House The Green Monk Soham Woodbridge IP13 7ET
PLAN IT IN LIMITED10355919DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302016-09-0156101 6190027 Dunholme Road London N9 9NP
PLANET CLOUD COMMUNICATIONS LTD10320616DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252016-08-09611001st Floor, North Warwickshire House 92 Wheat Street Nuneaton Warwickshire CV11 4BH
PLANIT SMART LIMITED6297574DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262007-06-2961200 6202045 Kings Road Henley-On-Thames RG9 2DW
PLATOCOMM LTD11849297DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202019-02-2761100 6120071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
PLAUDEO LTD12710550DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-07-01619009-10 Havelock Street Ilkeston DE7 5RJ
PLELO LIMITED5579571DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052005-09-3061900Tenby Place, 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
PLUS TELECOMS SOLUTIONS LIMITED12678177DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-176190093 Church Lane Marple Stockport SK6 7AW
PLUVRAI LIMITED11458503DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212018-07-1161100 7022912 The Wharf 16 Bridge Street Birmingham B1 2JS
PMD CONSULTANTS LIMITED4896840DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282003-09-126190055 Highmarsh Crescent Newton-Le-Willows WA12 9WE
PMR DISTRIBUTION LTDNI636413DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072016-02-126110040 Maryville Park Bangor BT20 3RJ
POD TELECOMS LTD11452316DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-232018-07-066120042 Hadfield Close Manchester M14 5LY
POJFS LTD11829181DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132019-02-1561100 6120039 Guilford Road Winton Eccles M30 7JF
PORT COMMUNICATIONS LTD10324711DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262016-08-1161900Trelynden Fore Street Goldsithney Penzance TR20 9LG
PORT CONSULT LIMITED13601510DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072021-09-03619009 Claremont Grove London W4 2TL
PORTAL VOICE AND DATA LIMITED3694599DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-071999-01-0761900Wavenet Group Second Floor One Central Boulevard Blythe Valley Park Shirley B90 8BG
POS-GLOBAL VE LTD12184939DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-026190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
POWER ELECTRONIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11941792DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212019-04-1246520 6190071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
POWERHOUSE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED9503525DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302015-03-2361900Huntworth House West Wing Huntworth Bridgwater TA7 0AH
POWT LTD12373191DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-12-2058190 6190071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
POYNER CONSULTING LIMITED7905645DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022012-01-1161900 71122 72190 74909Charwell House Wilsom Road Alton GU34 2PP
PRADAR2017 LTD10507701DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272016-12-0261200 7120079 Hutton Close Newbury RG14 1HF
PRAISE ENTERPRISES LTD10910407DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302017-08-1161900 80100 80200 9609013 St. Martins Close Erith Kent DA18 4DZ
PRECISE SMS LTD7214441DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082010-04-076120035 Millfield Poole BH17 7XA
PREFERENTIAL RESULTS LIMITED8423894DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232013-02-2861100 61300 619002 Mayfield Place Windsor SL4 2FA
PREMIER BUSINESS CONSULTANCY & SOLUTIONS LTDNI668970DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-04-1761900 62030 62090 64910Unit 30 Campsie Industrial Estate Campsie Derry BT47 3XX
PREMIER ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED4572231DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052002-10-246190081 Station Road Marlow SL7 1NS
PREMIER TELCO LTD12098964DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-07-1161100 61200 6190054c High Street Thames Ditton KT7 0SA
PREMIUM GALAXY LTD7706182DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182011-07-156190094 Grove Lane Handsworth Birmingham B21 9HA
PREMIUM NETWORK LTD12709371DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-07-016190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
PREMIUM SIM PRIVATE LIMITED12273370DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-10-216120021 Warwick Road Bradford BD4 7RA
PRESCOD ASSOCIATES AND CO UK LTD6675376DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122008-08-1859112 61900 7022188a Cambridge Gardens Ladbroke Grove London W10 6HS
PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE WIDE WIDE LTD12693307DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152020-06-2358110 6120020 Guild Road Aston Cantlow Henley-In-Arden B95 6JA
PRICEFINDERUK LIMITED9956174DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112016-01-186190060 Grendon Road Birmingham B14 4QZ
PRIDEELITE LIMITED12373090DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-2061900 63120 63910 6399071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
PRIMARY PROJECT MANAGEMENT LIMITED7091990DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-152009-12-0161900 62020 70100 829903 Wycombe Lane Wooburn Green High Wycombe HP10 0HD
PRIZE LINE LIMITED12584002DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-05-0461900Llew Coch Bridge Street Pontrhydfendigaid SY25 6BH
PRO CALL PROTECTION LTD12773179DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262020-07-2861900Flat 5 36-37 Queens Road Brighton BN1 3XB
PRO CALL TELECOM LIMITED8869251DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192014-01-306120027 Gloucester Place London W1U 8HU
PRO NET FIBER LTD11921725DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-04-0261100 61200 62020 6311080 Freshfield Gardens Bradford BD15 7PR
PRO TECHNOLOGY SERVICES LTD11403221DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092018-06-0761900C/O V&R Accountancy Services Cropton House Three Tuns Lane Formby L37 4AQ
PRO-FUSIONUK LTD11018993DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162017-10-18611008 Monmouth Street Hull HU4 6QL
PROCELL LIMITED5451916DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052005-05-1361900Tenby Place, 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
PROJECT COMMS LIMITED12255557DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132019-10-106120036 Woodbridge Road Urmston Manchester M41 8RH
PROJECT SUPPORT PROVISIONING LTD11195097DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-02-0861200 61900C/O Clever Accounts Ltd Selby Road Garforth Leeds LS25 1NB
PROMINENT CLASS LTD11831289DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-02-1861900Flat 3 Marine Park House 6 Nyewood Lane Bognor Regis PO21 2QB
PROPERTY PERFORMANCE LTD11800095DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-01-3161100 61900Ardeifi Ardefei, New Street Lampeter SA48 7AL
PROUNLOCK LTD12598607DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-05-1347421 61900 95120Flat 10 48 Osborne Road Manchester M19 2DT
PROXELITE LTD12120683DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-2458290 61900 62090 6311071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
PSCHENT TECHNOLOGY & PROJECT SOLUTIONS LIMITED11542758DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262018-08-3061900 62020The Stables Stansted Park Rowlands Castle Havant PO9 6DX
PSP DATA COMMS LTD11873641DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-1161100 6190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
PTC SYSTEMS LIMITED2295121DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-181988-09-1243210 61900Rsm Restructuring Advisory Llp 25 Farringdon Street London EC4A 4AB
PTGI-ICS HOLDINGS LIMITED5995405DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-302006-11-1061900C/O Frp Advisory Llp 4 Beaconsfield Road St Albans AL1 3RD
PURA MOBILE LIMITED11897252DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-216120019 Market St Altrincham WA15 8FG
PURE COMMUNICATIONS (SOUTH EAST) LIMITED8636109DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162013-08-026190037 Shiphay Lane Torquay TQ2 7DU
PURPLE PIG WORLD LIMITED12810858DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222020-08-1361900Easterbrook Eaton Cosmopolitan House Old Fore Street Sidmouth EX10 8LS
PURPLE PONY LIMITED9745879DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182015-08-246190018 Harts Hill Road Thatcham RG18 4QP
PURPLE23 LIMITED6657363DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302008-07-286190023 Laurel Gardens Greenham Thatcham RG19 8XU
PW UTILITIES & COMMS LTD9538468DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162015-04-136190024 Chatsworth Park Avenue Sheffield S12 2UA
QCELL UK LTD11485223DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192018-07-2661100 61200 61900 62020155a West Green Rioad London N15 5EA
QHAC LIMITED5137178DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302004-05-2561900Vale House Flatford Lane East Bergholt Colchester CO7 6UN
QOGNO DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE PVT LIMITED13295266DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072021-03-2661900B213 2 Greengate Manchester M3 7NL
QS COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11419929DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292018-06-1861900Beacon House South Road Weybridge KT13 9DZ
QSG TECHNICAL CONSULTING LIMITED11781093DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-01-2261900Devonshire House 60 Goswell Road London EC1M 7AD
QUADRALINK LIMITED7781427DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162011-09-2161900Rose Cottage Aldworth Reading RG8 9RL
QUALITY SERVICE NOW LIMITED12167372DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-216190048 Farnsby Street Swindon SN1 5AH
QUALITY UTILITY SOLUTIONS LTD9897488DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222015-12-0135130 61900164 Orchard Grove Stanley DH9 8NY
QUALITYCOMM LTD11974833DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-05-0261200 619006 Hawthorne Road London E17 4QB
QUANTUM 3 NETWORK SOLUTIONS LIMITED12243050DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-10-046190090-92 High Street West Glossop SK13 8BB
QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY SERVICES LTD12568407DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-04-2261100 61200 62020Unit 2 Daleside House Park Road East Calverton NG14 6LL
QUARTIX TELEMATICS LIMITED13305182DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212021-03-3130990 61900 63110Quartix New Church Street New Church Street Newtown SY16 1AF
QUBE COMMUNICATIONS LTD12382971DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102020-01-0259132 61100 61200 6130071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
QUICKANET LIMITED10878310DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292017-07-2161200 6209022 Dacre Park London SE13 5SP
QUINTEL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED4416865DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-262002-04-1561200St. James Court St. James Parade Bristol BS1 3LH
R & L TELECOMMS LIMITED10687632DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142017-03-23619002 Campbell Close Chelmsford CM2 9BE
R C DIXON TELECOMS LTD12061727DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-206110032 Badgers Brook Brackla Bridgend CF31 2QS
R K CAPITAL INVESTMENT AND ENERGY LIMITED11195377DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-02-0847910 61900 62012 6312019 Cotton Hill Bromley BR1 5RT
R SALTER LIMITED9844390DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222015-10-276120024 Retingham Way Stratton St Margaret Swindon SN3 4UG
R-GOINGS TECH LTD12314685DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-11-146110016 Sedgewick Close Sedgewick Close Hartlepool TS24 9EU
R.A.J. INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY PVT. LTD12156133DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-08-146190022 Masterman Place Uxbridge UB10 0QX
R.C.G. GLOBAL NETWORKS LIMITED4495713DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062002-07-2661900Ground Floor, Egerton House 68 Baker Street Weybridge KT13 8AL
R&J TELECOMS LTD12614906DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262020-05-2042220 61100 61200 619001 Hildreth Street London SW12 9RQ
R&R COMMUNICATIONS LTD12703792DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-06-296110016 Vicarage Ave Brookhouse Lancaster LA2 9NT
RA TELECOMS LTD12866466DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082020-09-0861900110 Victoria Road Garswood Wigan WN4 0SZ
RABCOMM LIMITEDSC544996DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282016-09-096120018 Young Street Edinburgh EH2 4JB
RADIATIS LTD12236619DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-10-0161200 61900 6202071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
RADIO TELECOM NETWORKS (SWINDON) LTD7452421DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072010-11-266190038-42 Newport Street Swindon SN1 3DR
RADIO TELEMETRY SERVICES LIMITED6818341DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062009-02-1361900 74990395-397 Woodchurch Road Birkenhead CH42 8PF
RADIOSYS LTD11971304DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212019-04-3047429 6120037 Church St St Neots PE19 2BS
RADNOR COMMUNICATIONS LTD7478467DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302010-12-296110010 Verralls Walk Lewes BN7 1LP
RAHMAN TRADING LIMITED10107798DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072016-04-066190078 Ben Jonson Road London E1 3NN
RAM NETWORKS LTD12574710DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-04-276190051 Rumer Hill Business Estate Rumer Hill Road Cannock WS11 0ET
RANDOM APP LIMITEDSC691432DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262021-03-0861900Oak Tree Cottage Auchterarder Auchterarder PH3 1JU
RAO INFOTECH LIMITED12015407DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-05-2461100 61200 62020 620904 Stafford Grove Shenley Church End Milton Keynes MK5 6AY
RAPIDE INTERNET LTD11961191DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-246120071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
RAPIDSURF LTD12000897DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-1661200 61900174 Blake Street Mansfield Woodhouse Mansfield Woodhouse NG19 9NN
RAR COMMS LTD11926799DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272019-04-046190037 Weatherhead Weatherhead Avenue Middlesbrough TS5 4JX
RASUST SOLS LTD13384607DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072021-05-1061200 62090Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
RB SIGNALLING LTD12113272DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-07-1961900227 Squires Gate Lane Blackpool FY4 2NH
RC COMMS LTD12048723DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-13619002 Stamford Square London SW15 2BF
RC OPTICAL LTD12039085DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-06-0761900130 Queenswood Drive Leeds LS6 3LJ
RD COMMS LTD11688016DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272018-11-2061200Suite 1 Second Floor Everdene House Deansleigh Road Bournemouth BH7 7DU
RDFCABLING LTD12687638DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-06-2224440 27310 61100 6120020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
REACH US LTD10816296DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232017-06-1361900 62090Solar House 282 Chase Road London N14 6NZ
REACHO LTD12548066DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-04-0661200Flat 6 127 Queens Road Greater London SE15 2ND
REACTIVE PROJECTS & MANAGEMENT LTD9577683DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042015-05-0661900Woodbine Farm Business Centre Truro Business Park Threemilestone Truro TR3 6BW
REAL 5G LTD12460054DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-136190077 Crescent Road 77 Crescent Road 77 Crescent Road Woolwich SE18 7AH
REAL TIME CLOUD COMMUNICATIONS LTD11540115DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262018-08-2861200 61900Low Hall Coach House Ripon Road Killinghall Harrogate HG3 2AY
REAL WORLD MOBILE&ELECTRONICS ACCESSORIES LTD12217016DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-2061900203-205 The Vale London W3 7QS
REBUS LOGISTICS LTD11912437DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-03-2861900 6201252 Wheeler Avenue Oxted RH8 9LE
RECALL ALERT CIC10423773DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062016-10-126190064 Coed Mieri Tyla Garw Pontyclun CF72 9UW
RED BERYL COOPERATION LIMITED12270969DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-10-186190017 Hanover Square London 17 Hanover Square London W1S 1BN
RED PLANET GLOBAL LTD11542389DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042018-08-296190012b Park Street London W1K 7HQ
RED SKY UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS LTD10035884DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162016-03-016190043 Coniscliffe Road Darlington DL3 7EH
RED TUBES LTD11975711DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182019-05-0261100 61200 619003 Haines Avenue Wyre Piddle Pershore WR10 2RQ
RED WHITE & GREEN COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED9723063DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-02-262015-08-08612001st Floor North Anchor Court Keen Road Cardiff CF24 5JW
REDBIT SOLUTIONS LTD11676392DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032018-11-1461100 61200 62020 62090Suite 2 72/76 Burnley Road London NW10 1EJ
REDD GROUP LIMITED9980130DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202016-02-0161900253-255 Queensway Bletchley Milton Keynes MK2 2EH
REDEEM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED11273484DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122018-03-2347421 61200 61900Ground Floor, Egerton House 68 Baker Street Weybridge KT13 8AL
REDSTAR TELECOM LIMITED4483966DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-02-032002-07-1261900C/O Frp Advisory Llp Derby House 12 Winckley Square Preston PR1 3JJ
REDUNDANT NETWORKS LTD.10827530DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222017-06-2061900Unit 3 Newton Business Centre Newton Chambers Road Sheffield S35 2PH
REEDCOMMS LTD12783066DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-07-316190016 Birchside Dunstable LU6 3EH
REFRESHING TECHNOLOGY LTD12049628DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142019-06-1361200 62020 62030 6311011 Gainsborough Close Wilmslow SK9 2NP
REGENERSIS (GLASGOW) LIMITEDSC112872DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-301988-08-2261900 960901 James Watt Avenue Westwood Park Glenrothes KY7 4UA
REIDCO LIMITED7474912DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252010-12-2161900The Robbins Building Albert Street Rugby CV21 2SD
RENTAVPS LTD7065928DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222009-11-0461100Hugletts Wood Farm Grovelye Lane Dallington Heathfield TN21 9PA
RENZO CONNECT LTD12128797DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-306120012128797: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
RESILIENCE GLOBAL LTD.SC424150DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072012-05-1661900 62090 70229 8010038 Mckenzie Crs Lochgelly KY5 9LT
RETIACULUM LTD12619914DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-05-2646510 47410 61100 61200Flat 52 Lambert Court Bushey Grove Road Bushey WD23 2HL
RETRO TECHNICAL SERVICES LTD9944056DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222016-01-1161100 61900 62012 6202050a Wrotham Road Welling DA16 1LN
REVOBLUE COMMUNICATIONS LTD12698564DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-2561900Unit 2 The Glenmore Centre Pent Road Folkestone CT19 4RJ
REXUS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED12673915DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-06-1661900 62012 62090 6312027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
RF SPACE SYSTEMS LIMITED5505000DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012005-07-1161200The Cottage, Victoria Road Rushden Northamptonshire NN10 0AS
RF TELECOM LIMITED7391547DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202010-09-2961200C/O Paul & Co Clay House 5 Horninglow Street Burton-On-Trent DE14 1NG
RFCOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED9181393DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262014-08-196190014 Waterthorpe Gardens Westfield Sheffield S20 8LW
RFPO LIMITED5966591DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-042006-10-1361900Unit 1-3 Hilltop Business Park Devizes Road Salisbury SP3 4UF
RG COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED6254743DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262007-05-2161900116 1st Floor Cheetham Hill Road Manchester M4 4FG
RH CABLING LTD12528336DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-03-2061100 612002 Quantock Avenue Chester Le Street DH2 3DA
RH CABLING LTD12528336DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-03-2061100 612002 Quantock Avenue Chester Le Street DH2 3DA
RH COMMS LIMITED8904854DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072014-02-206110014 Victoria Square Droitwich Spa WR9 8DS
RIBERON LIMITED8276653DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-132012-11-0161900Units 1 To 3 Hilltop Business Park Devizes Road Salisbury SP3 4UF
RICHARD BRADLEY LIMITED8079370DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282012-05-226190066 St Peters Avenue Cleethorpes DN35 8HP
RICHARD EVANS TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD12165461DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-08-20619001 Ffordd Y Glowyr Mountain Ash CF45 4FD
RICHMANTONES LIMITED12064146DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022019-06-216190035a South Street London W1K 2XF
RICKS SOLUTIONS LTD11888451DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-03-1852213 61100Flat 8 Fleetwood House 90 Fleetwood Road London NW10 1NQ
RIEVAULX CONSULTING LTD10572393DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-02-112017-01-1961100 61200 61900 62090Alma Park Woodway Lane Claybrooke Parva Lutterworth LE17 5FB
RIFT TELECOM LIMITED11716023DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292018-12-0661900Flat B, Perivale Playstreet Lane Ryde PO33 3LJ
RIGGERNOMICS LIMITED11857237DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-046120042 Barford Road Shirley Solihull B90 3QR
RIGOR LIMITED8848660DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-02-102014-01-1661100C/O VALENTINE & CO Glade House 52-54 Carter Lane London EC4V 5EF
RILEY TRANSMISSION SERVICES LTD11557442DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-09-0761200 6190033 Church Street Weedon Northampton NN7 4PL
RING 24 LIMITED5181892DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232004-07-1661100Unit 4 Bow Court Fletchworth Gate Industrial Estate Coventry CV5 6SP
RIS UTILITY WAREHOUSE PARTNERS LTD12799363DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-08-0761900120 Rochdale Road Royton Oldham OL2 6QF
RISK WATCH LONE WORKER PROTECTION SERVICES LIMITED10499874DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022016-11-286190050 Rowan Way Northowram Halifax HX3 7WF
RIVERS COMMUNICATIONS LTD11502666DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222018-08-06619002 Gable Court Thornaby Stockton-On-Tees TS17 8FS
RIX SOLUTIONS LTD6242212DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142007-05-096120050 Berkeley Avenue Chesham HP5 2RW
RJ ADVANCE NETWORKS LIMITED12360677DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-12-1246520 6190076-80 Baddow Road Chelmsford CM2 7PJ
RJW COMMS LTD9966387DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162016-01-256110064 Hillwood Road Birmingham B31 1DJ
RKN COMMS LTD11876490DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042019-03-126120019 Mossdale Drive Rainhill Prescot L35 4NE
RLG FIBRE LTD12075420DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242019-06-2861900Woodside Wrexham Road Nantwich CW5 8JE
RLS SOFTWARE CONSULTANTS LTD10153940DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112016-04-2861200 62020First Floor, Telecom House 125-135 Preston Road Brighton BN1 6AF
RM CONTRACT SOLUTIONS LIMITED10874369DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232017-07-1961100 61200 619001 Emay Close West Bromwich B70 0QX
RM4TECH LTD12551830DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-04-0846510 46520 61900 62030396 Selbourne Road Luton LU4 8NU
RMP INDUSTRIES LIMITEDSC393521DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272011-02-156190024 Buchan Drive Newmachar Aberdeen AB21 0NR
ROBERT BOOTH COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED10555787DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222017-01-106190019-21 Manor Road Caddington Luton LU1 4EE
ROBERT CH LTDSC610278DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152018-10-08619005 Lauder Court Kilmarnock KA3 7QJ
ROBWELL LTD11391289DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062018-05-316190010 Newcastle Terrace, Nuthall Road Aspley Nottingham NG8 5BT
ROCHEE TELECOM LTD12088349DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-07-056190027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
ROCK SATELLITE SERVICES LIMITED9516462DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082015-03-2861900The Hop Kiln Rock Farm Sollers Hope HR1 4RN
ROCKETMINE LTD11780872DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272019-01-2261900 62012219 London Road Reading RG1 3NY
ROCKING YOUR WORLD LTD11644209DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162018-10-2646190 46900 47990 61200The Bungalow West Hoathly Road East Grinstead RH19 4NF
RONALD GOLD STAR LTD11833385DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-02-1861100 61200 61900 6201146 46 London London SE13 7TY
ROSIER FIBREOPTIC SERVICES LIMITED12638558DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092020-06-026110018 South Hill Road Bracknell RG12 7NS
ROUND HOUSE NEWPORT LTD12458655DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172020-02-1261100 61200 61300 6190027 Tudor Crescent Rogerstone Newport NP10 9BS
ROUTE ONE CONNECT LTD12343707DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-12-0261900109 Currock Road Carlisle CA2 4BH
ROUTE TELECOM LIMITED8855563DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072014-01-22611002 Orchard Lea East Pennard Shepton Mallet BA4 6RW
ROUTER SWITCH LTD.12517224DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252020-03-1346520 47429 6120026 Aberdale Road Leicester LE2 6GA
ROUTERS AND SWITCHES LTDSC624539DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-1561100 61200 6203022 Milnpark Street Glasgow G41 1BB
ROY JAMES INVESTMENTS LTD12995651DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162020-11-046110021 Melcombe Road Benfleet SS7 5NB
RPB COMMUNICATIONS LTD11936042DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-04-096110019 Gore Sands Gore Sands Acklam Middlesbrough TS5 8UJ
RPNA SOLUTIONS LTDSC467318DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282014-01-146190018 18 Young Street Edinburgh EH2 4JB
RS DATA SOLUTIONS LTD11486775DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072018-07-2761200366-368 Grove Road Mitcham CR4 1AB
RSA RIGGING LTD12096806DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-116120051 Backstone Road Consett DH8 8QQ
RST TELECOM LIMITED11450028DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-07-056190034 Broad Park Road Coventry CV2 1DA
RTC DATA LTD11960930DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-04-2461100 61900 6209071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
RTF EMEA LTD11312821DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182018-04-1761900The Granary, Potten Farm, Ashford Road Bethersden Ashford TN26 3LF
RUDARE LTD11969657DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212019-04-306190095 Nursery Road Cheadle Hulme Cheadle SK8 6HN
RURAL REACH LIMITED11388191DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302018-05-3061200Knockworthy House Huntshaw Great Torrington Torrington EX38 7HJ
RURAL TECH DEVELOPMENT LTD11730849DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182018-12-176120022 Gresham Road Coxheath Maidstone ME17 4EY
RV MARKETING LIMITED11822678DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-02-126190028 Bower Lane Maidstone ME16 8BJ
RYMART ONLINE LTD12401336DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202020-01-1461900 6201250 Furtherwood Road Oldham OL1 2QN
S ADAMSON (RETFORD) LIMITED11442452DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062018-07-026110050 Caledonian Road Retford DN22 7EQ
S BEDDOW CONSULTING LIMITED9015279DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162014-04-2861900Little Apsley Send Marsh Road Ripley Woking GU23 6JR
S BELL CONSULTING LIMITED11266295DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152018-03-216120078 Cumberland Avenue Guildford GU2 9YJ
S J H SERVICES LIMITED2948337DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-161994-07-1461100 620206 Aspin Way Knaresborough North Yorkshire HG5 8HL
S J TOOMEY LTD9547067DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212015-04-166190038 Peel Close Windsor SL4 3NP
S YASIN LTD11790616DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-01-28619004 Trent Side West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7QT
S.CAVALIERE LIMITED12442153DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102020-02-046190018 Meliden Gardens St. Helens WA9 4WH
S.H TELECOMS LIMITED12703698DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092020-06-296190033 Old Farm Road Kirkby Liverpool L32 7QY
S.ROSE DATA SOLUTIONS LTD11547795DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022018-09-0361100 61200 6190055 Vessey Road Worksop S81 7PJ
S.S CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD11579088DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222018-09-2061900 62020 82200705 Grantham House 46 Botanic Square London E14 0LW
S.W.A.G BUSINESS CONSULTANTS LTD12590330DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-05-0761900 62090 8299017 Linaker Street Southport PR8 6RP
S&L MARKETING SOLUTIONS LTD12541391DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-03-3146190 61900 82200 8299027 Durham Gardens Waterlooville PO7 7BB
S&L TELECOMS LIMITEDSC633882DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-06-2042120 6190027 Flat 2/2 Hight Street Isle Of Bute PA20 9AS
S24 ENTERPISES LTD11791147DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-01-2861100 61200 61300 7022931 Dalefield Drive Admaston Telford TF5 0DP
SABA MALIK LTD11870518DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-03-086190032 Kenelm Road Small Heath Birmingham B10 9AJ
SABRI SOLUTIONS LTD8179277DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162012-08-1461200Unit 8,Dock Offices Surrey Quays Road London SE16 2XU
SAFE MOTIVE ICT SERVICES LIMITED12335016DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-11-2658290 61100 62030 6209027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
SAFEDRIVEPOD GB LTD12746919DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-07-1647429 61900Imperial House 8 Kean Street London WC2B 4AS
SAFY LIMITED12501151DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-03-0561900108 Toller Lane Bradford BD9 5DR
SAL LIMIT LIMITED12505971DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-03-096190019 Oversley Street Sheffield S9 1SS
SALA TRADING LTD3617973DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-231998-08-1961900121 Edgware Road London W2 2HX
SALCOMBE TELECOM LIMITED7491136DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032011-01-136120012 Robert Street Radcliffe Manchester M26 4DL
SAMATECH PVT LIMITED11188926DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222018-02-066120012 Poppyfield Road Wootton Northampton NN4 6NE
SAMCO GIDEON UK LIMITED12618891DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262020-05-2246150 619006 Minton Court Hough Street Bolton BL3 4LS
SANCTUARY NETWORKS LIMITED6750641DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162008-11-176190012 Bourne Road Bushey WD23 3NH
SANDMARK CONSULTANTS LIMITED3578953DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-181998-06-1061900 62020 8891013 Cofton Church Lane Rednal Birmingham B45 8PS
SANDROCKSOLUTION TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES LTD9642095DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-232015-06-1661100Suite 21 Apex House 2 Devonshire Street North Ardwick Manchester M12 6JQ
SARAH A MARSH CONTRACTING LIMITED10591211DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092017-01-30612002 Evelyn Gardens Godstone RH9 8BD
SAT INTERIM MANAGEMENT LTD8678717DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162013-09-056190055 Ashurst Drive Ilford IG6 1EE
SAT NORTH WEST LTD7500302DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212011-01-2061100 74100 7490941 Walmsley Avenue Rishton Blackburn BB1 4RE
SATKIRIT LIMITED7904365DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262012-01-10619003 Coventry Innovation Village Cheetah Road Coventry CV1 2TL
SATRIALE (2019) LIMITED7891470DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292011-12-2361900Ground Floor, Unit E1, The Chase John Tate Road Hertford SG13 7NN
SATURN ENGINEERING & WHOLESALE LIMITED8848861DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-032014-01-1646120 46180 61900Unit 20, Nightingale Court Nightingale Close Rotherham S60 2AB
SAVANNAH CORPORATION LIMITED8100011DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122012-06-1161900 62090 8559065 Sydenham Park London SE26 4DP
SAVE BY SWITCHING LIMITED7312013DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162010-07-1261900The Cart Wagon Lodge Friday Street East Sutton Maidstone ME17 3DD
SAVE-A-PHONE LIMITED7720883DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102011-07-286190022-24 Harborough Road Kingsthorpe Northampton NN2 7AZ
SAVEMONEYTODAY LIMITED10541837DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072016-12-2961900Studio F Floor 4 8 Lower Ormond Street Manchester M1 5QF
SAW COMMS LTD11247083DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-03-1061900Suite 107 Thames Industrial Centre Princess Margaret Road East Tilbury RM18 8RH
SAW-TEC EUROPE LIMITED12577027DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-2961100130 Old Street London EC1V 9BD
SAXON DESIGN GROUP LTD11894974DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032019-03-20611003-7 Temple Avenue Suite 140-141, Temple Chambers London EC4Y 0DA
SCCAR COMMS LTD10415023DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032016-10-076110031 Lion Road Bognor Regis PO21 3LA
SCHOOL TELECOM LIMITED12503539DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082020-03-09619007 Lincoln Street Hunstanton PE36 6AS
SCIEN4 CONSULTING LIMITED10409593DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302016-10-0461900Scien4 Consulting Ltd Peter House Oxford Street Manchester M1 5AN
SCO HOSTING LTD12201215DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-09-1161100 62020 62090 6311071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
SCOTIA INC LTDSC433957DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062012-10-036190036 Goose Green Avenue Musselburgh EH21 7SN
SCS TECH (UK) LIMITED8271114DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062012-10-2961900Arden Lodge Hillside Road Eastwood Leigh-On-Sea SS9 5DH
SCTE TELECOMS LIMITED8338718DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072012-12-2061100Suite 3 91 Mayflower Street Plymouth PL1 1SB
SDW COMMUNICATIONS LTD11765336DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072019-01-1461100Flat 37 Flat 37 Heath Park Court Heath Park Drive Cardiff CF14 3QN
SEACHAT LTD11917074DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-03-306190027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
SECOND PHONE GROUP LTD11664257DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-11-07619001 Rocklands Narrowcliff Newquay TR7 2FD
SECURE DESIGN COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12300262DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072019-11-0661100 62020 62090Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
SECURE PRIVACY LTD11201068DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082018-02-1261200 6190075 Prince Charles Close Southwick Brighton BN42 4PQ
SECURE SATCOMMS LTD12184267DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-0261200419 London Road Portsmouth PO2 9HW
SECURISYS LTD12423168DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252020-01-2441201 41202 61900 6209091 Palmerston Road Harrow HA3 7RH
SEENTU LTD12283517DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-10-2858290 61900 62011 62012108 The Bluebells Bradley Stoke Bristol BS32 8BE
SEISDON SOLUTIONS LTD5987985DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-122006-11-0361900Inducta House Fryers Road Bloxwich Walsall WS2 7LZ
SEKURA DIGITAL LTD11122776DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112017-12-226190090 Lincoln Road Peterborough PE1 2SP
SELECTACOM UK LTD9300051DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212014-11-076120023 Downing Road Sheffield S8 7SH
SELLCOMMS (UK) LTD9302925DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162014-11-1061900Studio 1 Phoenix House 13 Morledge Street Leicester LE1 1TA
SELLFONES LTD9298805DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302014-11-066190033 Smith Dorrien Road Leicester LE5 4BF
SEN COMMS LIMITED12366925DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-1761100 61200 61300 61900Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
SEND99 TELECOM LTD12742192DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-07-146190035 Ballards Lane London N3 1XW
SENESTARPHONES LTD12632663DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-05-296120019 Gurner Avenue Manchester M5 3WP
SENTIA GROUP LTD12237273DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-10-0160100 60200 61200 619003 Dog Rose Drive Bourne PE10 0FG
SERIOUS COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED8400818DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022013-02-1361900Dalton House 60 Windsor Avenue London SW19 2RR
SERVER TECH SUPPLY LTD11824147DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-02-1361900 62030 6399097 Heath Park Road Romford RM2 5XA
SERVICENET LTD11468470DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082018-07-1761900Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
SG COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS LIMITED12199329DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-1061100 61200 619003 Halgavor Road Bodmin PL31 1BW
SG PARTNERS LIMITED8906766DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302014-02-216120041 Common Lane Hemingford Abbots Huntingdon PE28 9AW
SGH TELECOMMS LIMITED11218025DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132018-02-216110012 Davenham Avenue Oxton Prenton CH43 2LW
SH VENTURES 2019 LIMITED11934068DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-04-0961900590 Manchester Old Road Middleton Manchester M24 4PW
SHAMS SIGNAL LTD12127406DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-07-2942220 46510 61900 63110Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
SHANGAVAN ELECTRONICS LTD12124283DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-07-266110019 Alexandra Avenue Sutton SM1 2NZ
SHAREIO LTDNI668102DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272020-03-0258290 61900 62090 63110122 Riverview Ballykelly Limavady BT49 9QP
SHAW BROWN ENGINEERING LTD12143151DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-08-07619005 Barrett Drive Loughborough LE11 5YP
SHEMARA SOLUTIONS LIMITEDSC658838DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-04-066110015 Castle Wynd Bothwell Glasgow G71 8TQ
SHENG LI TELECOM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED11550232DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262018-09-0361900Midland House, Unit-1 111-113 Victoria Road Romford RM1 2LX
SHERAZ COURIER LTD10960698DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302017-09-136190034 Pool Street Caernarfon LL55 2AB
SHERIFF JOPLING LIMITED9034130DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262014-05-1261100Unit 2a & 2b Metrocentre East Business Park, Waterside Drive Gateshead NE11 9HU
SHERPADEL LTD7396316DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212010-10-0461900First Floor 44 High Street Newport Pagnell MK16 8AQ
SHIFT SENTRY LIMITED12700743DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-2661900109, East House South Worple Way London SW14 8TN
SHIRE NETWORKS LTD11911464DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-03-286120018 Attimore Close Welwyn Garden City AL8 6LN
SHLOAN LIMITED11822086DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-02-1261900261 St. Marys Road Manchester M40 0BJ
SIDANCOMS LTD12194505DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-09-06619007a Herberton Rd Bournemouth BH6 5HU
SIGNAL INTELLIGENCE LIMITED11118363DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222017-12-1961200 61300 6190035 Western Gardens London W5 3RS
SIGNATURE CALLS LTD12189857DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-046190071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
SIGNPHONE LIMITED8430854DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262013-03-05612006-8 Heaton Street Blackburn BB2 2EF
SIKINS LIMITED10422215DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102016-10-11619001 Andromeda House Calleva Park Aldermaston RG7 8AP
SILVA TELECOMS SERVICES LTD.7948520DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-242012-02-1461900Netchwood Finance Limited Atlantic Business Centre Atlantic Street Altrincham WA14 5NQ
SILVER CORAL LTD7998154DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162012-03-206190014 The Badgers Langdon Hills Basildon SS16 6AU
SIM WITHIN GROUP LIMITED10341179DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-302016-08-2261100 61200 61300 61900C/O Anderson Brookes Insolvency Practitioners Ltd 4th Floor Churchgate House 30 Churchgate Bolton BL1 1HL
SIMICO (UK) LIMITEDSC651295DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-13612004 Redheughs Rigg Edinburgh EH12 9DQ
SIMPLE 8 LIMITED3932875DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252000-02-24619001 Howard Close Plymouth Devon PL5 2UD
SIMPLICITY TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED8258867DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302012-10-186190029a Nascot Wood Road Watford WD17 4WE
SIMPLY NETWORKS GROUP LTD11829570DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242019-02-15611009 Meldrums Grove Meldrums Grove Altrincham WA14 1AF
SIMPLYBUTIFUL LIMITED7762616DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122011-09-056190034 Holmefield Gardens Barrowford Nelson BB9 8NW
SIMS FOR THINGS TELECOM LIMITED12230213DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-09-2661200379 Southchurch Road Southend-On-Sea SS1 2PQ
SIMTEQ MOBILE LIMITED8865501DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162014-01-286190062-66 Deansgate Manchester M3 2EN
SIN CABRAS LTD12160135DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-166190012160135: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
SINCE 1990 LIMITED11795850DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-01-2961900Fao Atif Riaz Since 1990 Limited Kitchen 1 (Ground Floor) At Zain Hub 2-16 Bury New Road Manchester M8 8EL
SINEX-SOLUTIONS LIMITED12174610DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-2761100100 Victoria Street Gillingham ME7 1EL
SINTEZ TECHNOLOGIES LTD11952665DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-1761900 62012 62030 63110Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
SIP-TRUNK LTD12112433DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-1946520 47429 61100 6190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
SIPTECH CONSULTING LIMITED8264577DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-102012-10-2361100 61200 61300 619003 The Courtyard Woodlands Bradley Stoke BS32 4NQ
SIPTECH CONSULTING LIMITED8264577DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-102012-10-2361100 61200 61300 619003 The Courtyard Woodlands Bradley Stoke BS32 4NQ
SIPX COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11974657DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-05-0261100 6190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
SISTEC SOLUTIONS LTD10253901DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102016-06-286110036 Strode Close London N10 2PP
SITEVUE TECHNOLOGIES LTD11700922DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172018-11-2842220 61100 61200 80200Winnington House 2 Woodberry Grove Finchley London N12 0DR
SIYAKHA LIMITED12314175DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-11-1461900 6311011 Disney Close Huddersfield HD4 5EY
SJ20 LTD12591686DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-05-07611002 Hatfield Road Strood ME2 3AY
SJB TRAINING NORTHWEST LIMITED13566335DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142021-08-1461900Anfield Business Centre 58 Breckfield Road South Liverpool L6 5DR
SKANSKA MGT LIMITED2071514DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-111986-11-066190025 Farringdon Street London EC4A 4AB
SKINDOG LTD12505153DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142020-03-096110034 Stratford Crescent Middlesbrough TS5 4PQ
SKP OPTICAL LTD12051102DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-06-146110077 Woodbridge Fold Leeds LS6 3LX
SKYLINE TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD11873784DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272019-03-1161900Suite 208 Miller House 47-49 Market Street Farnworth Bolton BL4 7NS
SKYNET TELECOM LTD12547363DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-04-0661200International House 12 Constance Street London E16 2DQ
SKYTECH INTER LTD12287513DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142019-10-2961900 62012 62020 6203034 Dolphin Tower Abinger Grove Deptford London SE8 5TG
SLC UTILITIES LIMITED12616030DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-05-2142220 6190013 Richmond Road Six Bells Abertillery NP13 2PE
SLD TELECOM LTD12030262DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-03619007 Eastoft House Carrington Drive Lincoln LN6 0BZ
SLD UTILITIES LTD7696618DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-092011-07-076110025 Manvers Road Mexborough S64 9EU
SLIDER COMMUNICATIONS LTD12886591DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292020-09-176190059 West End Kemsing Sevenoaks TN15 6PY
SLM TELECOMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS LTD12263220DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-10-156190017 Tylcha Ganol Tonyrefail Porth CF39 8BX
SLT MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTANCY LTD12172800DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-08-236190080 Florence Street Walsall WS1 2LG
SLTH SERVICES LTD8251485DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-282012-10-1261900Wilson Field Limited, The Manor House 260 Ecclesall Road South Sheffield S11 9PS
SM MANAGED SERVICES LTD10139451DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032016-04-2161900153 Victoria Road Leeds LS6 1DU
SM TELECOMMS LTD12686677DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-206110053 Lyme Cross Liverpool L36 8EX
SMALL GLOBE SOLUTIONS - SGS LTD12034476DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-06-0561900 620201st Floor 2 Woodberry Grove Finchley N12 0DR
SMALLWORLD CABLE LIMITED5679836DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-102006-01-18619001 More London Place London SE1 2AF
SMARKITS LTD11805924DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-02-0458142 61900Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
SMART HOME COMMUNICATIONS LTD12769138DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152020-07-2746520 6120077 Staplefield Drive Brighton BN2 4RH
SMARTAIRKEY LIMITED12522262DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092020-03-1761200 62012 62090 6311027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
SMARTER MOBILE SOLUTIONS LTD8934495DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052014-03-126120042 42 Marlowe House Kingsley Walk Cambridge CB5 8NY
SMARTPHONE INNOVATIONS LTD7610557DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222011-04-206120019 Lodge Farm Chase Ashbourne DE6 1GY
SMARTTALK TELECOMS LTD11072974DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062017-11-2047429 6190011 Cornwall Road Gillingham ME7 1LP
SMARTWAVE1 LTD10300407DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072016-07-2861200Unit 8, Dock Offices Surrey Quays Road London SE16 2XU
SMAZ CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED9047783DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182014-05-206190042a Upper High Street Thame OX9 2DW
SMILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORK GROUP LIMITED12334694DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-312019-11-2661200379 Southchurch Road Southend-On-Sea SS1 2PQ
SMITH COMMUNICATIONS LTD12360646DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112019-12-126110018 Carlton Road Birkenhead CH42 9NQ
SMITH TELECOMS LTD11877416DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272019-03-126110043 Lindby Road Liverpool L32 6SL
SMITHS NETWORKING LIMITED6370915DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132007-09-136190034 Rutson Road Byfleet West Byfleet KT14 7EU
SMS CAMPAIGN LIMITED10563604DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132017-01-1361900220 Wards Road Ilford IG2 7DY
SMS TECH LTD7999800DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282012-03-216190047 Carver Hill Road High Wycombe HP11 2TZ
SMSBEST LTD12164757DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-1961900International House 61 Mosley Street Manchester M2 3HZ
SMSMEDIA LTD12055560DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-1761900International House 12 Constance Street London E16 2DQ
SNC COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11462905DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122018-07-1361100 71200 951104 Compton Close Urmston Manchester M41 6WG
SNC TELECOM LTD11352509DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072018-05-096190019 Balmore Crescent Barnet EN4 9ND
SOC COMMUNICATIONS LTD9349565DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262014-12-106190014 Midhurst Road Eastbourne BN22 9HP
SOCIALECO LTD9668161DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052015-07-02612003rd Floor 14 Hanover Street London W1S 1YH
SOCIALITE LTD11327431DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142018-04-2561200 62030 6312071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
SOLAR COMMUNICATIONS GROUP LIMITED4313913DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232001-10-3161900Second Floor, One Central Boulevard Central Boulevard Shirley Solihull B90 8BG
SOLAR COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED2319958DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-231988-11-2161900Second Floor, One Central Boulevard Central Boulevard Shirley Solihull B90 8BG
SOLAR ELECTRIC INSTALL LTD7715780DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102011-07-25612003 Spa Court Stitchill Road Torquay TQ1 1PZ
SOLAR PANNEL CLAIMS LIMITED12167098DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-2161200384 384 Stanley Road Kirkdale L20 2AG
SOLDIERTONES LIMITED12064301DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-216190035a South Street London W1K 2XF
SOLICITEL LIMITED8022481DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072012-04-056190029a Nascot Wood Road Watford WD17 4WE
SOLID BASE GROUP LTD12159858DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-1635130 61900 62020 70229Aura Business Centre Newark Manners Road Newark NG24 1BS
SOLID IP LIMITED12675927DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-06-1761100 61200 6209090 Douglas Road Long Eaton Nottingham NG10 4BD
SOLIHULL COMMUNICATIONS LTD5301708DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022004-12-0161100 6120038 Moordown Avenue Solihull West Midlands B92 8QW
SOLIMMOBILE LTD9576010DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302015-05-066120020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
SOLUTION IN MEDIA LTD7838413DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052011-11-0861200 61900 70210St. Annes House London Road High Wycombe HP11 1EX
SOLUTION ORIENTED COMMS LTD12062000DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-2061900302 Sinfin Avenue Shelton Lock Derby DE24 9QX
SOLUTION TELECOM LTD12060399DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-1947421 61200Kemp House 152-160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
SONICFONE DISTRIBUTION LIMITED6760230DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072008-11-2761900The Howarth Armsby Suite Studio House Delamare Road Cheshunt EN8 9SH
SONUS NETWORKS LIMITED3963438DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282000-03-2961900Bray House 4 Maidenhead Offfice Park Maidenhead SL6 3QH
SOTELO SOLUTIONS LIMITED11888240DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272019-03-186190078 Elvedon Road Feltham TW13 4RT
SOUTH EAST 5G COMMUNICATIONS LTD12528488DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-03-2061900C/O Martin Ives & Co. Ltd Unit 70 Victoria Road The Base, Dartford Business Park Dartford DA1 5FS
SOUTH LIVERPOOL INSTALLATIONS LIMITED11083965DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292017-11-276110044 Little Heath Road Liverpool L24 2TL
SOUTHERN MOBILE SOLUTIONS LIMITED12247331DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-10-076190078 Bracken Way Harworth Doncaster DN11 8SB
SOUTHPORT TECHNICAL SERVICES LIMITED9737592DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072015-08-1861900219 Southport Road Scarisbrick Southport PR8 5LE
SOVS LIMITED10594779DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252017-02-0161900 62020 62090 63990Woodberry House 2 Woodberry Grove Finchley N12 0DR
SPACOM LTD11716444DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062018-12-0761200 61300 61900Suite 2a Blackthorn House St. Pauls Square Birmingham B3 1RL
SPARK-CN LTD12323015DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-11-1955900 61900 68209 7820071 Reams Way Kemsley Sittingbourne ME10 2GD
SPECTER STRATTON AND BERG HOLDING LIMITED12171181DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-236190050 Ellison Road Streatham London SW16 5BY
SPECTOM-TECHNOLOGY LIMITED10634455DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072017-02-2361100Greenfields Balls Lane Sturminster Marshall BH21 4BG
SPECTRUM MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED2782333DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-101993-01-2261900Darwin House 7 Kidderminster Road Bromsgrove B61 7JJ
SPEYSIDE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED6022664DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162006-12-0761900337 Bath Road Slough Berkshire SL1 5PR
SPLIT THE BILLS LIMITED7559273DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-152011-03-1035140 35230 61100 61200FRP ADVISORY LLP Minerva 29 East Parade Leeds LS1 5PS
SPM TUBE SERVICES LIMITED6139414DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232007-03-06619002nd Floor, Crown House 37 High Street East Grinstead RH19 3AF
SPOKS IT LTD13060164DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-12-0361100 62020 6209021 Bridge Street Aberystwyth SY23 1PZ
SPOTLIGHT SOCIAL LTD12466530DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-1761900 731208 Stag Leys Close Banstead SM7 3AH
SPOTTED LTD11944793DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242019-04-1361100 62030 62090 63120Spotted Ltd Ministry Of Defence Royal Citadel Plymouth PL1 2PD
SPRING TELECOM LIMITED7293703DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-02-022010-06-2361900Ivy Cottage Horsham Road Dorking RH5 6NH
SPRINKLING SUCCESS LIMITED10756148DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222017-05-0558290 61900 62090 639903rd Floor 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH
SPRINT MANAGEMENT RESOURCES LIMITED5271103DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092004-10-2761200Tenby Place, 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
SPRITEGUARD LIMITED12583524DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-05-046120014 Abbey Square Chester CH1 2HU
SPT COMMS LTD10719725DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262017-04-1161100 61900172 Chemical Road Morriston Swansea SA6 6JQ
SPV SANTA PONSA VERWALTUNGSGESELLSCHAFT LTD.12289873DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-10-3061100 61900 62020 6203027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
SPW TELCOM CONSULT LTD9103095DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042014-06-2661200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
SPYTONES LIMITED12063878DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-216190035a South Street London W1K 2XF
SQUARE METRE TECHNOLOGIES LTD11685634DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052018-11-19619004th Floor, Silverstream House, 45 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 6EB
SQUONK SERVICES LTD8211871DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-282012-09-1261200C/O Clarke Bell Limited 3rd Floor, The Pinnacle 73 King Street Manchester M2 4NG
SRC CONTRACTS LTD9811919DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142015-10-0661900First Floor, Telecom House 125-135 Preston Road Brighton BN1 6AF
SREE VINAYAKA CONSULTING LIMITED11305583DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-04-126190048 Zinzan Street Zinzan Street Reading RG1 7UQ
SRH TEL UK LTD11256241DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192018-03-15619005 Tetbury Court Prospect Street Reading RG1 7TR
SRJMC LTDSC443653DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092013-02-26611003rd Floor 116 Dundas Street Edinburgh EH3 5DQ
SRM COLLABORATION SERVICES LIMITED10998498DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272017-10-0561900 62020Apartment 18 Deeside Court, Dee Hills Park Chester CH3 5AU
SRM CONSULTANTS LTD11397162DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092018-06-04612003-4 Bury Square Chappels Darwen BB3 0EF
SSARUK LTD11723678DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092018-12-126190026 Delaford Street London SW6 7LT
SSD-GWYNEDD LTD11343925DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-05-0361900Hemswell, 4 Chestnut Court Parc Menai Bangor LL57 4FH
SSS 2021 LIMITED5734701DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202006-03-0861900Magadalen Centre The Oxford Science Park Oxford OX4 4GA
STACKED OUT LIMITED11980008DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052019-05-0761900311 Carlton Hill Nottingham NG4 1GL
STAR LINES SERVICES UK LTD12439745DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102020-02-0361900206 Caulfield Road London E6 2DQ
STAR TELECOM LIMITED9788642DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242015-09-226190069 Elborough Street London SW18 5DR
STARK NETWORK SOLUTIONS LIMITED12124550DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142019-07-2661100 61200 62020 6209014 Rollesby Close Bury BL8 1EW
STARPREME LTD12694915DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-06-2461900 63990Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
STATON ENGINEERING LTD12183677DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052019-09-026190047 Penllwyngwyn Road Bryn Llanelli SA14 9UH
STEN NETWORKS LIMITED12312653DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-11-1361200 62020 62030 6209027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
STEPHEN WHELAN LTD11479057DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212018-07-236190034 Bellair Avenue Liverpool L23 9SW
STEVE TELECOMMS LTD11868631DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272019-03-086190016 Gorsedd Street Mountain Ash CF45 3LR
STEWART ANDERSON OFFSHORE LIMITEDSC626522DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-04-0306200 6190040 Station Road Law Carluke ML8 5LN
STJ FIBRE SOLUTIONS LTD12742034DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-07-14611002 Berwick Close Southampton SO16 8DA
STOBARTCOMMUNICATIONS LTD11944924DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-136110026 Ennerdale Drive Crook DL15 8NT
STOKES TELECOMS LIMITED10317946DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072016-08-0861100Wesley Offices 74 Silver Street Nailsea Bristol BS48 2DS
STREAMLINERS GLOBAL LTD12086638DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-07-0542220 47429 6190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
STREAMLINK FIBRE AND WIRELESS LIMITED12181289DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142019-08-3061100 6120085 Great Portland Street London W1W 7LT
STRICTLY SPEAKING LTD10386758DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302016-09-216190019 Worsley Street Redfield Bristol BS5 9HJ
STRIPE 21 MANAGED SERVICES LTD10567377DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182017-01-1761100The Atrium Curtis Road Dorking Surrey RH4 1XA
STRONG TECHNOLOGIES LTD11972745DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-05-0161200 62090 63120 639909 Delamare House Manchester M14 6UJ
STVMEDIA LTD10669871DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252017-03-1459112 59120 61900 6312026 Scott Road Edgware HA8 5RA
SUBSEA CABLE SOLUTIONS LIMITED4405014DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182002-03-2761900Timbers 50 Station Avenue Wickford SS11 7AY
SUCCORFISH SCUBA LIMITED10020784DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052016-02-2361900Suite 2, The Barracks Building 10 Cliffords Fort North Shields NE30 1JE
SUITED I.T. LTD11476801DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-07-2361100 62020 62030 620909 Panton Close Croydon CR0 2TZ
SUMLOCK ELECTRONICS (NORTH EAST) LIMITED1292068DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-041976-12-2361100 95110Oxford Chambers Oxford Road Guiseley Leeds LS20 9AT
SUMMIT RIGGING LIMITED10825427DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072017-06-19611005 Maplewood Close Chorley PR7 3BZ
SUNCELL NETWORKS LIMITED10715356DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302017-04-076120071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
SUNNY & CO SOLENT LIMITED11911742DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-03-28612005 The Spinney The Spinney Gosport PO13 0DJ
SUNSHINE DATA UK LIMITED11936601DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-04-106120027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
SUNSHINE TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTDSC650960DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-086190083 Park Road Bargeddie G69 7PZ
SUPATEL LIMITED12225174DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-09-2461100 61900First Floor, Templeback 10 Temple Back Bristol BS1 6FL
SUPER FAST FIBRE LTD12940702DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152020-10-0961100 6190086-90 Paul Street London EC2A 4NE
SUPERLABZ LTD7897592DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132012-01-0461900Hugletts Wood Farm Grovelye Lane Dallington Heathfield TN21 9PA
SURFANYTIME LTD.SC215783DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052001-02-1461900106 Hamilton Road Motherwell ML1 3DG
SURREY COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED9298042DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142014-11-066190021 Lansdowne Road Frimley Camberley GU16 9UW
SVENSKA LTT LTD6532807DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142008-03-1261900Hugletts Wood Farm Grovelye Lane Dallington Heathfield TN21 9PA
SW NETWORKS LTD12356434DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-106110020 Dursley Whiston L35 3TB
SWAM 44 LIMITED12486209DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222020-02-266120064 Lubbock Road Chislehurst BR7 5JX
SWAMPTECH LTD11732549DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-12-1861900235 Princess Park Manor Royal Drive London N11 3FS
SWANPRO LIMITED9239157DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052014-09-2961900Cariocca Business Park 2 Sawley Road Manchester M40 8BB
SWIFT LIASON SERVICES LIMITED9637985DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192015-06-1561900 6209044a Liverpool Road Lydiate Merseyside L31 2LZ
SWISHBAND LTD12498617DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-03-0461100 61200C/O First Floor Offices, County House Dunswell Road Cottingham HU16 4JT
SWITCH NETWORK SOLUTIONS LTD12808163DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-08-126110022 Garden Close Stamford PE9 2YP
SWITCH TELECOMS GROUP LTDNI666202DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072019-12-0261100 61200 6190020 Blackwood Crescent Newtownards BT23 4XX
SWMG. LTDSC609856DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072018-10-03619005 Birness Drive Flat 14/2 Glasgow G43 1TB
SWR (S.WALES) LTD8782525DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262013-11-1961900Spartan House 20 Carlisle Street Office 15 Sheffield S4 7LJ
SWSAM LIMITED9755075DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152015-09-0161900Winnington House 2 Woodberry Grove North Finchley London N12 0DR
SYGNITECH FIRE & SECURITY LIMITED12684119DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-196110050 Southwell Road West Mansfield NG18 4EN
SYNCRATEL LIMITED9997870DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202016-02-10619009 Greenwich High Road London SE10 8JL
SYSTEMATIC COMMS LTD12373678DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072019-12-206190074 Kingswood Road Moseley Birmingham B13 9AP
SYSTEMS SOLUTION LTD12359992DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-12-1161200 62020 62030 6312062 Sturton Road Sheffield S4 7DF
SYSZTREAM SOLUTIONS LIMITED12127849DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162019-07-2961100 6202034 Folliott Road Birmingham B33 9RP
SZIKLAI LTD12150488DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-08-12612001 Church Road Sidcup Sidcup DA14 6BX
T & H SOLUTIONS LTD11186850DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122018-02-056190057 Guinness Court Lever Street Islington London EC1V 3TR
T A O'KANE LTD11633439DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-10-216190021 Dyer Road Jump Barnsley S74 0JA
T C WORSFOLD LIMITED10799344DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032017-06-0261900Lynnem House 1 Victoria Way Burgess Hill RH15 9NF
T D TELECOMS LTD12723503DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-07-0661100 61900White Brook Maen Gilfach Trelewis Treharris CF46 6BG
T L TELECOM SOLUTIONS LIMITED11849595DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-02-276190020 Church Road Brownhills Walsall WS8 6AB
T S RICHARDS LIMITED10590502DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112017-01-3061200Capra House Main Street Chaddleworth Newbury RG20 7ER
T-DATA LTD12363657DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-12-1661100 61200 61900Flat 56 16 Sutton Plaza Sutton SM1 4FW
T.L.C SOUTH COAST LTD11948156DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-04-1561900109a Havant Road Drayton Portsmouth PO6 2AH
T'S QWICKSERVICE LIMITED12388726DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-0661900102 Kenbrook Road Hucknall Nottingham NG15 8HR
T8LK LIMITED10455272DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242016-11-0146520 61100 61200Columba House, Bt Innovation Centre Adastral Park Martlesham Heath Ipswich IP5 3RE
TABLET INVESTMENTS LTD8306088DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-172012-11-2361200GRANT THORNTON UK LLP 30 Finsbury Square London EC2P 2YU
TACTILE AUDIO CONSULTANTS LTD8057382DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262012-05-0461900361 Rayleigh Road Eastwood Leigh-On-Sea SS9 5PS
TAILORTONES LIMITED12064288DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-216190035a South Street London W1K 2XF
TAIWAN MARITIME SERVICES LTD12391667DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-086190035 Teresa Gardens Waltham Cross EN8 8EQ
TALK & VISION LIMITED6265966DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092007-06-0161900C/O Barnes Roffe Llp 3 Brook Business Centre Cowley Mill Road, Uxbridge UB8 2FX
TALK COMMUNICATION LTD12474497DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-206190012474497: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
TALK MAX COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11928929DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-04-056190020 Melling Court Morcambe LA4 4XB
TALKMOBILE U.K. LIMITED13077706DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-12-1161900Vodafone House The Connection Newbury RG14 2FN
TALKTALK RB LIMITED5200716DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222004-08-0961900Soapworks Ordsall Lane Salford M5 3TT
TALKTALK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED3531818DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-221998-03-2061900Soapworks Ordsall Lane Salford M5 3TT
TALKTALK UK COMMUNICATION SERVICES LIMITED5714293DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222006-02-2061900Soapworks Ordsall Lane Salford M5 3TT
TAM TAM TV LIMITED12655015DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-06-0959113 61900 63990Room 2, 35 Astbury Road London SE15 2NL
TAMIL MATCH LTD12356917DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-1058290 61200 62011 63120Mail Box Centre Unit 204 6-12 London Road Morden SM4 5
TARA PHONES LTD10617874DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252017-02-1461900 6492940 Dersingham Road London NW2 1SL
TARION COMMUNICATION SERVICES LTD.2775974DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-261992-12-2261900Star House Star Hill Rochester ME1 1UX
TASSAL LIMITED9382410DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292015-01-0961900460 4th Floor Broadstone Mill Broadstone Road Stockport SK5 7DL
TAU ZERO LIMITED8838445DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012014-01-096190008838445: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
TAWKKER LIMITED12436630DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102020-02-0346420 47710 47820 6190054 Pedley Road Dagenham RM8 1XE
TAYLOR MCQUEEN WI-FI SURVEY LTD11786110DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-01-246120020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
TB & PARTNERS LTD11841998DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-02-2261900 62020 71200 95120Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
TC SERVICES LIMITED9440659DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242015-02-16611007 Laburnum Crescent Barrow-In-Furness LA14 5DU
TCLNET LTD12690080DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-06-2261100 61200 6202071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
TD COMMUNICATIONS LTD11729523DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072018-12-17619007 The Lawns Abbeydale Gloucester GL4 5YD
TEACH ME TECH LIMITED11858254DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-03-0461900142 Cromwell Road International House London SW7 4EF
TEC CONNECT INC. LTD10593866DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092017-01-3161900 6311071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
TECH BILLING LTD11828247DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-02-1561900Wss Vulcan House Vulcan Road Oxford Street Industrial Estate Bilston WV14 7LF
TECH-SURE UK (MIDLANDS) LIMITED12345179DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-12-0361900West Midlands House Ltd Gipsy Lane Willenhall WV13 2 HA
TECH. A.I LTD9669058DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302015-07-0346510 6120093 Birkbeck Road London N17 8NH
TECHCELL LTD12244310DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-10-0461900 62020 96090Floor 70 Upper Street Angel London N1 0NY
TECHNICAL TALKING LIMITED12715019DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-0261200Kemp House 152 - 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
TECHNICALPRO LIMITED11421621DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072018-06-1961100 61200 620207 Carlow Drive West Sleekburn Choppington NE62 5UT
TECHNICO ELECTRONICS LIMITEDNI679407DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282021-05-1961900Forsyth House Cromac Square Belfast BT2 8LA
TECHNIFY MODERN COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12841430DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162020-08-2761900Malik House Suite 8 Manor Row Bradford BD1 4PS
TECHNILINK I.T. LIMITED3904483DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142000-01-1161900 62090Arundel House 1 Amberley Court County Oak Way Crawley RH11 7XL
TECHNO SQUAD LTD9788497DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222015-09-2261900Unit 8, Dock Offices Surrey Quays Road London SE16 2XU
TECHNOX DATACENTER TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED12384990DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-0361900 63110120 High Road High Road London N2 9ED
TECHSOLUTIONSUK 2011 LIMITED7883509DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242011-12-156190099 Paddick Drive Lower Earley RG6 4HF
TECHSPA LTD11970170DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-04-306120019 Carter Avenue Hapton Burnley BB11 5RG
TECHSTORM LTD10447107DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132016-10-2646520 61200 620201 Avery Gardens Ilford IG2 6UJ
TECO SALE LIMITED11797292DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-01-306190014 Castle Walk Lower Street London-Stansted CM24 8LY
TECWILSON LIMITED10793301DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192017-05-306120021 New Walk Leicester LE1 6TE
TEK INFINITY LIMITED9601176DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052015-05-20611008 Tallis Lane Reading RG30 3EB
TEKLINE LIMITED10735501DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262017-04-21619004 Oulder Hill Drive Rochdale OL11 5LB
TEKPUSH LIMITED11967020DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-202019-04-2961900Heskin Hall Farm Wood Lane Heskin Preston PR7 5PA
TEKRONIC LTD11685486DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122018-11-1961100 61200 61900 62020Oaklands Gerway Lane Ottery St. Mary EX11 1PW
TELADVISOR LTD7063938DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072009-11-026190086-90 3rd Floor Paul Street London EC2A 4NE
TELAGENCY LIMITED11728073DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072018-12-1461900Mynshull House 78 Churchgate Stockport SK1 1YJ
TELAVANTI SOLUTIONS LTD8035375DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272012-04-1861900North Grove Farm Burton Row Brent Knoll TA9 4BY
TELCAVOIP INTERNATIONAL LTD9650390DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212015-06-2261200 62012 62090 6312020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
TELCO GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION LIMITED4353844DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222002-01-1661900Soapworks Ordsall Lane Salford M5 3TT
TELCO LINK LTD12644385DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092020-06-0342220 61900 70229299 Ashcroft Road Luton LU2 9AA
TELCOM ENGINEERING LTD10319500DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262016-08-096190017 Pelwood Court 1 Glebe Hey Road Woodchurch CH49 8HE
TELCONNECT UK LTD12348102DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042019-12-0461200 61300 62020 6209024 Lauderdale Street Preston PR1 8JL
TELCOSERVICES LIMITED7428912DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212010-11-0361200Unit 8, Dock Offices Surrey Quays Road London SE16 2XU
TELECO SOLUTIONS LIMITED8329720DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-102012-12-13619008 Lonsdale Road London E11 2PH
TELECOM ENGINEERING DESIGN LTD7002271DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052009-08-2761200Unit 8 Surrey Quays Road London SE16 2XU
TELECOM GARAGE LIMITED11780037DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082019-01-2261900Kent Enterprise House C/O Simply Accounting (Kent) Limited 1 The Links Herne Bay CT6 7GQ
TELECOM LONDON LTD6406218DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212007-10-23619007th Floor City Reach 5 Greenwich View Place Millharbour London E14 9NN
TELECOM MANAGEMENT LIMITED12561251DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-04-1761200Chocolate Factory 2 4 Coburg Road London N22 6UJ
TELECOM PLUS+ LTD12724813DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212020-07-076110012 The Avenue Newmarket CB8 9AA
TELECOM POLICY SERVICES LTD.7136315DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-272010-01-266190058 Rushden Way Upper Hale Farnham GU9 0QG
TELECOMBINATIONS LIMITED5331234DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132005-01-136190057 Algarth Rise Pocklington East Riding Of Yorkshire YO42 2HX
TELECOMMUNICATIONS GROUP LIMITED10793939DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232017-05-30611001 Riverside Place Riverside Place Fordingbridge SP6 1RR
TELECOMMUNICATIONS UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL LTD12718316DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032020-07-046120085 Great Portland Street London W1W 7LT
TELECOMS AND DEVELOPMENT LTD12250935DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132019-10-096190012 Chale Road London SW2 4JB
TELECOMS CONSULTANTS LTDSC643151DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202019-10-0161900Arduthie House Perth Road Crieff PH7 3EQ
TELECOMS DIRECT SERVICES LIMITED9604244DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252015-05-2261900Coppull Enterprise Centre Mill Lane Coppull Chorley PR7 5BW
TELECOMS ENGINEERING LTD8202574DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302012-09-05619001st & 2nd Floor Offices 1 The Highway Beaconsfield HP9 1QD
TELECOMS IP SOLUTIONS LIMITED12898015DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-09-2261900Office 250 58 Peregrine Road Hainhault Ilford IG6 3SZ
TELECOMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD12719830DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-056120022 Coed Y Brenin Llantilio Pertholey Abergavenny NP7 6PY
TELECOMS N.I. LIMITEDNI638741DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212016-05-2761900Unit 1c 37 Gortrush Industrial Estate Great Northern Road Omagh BT78 5JE
TELECOMS4U LTD.SC646599DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-11-0861900Summit House 4 - 5 Mitchell Street Edinburgh EH6 7BD
TELECOMWORKS ENTERPRISE LTD11534736DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102018-08-246120041 Gaywood Drive Newbury RG14 2PT
TELECONSTRUCTION UK LTD12959950DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-10-1943290 61100 61200 6130021 Blenheim Gardens Grove Wantage OX12 0NP
TELECRIS LIMITED11096253DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292017-12-05611005 Clifton Moor Business Village James Nicholson Link York YO30 4XG
TELEKOCAMER LIMITED12382386DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132020-01-0261900Flat 5 Laing House Oldbury B69 1ED
TELEPHONE & CLOUD SERVICES UK LIMITED11626953DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-10-1761100130 Old Street London EC1V 9BD
TELEPHONE HOTLINE LIMITED4029530DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142000-07-0761900Stillwaters House Avington Winchester SO21 1BZ
TELEPHONE SERVICES LTD11093256DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222017-12-046190034 New House 67-68 Hatton Garden London EC1N 8JY
TELESAFE COMMUNICATION LTD12474910DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-2061100 6190027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
TELESHINE LIMITED11814334DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192019-02-086190072 Kendrick Grove Birmingham B28 0GD
TELESPEED LTD10625750DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252017-02-1761900 82990135 Aughton Road Aughton Sheffield S26 3XD
TELESTREAM COMMUNICATIONS UK LIMITED5473823DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092005-06-0761900Dedicated Desk #13 C/O Wework 16 Great Chapel Street London W1F 8FL
TELETY LIMITED12152324DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-1246520 6190050 Adams Drive Willesborough Ashford Kent TN24 0FW
TELEWEST COMMUNICATIONS (NORTH EAST) LIMITED2378214DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-161989-05-0261900500 Brook Drive Reading RG2 6UU
TELEWEST COMMUNICATIONS (SOUTH EAST) LIMITED2270764DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-161988-06-2361900500 Brook Drive Reading RG2 6UU
TELEWEST COMMUNICATIONS (SOUTH WEST) LIMITED2271287DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-161988-06-2461900500 Brook Drive Reading RG2 6UU
TELEWEST COMMUNICATIONS (TYNESIDE) LIMITED2407676DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-161989-07-2561900500 Brook Drive Reading RG2 6UU
TELEWOOD COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED10529565DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122016-12-1661900Freestyle House 8 Mercia Business Village Coventry CV4 8HX
TELEX COMMUNICATION AO LTD12228328DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-09-2661100Carpenter Court 1 Maple Road Bramhall Stockport SK7 2DH
TELIX SUPPLIES LTD12280657DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-10-2461900 62020 63990 9511014 Beaulieu Close Toothill Swindon SN5 8AQ
TELNET CONSULTING LTD12727522DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182020-07-08619001007 London Road Leigh-On-Sea SS9 3JY
TELNIS LIMITED6925744DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092009-06-056190051 Bates Crescent Streatham London SW16 5AP
TELON LIMITED12531248DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092020-03-246120015 Glennon Close Reading RG30 3HT
TELPOL LIMITED7618399DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202011-04-2861900Savants 83 Victoria Street London
TELTRON LTD10538152DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262016-12-236190018 St. Judes Close Bishopdown Salisbury SP1 3FA
TELWORKS LIMITED11882612DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272019-03-14619003 Sunnyside Donnington Newbury RG14 2JR
TEMPLAR DIGITAL SOLUTIONS LTD6538700DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172008-03-196190027 Eyton Close Redditch B98 0JY
TEMPLE COMMS LIMITED5482894DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-232005-06-16619001 Kings Avenue London N21 3NA
TEMPRY LTD.10530788DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202016-12-1761200The Old Rectory The High Street Childrey OX12 9UP
TENACITY DIGITAL LTD10313851DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152016-08-0561200112 Urmston Lane Stretford Manchester M32 9BQ
TERMINUS GROUP LTD12121337DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182019-07-2461100 61200 80100 80200Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
TERRACOMMS LIMITED11817861DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-02-11619005 Cophams Close Solihull B92 9JJ
TERRIFIC TELECOM LTD11990176DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-05-1061100 61200 61300 61900C/O Terrific Technology Ltd 86-90 Paul Street London EC2A 4ND
TES MEDIA HOLDINGS LIMITED10939293DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242017-08-31612009 Mount Close Crawley RH10 7EF
TES MEDIA INSIGHTS LIMITED11902084DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242019-03-23612009 Mount Close Crawley RH10 7EF
TESLA DYNAMIC LIMITED8161832DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242012-07-306190086-90 Paul Street London EC2A 4NE
TEST VALLEY TELECOM LTD11721170DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292018-12-116190071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
TETCOM LIMITED8013349DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-302012-03-3061900269 Church Street Blackpool FY1 3PB
TETNOLOGY LIMITED11009407DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232017-10-1261900Director General's House 15 Rockstone Place Southampton SO15 2EP
TFB FIBRE PLANNING LTD11587816DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302018-09-256190084 Plantagenet Crescent Bournemouth BH11 9PJ
TFY SERVICES LTD12537183DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252020-03-2761100 62020 6311071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
TG TELECOMS LTD11710502DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052018-12-0461900Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
TGG TECH LTD12826551DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-08-20619002nd Floor College House 17 King Edwards Road Ruislip HA4 7AE
THC EUROPE LTDSC665149DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-232020-06-2355209 61900 73200 822002/4 87 Gorget Avenue Knightswood G13 2AN
THE 3P TELEPHONE COMPANY LTD7470913DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152010-12-1518202 61900 73110Phoenix House Suite One 283 Church Street Blackpool FY1 3PG
THE ARC ANGEL GABRIEL LTD9876565DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072015-11-176120031, Suite 2 First Floor Peel Street Eccles Manchester M30 0NG
THE BREAKFAST TEA COMPANY LIMITED9388492DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212015-01-1461900King Street House 15 Upper King Street Norwich NR3 1RB
THE CONTACT HUB LTD12295940DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-11-04619008 Old Meeting Road Coseley Wolverhampton WV14 8HB
THE DREAM WEDDING GUIDE LTD12130282DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-3061900Lowther Hill Lowther Hill London SE23 1PY
THE EARTH INTERNATIONAL LTD12188950DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-09-04619008 Tyle Road Reading RG30 4TF
THE EMERGENCY SHERPAS LTD12450529DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-112020-02-0761900 85590Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
THE GENERAL GEORGY CORPORATION LIMITED11872963DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-03-1161100 61200 77110 7729937-38 Long Acre London WC2E 9JT
THE IT BUNCH LTD11284508DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272018-03-2961900 62020 62090Flat 5 Bullen Court Grange Road Chalfont St. Peter Gerrards Cross SL9 9FN
THE IVY MOLLY LTD11625217DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-10-1659112 61200 62030 96090The Atrium Woolsack Way The Ivy Agency Godalming GU7 1EN
THE JUNCTION FOXES LIMITED10723842DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172017-04-1343210 6110022 Catherine Road Romford RM2 5SA
THE LEARN NETWORK LTD9843604DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152015-10-276190011 Laniver Close Earley Reading RG6 5UD
THE LETS TALK ABOUT IT PODCAST LTD12755728DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232020-07-20619003 Wildernesse Mount Sevenoaks TN13 3QS
THE LUX PROJECTS LTD6039368DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212007-01-0261900First Floor, 99 Bancroft Bancroft Hitchin SG5 1NQ
THE NEGOTIATION COMPANY LIMITED9009883DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072014-04-246120063 Kingfisher Road Bristol BS20 7NF
THE ROAMING NETWORK LIMITED6145901DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132007-03-0861900Doorville The Drove Lower Common Road West Wellow Romsey SO51 6BT
THE ROSE BEYOND BEAUTY LIMITED12634144DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162020-05-3061900Flat 25, Keppel House Grove Street London SE8 3LU
THE RYAN GROUP SOLUTIONS LTD10185976DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022016-05-1861100 61200 62030 620905 Sheldon Close Clevedon BS21 6YE
THE SEDUCTRESS PLAYBOOK LTD12923204DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292020-10-0258190 6190027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
THE TOTAL COMMUNICATIONS GROUP LIMITED9833343DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052015-10-20619008 Walton Avenue Henley-On-Thames RG9 1LA
THE WIFI GUYS LTD12069334DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022019-06-2547429 61900 7112927 Barford Drive Wokingham RG40 5AR
THE WILLSON TELECOM CONSULTANCY LIMITED10766227DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012017-05-1161900Suite D 7 Sylvan Court Sylvan Way Basildon SS15 6TH
THE ZERO NEG CLUB LTD12921106DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052020-10-026120043 Vanneck Square London SW15 5DX
THEANIMATICS LTD12672495DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-06-1547910 619004th Floor, Silverstream House 45 Fitzroy Street Fitzrovia London W1T 6EB
THECHAIN LTD9486282DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182015-03-12619008 Linden Close Cambridge CB4 3JU
THEGINGERTOPPLAYS LIMITED12115403DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-07-2261900 62090Flat 17, Keel Court 11 Newport Avenue London E14 2DT
THESEUS NETWORKS LTD11837282DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-202019-02-20612001168-1170 Melton Road Syston Leicester LE7 2HB
THINK BIG TELECOMS LTD12021843DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-05-29619001 Northwood Road Ramsgate CT12 6RR
THINKFASTER LIMITED11430231DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092018-06-2561900Ukfast Campus Birley Fields Manchester M15 5QJ
THOMAS UTILITIES LTD12355587DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-12-096190013 Francis Street Sunderland SR6 9RQ
THOR TECH SERVICES LIMITEDSC534348DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052016-05-03619007 Queens Crescent Glasgow G4 9BW
THORNHILL JACKSON LIMITED7442145DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062010-11-176190014 Clarendon Street Nottingham NG1 5HQ
THORNLEY BROOK LTD10415495DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212016-10-0761900103a High Street Lees Oldham OL4 4LY
TI&D LIMITED6433180DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062007-11-2161900Brent House 382 Gloucester Road Cheltenham GL51 7AY
TIER3 COMMUNICATIONS LTD10102662DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192016-04-056110037 Park Road Mexborough S64 9PH
TIGER'S TIGERESS LIMITED12366952DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-1761900205b Lancaster Road North Preston PR1 2PY
TIM OUTEN LTD12778379DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062020-07-296120027 Newbridge Close Callands Warrington WA5 9EA
TIM RYE LTD.8315318DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172012-12-036110062 Russell Road Walton-On-Thames KT12 2LA
TIMAX TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LTD9339124DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062014-12-036190099 A Cricklewood Broadway London NW2 3JG
TIME COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED4161438DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162001-02-15611004 Broad Walk Hockley Essex SS5 5DD
TIMEPSYCHICS.COM LTD12555062DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-04-146190012555062: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
TIMESLOT ENGINEERING LIMITED10004609DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302016-02-1561900Geoffrey Martin & Co 15 Westferry Circus Canary Wharf London E14 4HD
TINKERTONES LIMITED12064366DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-216190035a South Street London W1K 2XF
TIPPTOPP CONSULTANTS LTD12010361DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-05-2242220 61100 619002 Lydney Road Southampton SO31 6PY
TIPS LIMITED9887958DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-02-242015-11-25611009 Downham Avenue Culcheth Warrington WA3 5RU
TITAN COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12205643DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-13619002 Chiltern Close Weston Crewe CW2 5GE
TJ COMMS LIMITED11317164DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142018-04-18619006 Lingfield Close Mansfield NG18 3LW
TJ ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS LIMITED10006839DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022016-02-1635140 61100Willow Tree Lodge 2 Green Arbour Court Thurcroft Rotherham S66 9ET
TK COMMS LIMITED9727975DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292015-08-116110037 The Warren Hardingstone Northampton NN4 6EW
TLK MAINTENANCE LTD12474137DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-2061900Woodberry House 2 Woodberry Grove Finchley N12 0DR
TMC COMMS LTD10128805DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132016-04-18619004a Roman Road East Ham E6 3RX
TMINARD LTD11744483DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172018-12-316190015 Cypress Avenue Great Sutton Ellesmere Port CH66 2UU
TOMCOM LTD9567475DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282015-04-2943210 43220 61100 612008 Callcott Drive Kettering NN15 5XD
TOMPTIME LTD10015052DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242016-02-196110021 Swedenborg Gardens London E1 8HP
TOP FIRST LTD12359063DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-12-1146439 46520 61200 6190020 Swan Street First Floor Swan Buildings Manchester M4 5JW
TOP TECH 2018 LIMITED11411263DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162018-06-1261900112 Dacre Park London SE13 5SL
TOPODATA LTD12450553DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172020-02-0759133 61200 61300 7810123 The Park Apartments London Road Preston Brighton BN1 6YL
TOPSY LIMITED9509974DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132015-03-2543210 6190022 Palladium Drive Halesowen B62 9JP
TORANSU LTD12206942DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122019-09-1361900 62020 7022915 Sandstone Road Swindon SN25 2FE
TORRY COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED8708477DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032013-09-2761900Countrywide House Knights Way Shrewsbury SY1 3AB
TOTAL FIBRE LTD12546545DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122020-04-036190056 Sudbury Road Brighton-Le-Sands Liverpool L22 6QR
TOTAL RF LTD6778462DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012008-12-226190018 Wilmington Close Woodley Reading RG5 4LR
TOTAL WIRELESS SOLUTIONS LTD11836957DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162019-02-206120014 Church Road Long Hanborough Witney OX29 8JE
TOTEL LIMITED3694530DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-271999-01-1361200War Meadow Farm Dog Kennel Lane Bradley Ashbourne DE6 1PH
TOTEL NORWICH LIMITED4839010DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172003-07-2161900Stoke Mill Mill Road Stoke Holy Cross Norwich NR14 8PA
TOUCH2PAY LIMITED12926628DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-252020-10-0461100Jhummat House 160 London Road Barking IG11 8BB
TOUCHFONE COMMUNICATIONS LTD7556672DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072011-03-0861900The Old Bank Chambers 223 Union Street Brunswick Square Torquay TQ1 4UT
TOWER BRIDGE INVESTMENTS LTD12090735DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-07-0861900 63110 64999Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
TRADEFONES LTD12655919DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-162020-06-0961900111a Camden Street London NW1 0HX
TRADESTON MOBILE PHONE CENTER LIMITEDSC618578DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072019-01-18619001/4 2 Littlemill Court Glasgow Bowling G60 5BP
TRANSACT CONTROL LTD12098837DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-07-1161900Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
TRANSFERPLUS LTD6863028DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-182009-03-3061900 64999107 Cheapside London EC2V 6DN
TRAVERSE TELECOM LTD11805392DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-02-04619005 Bentsbrook Park Dorking RH5 4JL
TRENDNET SYSTEMS LTD12293841DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212019-11-0161900 62012 62020 6311074 Fernbrook Drive London HA2 7ED
TREPANNING IO LTD11955647DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172019-04-2061900 62020 6209029 St Bartholomews Court, Riverside Cambridge CB5 8HG
TRIA DELTA LIMITED6145657DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192007-03-0861200 7420933 Woodlark Rd Cambridge CB3 0HT
TRIARCA LIMITED7663692DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-132011-06-0961200 6202041 Kingston Street Cambridge CB1 2NU
TRILICO LIMITED8620189DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232013-07-236190017 Hanover Square London W15 1BN
TRILLION MANAGEMENT CONSULTING LIMITED9554615DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212015-04-2243390 61900 62090 70229The Office Palmers Norley Farm Northlew Okehampton EX20 3PN
TRIMIKE LTD9547000DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142015-04-16619003 New Lane Sutton Green Guildford GU4 7QF
TRINITY TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD9802873DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052015-10-0161100 619005 Trinity Close Wivenhoe CO7 9RA
TRIPLE A K SERVICES LIMITED12258044DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132019-10-1261900 68201 78109Flat 10 4 Curtis Lane Wembley HA0 4FW
TRIPLE-D EVENTS LIMITED10931465DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082017-08-2461900Flat 4, Limelight House 4 George Mathers Road London SE11 4RU
TROPS-IT LIMITED12123663DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142019-07-2661100160 London Road Barking IG11 8BB
TRUE BILL TELECOM LTDNI651378DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052018-03-016110069 Millhouse, Millhouse Road Millhouse Road Antrim BT41 2UP
TRUEPBX WHOLESALE LTDSC618717DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-01-2161900C/O Horizon Ca 11 Somerset Place Glasgow G3 7JT
TRUESPRINKLE.COM LIMITED12278999DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-10-2461200Unit 24 Highcroft Industrial Estate Enterprise Road Horndean Waterlooville PO8 0BT
TRUEVOICE SYSTEMS LIMITED11369882DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-05-186190041 Correnden Road Tonbridge TN10 3AU
TSIPAPP LTD13138380DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052021-01-1861900 62012 62020 63120Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
TSK TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD12643287DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092020-06-0327310 27320 42220 611007 Northfield Avenue Manchester M40 3RD
TURNKEY TELECOMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS LIMITED9644557DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-032015-06-176190070 Market Street Tottington Bury BL8 3LJ
TVPC LTD6585991DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072008-05-0761100Chronicle Accountants Ltd 1 Market Street Whaley Bridge High Peak SK23 7AA
TWISTAR LTD10655488DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242017-03-0726200 26301 27900 61200Suite B, 2nd And 3rd Floor 7-13 Wyndham Arcade Cardiff CF10 1FH
TWO SUPPORT SERVICES LTD11051275DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122017-11-0761900 85600 87200 87900141 Roman Lane Roman Lane Southwater Horsham RH13 9AF
TYFILONE LTD10976726DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142017-09-22619006 Thornes Office Park Monckton Road Wakefield WF2 7AN
TYPEX (SOFTWARE) LIMITED3613648DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-031998-08-1161200 620901st Floor 63 Church Way North Shields NE29 0AE
TYWNINE LIMITED9659786DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192015-06-266190026 Dewpond Walk Lychpit Basingstoke RG24 8RZ
U.K MOBILE PLANS LTD11810792DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-02-0661200Stratum House Staford Park 10 Telford TF3 3AB
UBIQUISYS LIMITED5247998DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-022004-10-01612001 More London Place London SE1 2AF
UCIC LTD5284462DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162004-11-116120041 Jerningham Road London SE14 5NQ
UFOLLOW LIMITED12406271DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272020-01-15612005 Barnfield Road London W5 1QU
UK ADVISORY CENTRE LTDSC662263DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262020-05-27619008 Braids Road Kirkcaldy KY2 6JE
UK VEHICLE INSTALLATIONS LIMITED6013865DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212006-11-2961900Beauchamp Rise Moulsham Copse Lane Yateley GU46 7RG
ULTRA COMMUNICATIONS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LTD8046083DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122012-04-2561200Bury House 31 Bury Street London EC3A 5AR
UNEY ASSOCIATES LIMITED6389681DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192007-10-04619006 Tall Trees Hessle HU13 0LE
UNI-COMMS DIGITAL LTD11530502DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082018-08-2261100 61200 6190022 Reynolds Park Bell Close Plympton Plymouth PL7 4FE
UNIAO LIMITED6909659DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282009-05-19611006a Windermere Way Reigate RH2 0LW
UNICATE LTD8549765DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262013-05-3061200Unit 2 Spinnaker Court 1c Becketts Place Hampton Wick Kingston Upon Thames KT1 4EQ
UNICOMM NETWORKS LIMITED12002264DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282019-05-1761900Robert House 19 Station Road Chinnor OX39 4PU
UNICOMM SOLUTIONS LIMITED12002157DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282019-05-1761900Robert House 19 Station Road Chinnor OX39 4PU
UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS (MIDLANDS) LTD12528718DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-03-2061200 6190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11356602DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262018-05-116110015 Plumpton Road Wakefield WF2 9QX
UNIFIED TELEKOM LIMITED12439018DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102020-02-036190050 Cypress Grove Ash Vale Aldershot GU12 5QW
UNITED CLOUD & IT LTD12477859DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-2461900100 Hatters Lane High Wycombe HP13 7NG
UNIVERSAL INFOTECH LTD.9585613DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072015-05-126110071 Eastcote Lane Harrow HA2 8DE
UNIVERSAL IPS LTD12157854DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-1561100 612003 The Quadrant Coventry CV1 2DY
UNIVERSAL TRUTH PRODUCTIONS LTD11457642DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122018-07-1061100 62090 63120 7312071-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
UNLOCKING LTD12019206DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122019-05-2861200 62012 6202075 Boyn Valley Road Maidenhead SL6 4DY
URBAN CSR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED12633507DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092020-05-296190012633507: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
USEFULCOURSES.COM LTD6746891DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072008-11-1161100 61200 619007 Albert Terrace Harrogate HG3 5QN
UTILITY EXPERT (SCOT) LIMITED12646443DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092020-06-0461900The Bromley Centre Bromley Road Congleton CW12 1PT
UTILITY PROVIDA CONSULTANCY LIMITED9114092DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-122014-07-0361900Riverside House Irwell Street Manchester M3 5EN
UTOPIAN NETWORKS LTD12921447DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-10-02612007 Agase Way Brooklands Milton Keynes MK10 7LG
UTSNI CONSULTANCY LIMITEDNI673962DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162020-11-046190013 Richmond Close Holywood BT18 9TB
UTTILY TELECOMS LIMITED10230584DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122016-06-1461900118 Piccadilly Mayfair W1J 7NW
UTTLEY TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD11071551DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262017-11-206190015 Carmine Fold Middleton Manchester M24 5DQ
V-INNOVATIONS LTD12220106DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-21612007 Kings Avenue Manchester M8 5AS
V01P LTD11877198DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082019-03-1261100 61200 6190025 Chestnut Way Newhaven BN9 9XT
VAAO LIMITED12274670DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-10-2246720 61100 61900 68209News Building 3rd Floor London Bridge Street London SE1 9SG
VAAO TELE LIMITED12297087DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-11-04611003rd Floor News Building London Bridge Street London SE1 9SG
VADTEL TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12259715DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302019-10-146190072 Edmonton Road Worthing BN13 2TB
VAHIDY LIMITED8488504DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232013-04-156190051 Lansdowne Road London E17 8QT
VALEBROOK LIMITED6574581DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042008-04-2361900C/O Bbk Accountants Limited 4a Roman Road East Ham London E6 3RX
VALLEY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED11796424DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-01-306190039 Munro Mews London W10 5RZ
VANCO NET DIRECT LIMITED5908164DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242006-08-1661900World Business Centre 2 Newall Road Middlesex TW6 2SF
VAREI LTD12412802DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232020-01-2061200 63110 7420929 Boat Lane The Oaks Cimla Neath SA11 3RJ
VASUDA UK LIMITED7872181DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072011-12-0661900Finance House 2a Maygrove Road London NW6 2EB
VAVUK GROUP LTD12109644DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212019-07-18619002nd Floor College House 17 King Edwards Road Ruislip HA4 7AE
VCH ASSOCIATES LIMITED11085571DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262017-11-2861100 829908 The Ridgeway Burbage Hinckley LE10 2NR
VECTASTAR LIMITED3977991DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262000-04-2061200Byron House Cambridge Business Park Cowley Road Cambridge CB4 0WZ
VEEDUBBERS LIMITED10911340DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232017-08-1161900 71129161 Newton Road Rushden NN10 0HJ
VELONET TELEINFORMATICA LTD12944330DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132020-10-126190014/2g Docklands Business Centre 10-16 Tiller Road London E14 8PX
VENNCOMM LIMITED6381528DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-312007-09-256190066 Prescot Street London E1 8NN
VER COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED3608848DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-071998-08-0361900Faulkner House Victoria Street St Albans AL1 3SE
VERGO LTD11572072DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232018-09-1761100 61900 62020761 Wilmslow Road Manchester M20 6RN
VERICOM LTD11388059DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122018-05-3061200 61300 62020 620902 Grange Park Terrace Leeds LS8 3BX
VERIFIED (TRUSTED) LTD12239793DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-062019-10-0261100 61200 6130027 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX
VERITAS TELECOMS CONSULTING LIMITED12637443DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022020-06-0161200 61900 62020 71122106 Honister 20 Alfred Street Reading RG1 7AH
VEYRON NETWORKS LTD12717862DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072020-07-0361900International House 12 Constance Street London E16 2DQ
VIA TESTING LIMITED5538944DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192005-08-1761900Suite L3 South Fens Business Centre, Fenton Way Chatteris PE16 6TT
VIBE ACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED10477013DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162016-11-1461900Vantage House 6-7 Claydons Lane Rayleigh SS6 7UP
VIBE LIMITED10740765DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282017-04-2561100219 Eastbourne Road Polegate BN26 5DS
VIBEROPTIX LIMITEDNI665382DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092019-10-2561900Unit 2 1a Washingbay Road Coalisland Dungannon BT71 4ND
VIBRANTIUM LIMITED10863535DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-042017-07-12612002 Midcroft Slough SL2 1HL
VICOMM LTD.3277689DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-011996-11-1361900Lynwood House 13 Hitchin Road Stevenage SG1 3BJ
VIDEO CALL PAYMENT SYSTEMS LTD12016110DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-05-24619009 Ilfracombe Flats Marshalsea Road Borough London SE1 1EW
VIDEO CONFERENCING INTERNATIONAL LTD12540340DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072020-03-3161900Video Conferencing Co 16 Norrys Rd Barnet EN4 9JX
VIEGLI MOBILE LIMITED11288291DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132018-04-036120049 Chatsworth House Duchess Walk London SE1 2RY
VIIDI SOLUTIONS LIMITED12602862DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-192020-05-1461900Unit 6 Clovelly Business Park Clovelly Road Southbourne PO10 8PE
VIP MEDIA LIMITED11391758DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-022018-05-3161200 6209033 Ravenscroft Crescent Sheffield S13 8PP
VIRDEE SOLUTIONS LTD11205207DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132018-02-1461900Zoar Little Sutton Lane Slough SL3 8AN
VIRTUAL COMMS LTDNI649853DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-112017-12-1461900Unit A1 Boucher Business Studios Glenmachan Place Belfast BT12 6QH
VIRTUAL MUSIC NETWORK LIMITED12560498DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262020-04-1659200 60200 61900 63120Almond Wood Oast Five Ashes Mayfield TN20 6HX
VIRTUAL REALITY TELEVISION LTD5408981DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052005-03-3161900Hugletts Wood Farm Grovelye Lane Dallington Heathfield TN21 9PA
VIRTUE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED12809630DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102020-08-1346520 47429 61100 6120063/66 Hatton Garden Fifth Floor, Suite 23, London EC1N 8LE
VISION & VOLUME LTD12525216DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162020-03-186190020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
VISIONARY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LTD11804512DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-012019-02-046190040 Wilder Crescent Spencers Wood Reading RG7 1WT
VISIONPHONE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED4371959DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272002-02-12619007 Sunnington Court 23 West Cliff Gardens Bournemouth BH2 5HL
VISTER LIMITED8338770DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062012-12-2061900The Old Butchery High Street Twyford SO21 1NH
VITESSE RAIL COM LIMITED4154773DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192001-02-066190070 Upper Richmond Road London SW15 2RP
VIVA CREATIVE LIMITED12142148DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-08-0658190 60100 60200 6190071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
VJEN TECH LTD11874177DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212019-03-1161900207 Knutsford Road Grappenhall Warrington WA4 2QL
VKM MEDIA LTD10950428DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272017-09-076190031 Longhurst Avenue Horsham RH12 1BH
VNAP UK LTD12190806DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-09-056120020-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU
VODEC LIMITED12158889DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-1561900Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX
VOICE CONCEPTS LIMITED6941638DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-252009-06-23611002-3 Winckley Court Chapel Street Preston PR1 8BU
VOICE DAT LTD7135379DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162010-01-2561900Sovereign House Warwick Street Coventry CV5 6ET
VOICE DATA SOLUTIONS CYF7434975DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162010-11-1061200743 Heol Clydach Ynystawe Abertawe SA6 5BA
VOICE RECORDING PLAYBACK LIMITED8881550DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152014-02-0761100Casa Rif Church Lane Stow Maries CM3 6SL
VOICE SOLUTIONS LTD7862437DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-02-022011-11-286110018 Albert Street St. Albans AL1 1RU
VOICECOM LIMITED3521849DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-131998-03-0461900Montague Place Quayside Chatham Maritime Chatham ME4 4QU
VOICETECH LIMITED8984031DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192014-04-0861900Libra House Sunrise Parkway Linford Wood Milton Keynes MK14 6PH
VOIP PHONE SYSTEMS LIMITED11253655DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122018-03-14611001st Floor 2 Woodberry Grove Finchley N12 0DR
VOIPCENTRAL COMMUNICATIONS LTD12704607DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052020-06-2961900Bowman House Business Centre Whitehill Lane Swindon SN4 7DB
VOISIS LIMITED8510899DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-062013-04-3061900Bespoke Insolvency Solutions Suite 6 1-7 Taylor Street Bury BL9 6DT
VOLT SMART LIMITED9849352DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212015-10-3061900The Old School House 6 Havelock Place Harrow HA1 1LJ
VOLTA NETWORKS CALEDONIA LIMITEDSC645446DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222019-10-2858290 61200C/O Irwin Mitchell Llp Suite 5 150 St. Vincent Street Glasgow G2 5NE
VOLY IP LIMITED10412396DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-272016-10-056190087 Station Road Ashington NE63 8RS
VOX GENERATION LIMITED3937784DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-262000-02-2561900 62012 63110 72190Frp Advisory Llp 4 Beaconsfield Road St Albans AL1 3RD
VOXWORLD LTD12335135DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-262019-11-2658290 61900 62090 6312071-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ
VOXYTECH LIMITED12132781DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-172019-08-016190019 Western Grove Leeds LS12 4ST
VRAIPLEU LIMITED11461410DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-07-1261100 70229 7219012 The Wharf 16 Bridge Street Birmingham B1 2JS
VTELECOM LTD12311181DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-11-126190061a Lechmere Road London NW2 5DA
W BRANDS & MEDIA LIMITED11950866DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072019-04-1761200The Media Centre 42a Cardiff Road Caerphilly CF83 1JQ
WAAFI LTD12559018DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212020-04-1661900250 Kilburn High Road London NW6 2BS
WADDELL’S SPLICING LTDSC632312DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052019-06-03611006 Broad Street Eyemouth TD14 5DT
WALKER INSTALLATIONS LTD7340870DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-212010-08-106190070 Wood Street London E17 3HT
WALKER TELECOM LTD12699138DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302020-06-26619009 Chepstow Close Billingham TS23 2EW
WARM LEADS LTD11652322DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302018-10-3161900Unit 7 Lipton Close Liverpool L20 8PU
WARNESHALL LTD8733416DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222013-10-15619007 Church Plain Great Yarmouth NR30 1PL
WARSAMA IMPORT & EXPORT LTD12105437DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-07-1661200 62012 6209023 Ladbroke Crescent London W11 1PX
WASAKRAFT LTD12059817DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-232019-06-1946460 61900Cordon Bell 196 High Road London N22 8HH
WATERS SOCIAL MEDIA SOLUTIONS LTD13393492DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282021-05-13619003 Robinson Way Bordon GU35 0DY
WATERWAYS CONSULTANTS LTD11952451DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-04-176110047-49 Miller House, Office 108. Market Street Farnworth Bolton BL4 7NS
WAVE 4G LIMITED11705641DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202018-11-306120011705641: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS Cardiff CF14 8LH
WAVE MOBILE PHONES LTD8023538DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152012-04-106120053 Ffrwd Vale Neath SA10 7EN
WAVE TELECOM LIMITED12273448DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-062019-10-2161200Newmill Farm Monknash Cowbridge CF71 7QQ
WAVSYS LIMITED6771303DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052008-12-1161200 61900 62020 78200Elsley Court 20-22 Great Titchfield Street London W1W 8BE
WAVSYS LIMITED6771303DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052008-12-1161200 61900 62020 78200Elsley Court 20-22 Great Titchfield Street London W1W 8BE
WAYLAUR SOLUTIONS LIMITED11752292DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-07-132019-01-07619006 Blakiston Street Stafford ST16 3PE
WE ARE RIGHTNOW LTD10708282DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-212017-04-0460200 61900 63910Windsor Entrance 42 Cardiff Road Caerphilly CF83 1JQ
WEB IT NETWORKS LIMITED12732281DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-142020-07-0961200 62012 6209030 Bounds Green Road London N11 2QH
WEEDER COMMS LIMITED12224064DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-092019-09-246190045 Boode Croft Liverpool L28 4EF
WEEKLY GOODS LTD11820519DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-122019-02-116120038a Caroline Street Bridgend CF31 1DQ
WELLNESS TELECOM UK LIMITED11224172DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072018-02-2661900Sovereign House Port Causeway Bromborough Wirral CH62 4TP
WELLS TELECOMS SOLUTIONS LIMITED10730519DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162017-04-19611007 Lingwell Park Widnes WA8 9YP
WESCELL LTD11988918DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-262019-05-1061900 62090 63120Davyfield Road Davyfield Road Blackburn BB1 2QY
WEST SIX COMMS & ELECTRICAL LIMITED12440534DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-122020-02-04619005 Orchard Road Swanscombe DA10 0AE
WEST TELECOMS LIMITEDSC607174DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-192018-09-046190019a Sanderling Place Johnstone PA5 0TD
WESTCOM GROUP LIMITED9801993DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-102015-09-306120014/2g Doclands Business Centre Tiller Road London E14 8PX
WESTERCOMMS LIMITED8939371DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-142014-03-146190024 Thornhill Road Mannamead Plymouth PL3 5NE
WESTERN ALLIED NETWORK SOLUTIONS LTD12301510DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-292019-11-06619004 Connemara Close Dordon Tamworth B78 1TY
WESTSIDE CONSULTANTS LIMITED5263717DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162004-10-1961900 620201 Rosemont Road London NW3 6NG
WEY AHEAD COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED6709631DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162008-09-2961200Tenby Place 102 Selby Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7BA
WHINHIRST LIMITED2343800DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-101989-02-0761100Richardshaw Business Centre Grangefield Ind Est Richardshaw Road Pudsey LS28 6RW
WHISPER MEDIA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED11029425DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152017-10-2461900 62020 73110Unleashing Lives Suite 7a, Repton Manor Repton Avenue Ashford TN23 3GP
WHISTLER SERVICES LIMITED9749409DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-01-052015-08-26619008 Durham Close Cheltenham GL51 3DF
WHITE 24/7 NETWORKS LTD12179491DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302019-08-2943290 61100 61200Higher Farm Fore Street West Camel Yeovil BA22 7QW
WHITE HORSE COMMUNICATION SERVICES LIMITED4467786DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-302002-06-246190026 Cranwell Close Chippenham Wiltshire SN14 0QG
WHITEROSETEC LIMITED12102164DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-082019-07-15619001 Kerman Close Liverpool L12 5NH
WHO'S CALLING LIMITED9054430DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-072014-05-2361100 61200Baltic House Station Road Maldon CM9 4LQ
WHOLEMART RETAIL LIMITEDNI666941DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-152020-01-136190011 Bridge Street Belfast BT1 1LT
WHOLESALE VOIP LTD10546457DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162017-01-04619005 Dudley Road Halesowen B63 3LS
WHYBROW COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED7295964DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-05-182010-06-2561200Flat 5 1 Mimosa Close Nuneaton CV10 7SF
WIFI&WIRED LIMITED9558460DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-202015-04-2361900Highland House Mayflower Close Chandler's Ford Eastleigh SO53 4AR
WIJAM LIMITED12764377DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-09-282020-07-236190010 Mill End Close Cherry Hinton Cambridge CB1 9HS
WILCOX SURVEYING LIMITED8939463DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-10-052014-03-1461200 7490920 Nolan Close Longford Coventry CV6 6QB
WILMOTT LIMITED8290334DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162012-11-126190020 Clos Henblas Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5EU
WILSOCORE LTD12045134DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242019-06-116110021 Lansdowne Road London E17 8QT
WINK TECHNOLOGIES LTD9882596DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-302015-11-2061900Unit 2 Joseph House Harolds Road, Pinnacles Harlow CM19 5BJ
WINNINGTON NETWORKS LIMITED5808052DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-022006-05-0546439 46520 46720 61900Floor 8, Central Square 29 Wellington Street Leeds LS1 4DL
WIRED AND WIRELESS INSTALLATIONS LIMITED8783043DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-11-072013-11-2061900Suite 1 Goldfields House 18a Gold Tops Newport NP20 4PH
WIREFR3 LTD6805921DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-04-132009-01-30612001 Radian Court Knowlhill Milton Keynes MK5 8PJ
WIREFREE NETWORKERS LIMITED5974149DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-12-072006-10-20612003 St. Gabriels Court Alsager Stoke-On-Trent ST7 2FT
WIREFREE90 LIMITED10282633DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-06-222016-07-166120010 Forth House Brants Bridge Bracknell RG12 9TF
WIRELESS EXPLORERS LIMITED8133435DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-03-162012-07-0661200101 Mary Datchelor Close Camberwell London SE5 7DY
WIRELESS FIBRE LTD12466797DissolvedPrivate limited company2021-08-242020-02-1761200The Cottage Stapleton Lane Kirkby Mallory Leicester LE9 7QJ